This page does not exist to tell user what is or is not a Giant Hero but exists to deliver context to users, particularly new users.

Definition Edit

Not every hero on this Wiki has to be a giant of light. Ultraman is just one instance of the Giant Hero genre that we accept here, we just parade it more (It's Ultra Fan Wiki, what did you expect). The more common name for the term is Kyodai Hero, Kyodai meaning giant. This is because the term originates in Japan.

Giant Hero means what it says, a hero that is a giant, a subgenre of the Tokusatsu and Superhero genre it involves a hero that is or can grow to giant stature.

Now what separates this from a typical superhero, well simple...

Note: On the Wiki, the term is used to refer to Ultraman like heroes who are not Ultras.

Traits Edit

  • Size: As one would expect from a Giant Hero, they are giant in size (no pun intended). Now you may wonder, how big must my hero be? The answer...well as big as the baddies he fights, by default, generally at least 30 meters, usually between 40~80- meters. Also size changing is more than acceptable, with many Giant heroes known for it.
  • Kaiju: In your story, they whole point for you hero appearing, or maybe even existing is to fight giant monsters. Now the size of each monster logically would vary, but they should at least be around the same size as your hero.
    • Seijin: It is not uncommon that Giant Heroes fight of alien invasion, they may be the only opponents they face. From flying saucers to giant aliens, they are generally stronger opponents than giant lumbering beasts.
  • Attack Team: This term refers to the human side characters/allies who help your hero fight monsters.
  • Fantastic Powers: You hero usually has some incredible or simply just flashy (I would go with the incredible) powers at their disposal, from the ever common, flight, size change, strength (they fight giant monsters) and like Kaiju are immune to conventional weaponry, to shooting lasers, traveling between dimensions, whatever works within reason of your series' in-universe logic. My advise is not to make your character too powerful or risk making your series just plain absurd (and difficult to come up with a credible threat).
  • Transformation Item: Or a phase etc.

Examples of Giant Heroes Edit

  • Zen: By User SolZen321
  • Gamera: By Brian Haughton
  • Nova: By Zombiejiger

(Users are free to put their own Non Ultra Giant Heroes on this list)

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