Gijera was an ancient, gigantic plant, and one of the servants of Gatanozoa itself. Like its master, it was born in another universe, battling alongside Gatanozoa, thousands of Zoigers, Mother of Shadows and her children, as well as countless evil beings in the Darkness War, eventually following its master into retreat, ending up on an alternate Earth 30 million years in the past and participating on the annihilation of its civilization.

Subtitle: Super Ancient Plant (超古代植物, (Chō Kodai Shokubutsu)


  • Happy Pollen: Gijera is almost constantly emitting clouds of yellow pollen which, once inhaled, will give people a sort of high, making them virtually harmless. Gijera uses this potion to strip citizens of planets that it has invaded of their sense of awareness, leaving the planet open for invasion.
  • Shock Vines: Gijera is armed with 2 very long vines that are extremely strong and flexible.They can be used as whips or tentacles, ensnaring victims and pulling them into the air. Once holding prey, the vines can surge paralyzing energy into an opponent's body.


Pre-Ultraman TigaEdit

Gijera (2)


A servant of the great Gatanozoa, Gijera aided its master during the Darkness War, opening up planets for invasion from the forces of Mother of Shadows. It retreated from battle alongside its master, ending up on an ancient Earth in a dimension that has just lost its Ultras in a civil war. Despite warnings from two aliens who had witnessed Gatanozoa’s power in the Darkness War, the ancient Earth’s civilization had been already sedated with Gijera’s happy pollen, thus the aliens’ warnings fell into deaf ears and Gatanozoa is able to destroy the ancient civilization, starting an age of darkness. When the age of darkness neared its end, Gijera chose to hibernate at Mount Gede Pangrango National Park in Bogor, Indonesia.


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