It is the most powerful Zetton that has appeared in the ultra universe.Due to its size, making it the toughest opponent to beat.However, with the effort of Reuz, One and his friends.Zetton was ultimately defeated.




  • Height:100 meters
  • Weight:Undefined.
  • Affilation:Belial
  • Body Parts:
    • Hyper Zetton:Legs,Wings,Hands
    • Ex Zetton:Middle Body, Hands
    • Giganto Zetton:Middle Body,Adomen, Legs and Tentacles
    • Zetton:Hands, Head, Legs, Orbs
    • Robo Zetton:Metallic Parts


  • Zetton AntiMatter Lightning:Zetton can fire blue lighting from any parts of his body.
  • Zetton Super AntiMatter Wave Ultra Destroyer Shutter Beam:Zetton's strongest attack, he charges all the energy and fires a large ray covered with minus energy.
  • Flight:Despite very heavy and large size, Zetton can fly at high speeds.
  • One Trillion Degree Fireballs:It fires dark fireballs,all other Zetton's had this ability.
  • Tentacles:Zetton has many tentacles,they are covered with sticky stuff, used to capture foes.Upgrade of the spider web.Now, Zetton can simply use the spider web using its tentacles.
  • Anti SuperMatter Wave Ultra Blocker Destroyer Shield:Zetton created a shield to block attacks.
  • Black Hole:Creates a black hole to absorb beams and fire it back to the opponent.This can also suck his foes in an unknown place.
  • Spiderlings:Launch spiderlings to attack foes.
  • Darts:Small energy parts.
  • Zetton Clones:Zetton can summon clones of Zetton Normal version to stunt his opponents.
  • Beam Attack:A beam attack.

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