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Gender: Male(?)
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Home world/Origin: Unknown
Series: Ultraman Gamma
Type: Alien
Affiliation None
Created by Zombiejiger
Gemini was a strange alien from the a galaxy within the Gemini constellation.

Subtitle: Emerald Alien (エメラルド宇宙人, Emerarudo Seijin)


Gemini looks similar to a Menjura from Ultraman Tiga without the wings. He has two normal arms and a green line on his chest. He has an armored back and arms with green eyes. He is very bulky, due to his armor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Gemini Slash: Gemini can fire a green energy slash from the green line on his chest.
  • Gemini Beam: Gemini can launch a green lightning bolt from his hands.
  • Gemini Tornado: Gemini can have energy from his emerald surround him and spin, creating a green energy tornado. When in this state, Gemini can lauch green lightning bolts from the tornado.
  • Probes: Gemini has multiple flying saucer-like probes that can drain humans to give their energy to him, making him strong enough to attack. When Gemini has enough power, the probes will transform into green energy and enter the emerald, transforming into energy.
  • Travel Emerald: Gemini gets from planet to planet in a large meteor/emerald. However, this drains his energy, forcing him to send out his probes. It is similar to the Ultra's travel sphere.
    • Energy Give: Gemini's emerald will give him more and more energy if it is kept intact. If it is destroyed, Gemini will lose all of his special attacks.


Gemini was the latest invader to attack Earth in Ultraman Gamma's time. The creature traveled to Earth in a giant emerald and immediatly released his probes. These possessed several humans to give their energy to Gemini. He quickly absorbed their energy and left the emerald. Going on the attack, Gemini resisted all attacks by SMART, with all of their attacks simply bouncing off the tough invader's skin. Hikari Yamato quickly transformed into Ultraman Gamma and attacked the strange alien. Every time Gamma began to win, the massive emerald fed Gemini more energy, strengthening him while wearing Gamma out. He then used the Gemini Tornado to make Ultraman Gamma's Color Timer flash. SMART attacked the emerald and destroyed it, stripping Gemini of his powers. Ultraman Gamma quickly killed him with the Light Bomb, completely obliterating the alien in a fiery explosion.


  • Gemini's emerald is based on Magnia's meteor.
  • Bactarius is a monster that does not appear in the series but is part of the Ultraman Gamma Continuity.