GiriJean (ギリ) is an alien appeared in Ultraman Reuz. When he combining with Jean, he become twice as powerful as Ultraman. He is part of the family of GiriBanes and Giragas. 

Human Host/Form: {{{Human Host}}}
Gender: Giri: Male

Jean: Male

Age: Unknown
Height: 47,000 meters
Weight: Unknown
Home world: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Reuz

Episode 11: "The Lock Spark Deprived"

Type: Alien



Fighter Type: Physical
Fighter Sub-type: Blade
Family GiriBanes


Affiliation None
Created by Apexz

Subtitle: Ultimate Humanoid Alien (究極のヒューマノイドエイリアン)

Giri Subtitle: Special Body (特別なボディアモール, Tokubetsuna bodiamōru)

Jean Subtitle: The Angle WIngs (悪魔の翼, Hikari no tsubasa)

GiriJean Subtitle: The Angle Life Form (悪魔の生命体, Hikari no seimei-tai)


Legendary Ultra WarEdit

GiriJean participated the Legend Ultra war ad like other's he was also turn into a KeyChain dolls and fall to Earth. It is unknown who the host that becoming him.

Ultraman CosmosEdit

Once GiriBanes and Giragas was destroy by Ultraman Cosmos, GiriJean was young back at their planet on space, he kept his promise that one day he will destroy all Ultraman. On the time Japan get more advanced, Cosmos was long ago save the planet, he returned to his planet and let the new hero save Earth now, Ultraman Reuz.

Ultraman ReuzEdit

Episode 11, she appeared in this episode while her human host who Dark Live her could be either Sara Mizuhara or Mai Kerizawa dark heart. 



  • Height: 47m
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Space


  • Slasher Blade: Giri main weapon, he generated from his right arm.
  • Minions: Giri can summoned his minnions to attack the city.
  • Combine: Giri can combine with Jean to form a Ultimate Alien.


None, simply Jean didn't showed up to have any special attack or power behind him. But after merging with Giri he shows to be Ultimate Possese power use by Marina, Gaku and Mai.


  • Height: 49m
  • Weight: 48,000 t
  • Origin: Space


  • Twin Blade: This time, GiriJean can generate into Twin blade from his both hand. It is twice powerful than Ultraman Saber.
  • Super Combat Skills: With combining with Jean, Giri can fight like a pro combatants.
  • Lightning: GiriJean can fire a lightning from his both wings (Jean), it is powerful beam.
  • Flight: GiriJean can fly at normal speed only. 


  • GiriJean didn't bount to any other of his species as GiriBanes and Giragas.
  • GiriJean was also under command by Marina, Gaku and Mai after he was Ultra Live back by them.
  • GiriJean also have turned into Keychain Doll back at Legendary Ultra War.