Ostapasaurus render
Subtitle: Alligator Beast
Gender: male
Height: 55 m
Weight: 55,000 t
Home world/Origin: n/a
Series: Ultraman Deino (series)
Type: Reptile
Affiliation Ginga-Lugiel (summoner)
Created by MoarCrossovers
Gatora is a crocodilian kaiju that appears in Ultraman Deino.


Gatora was one of the monsters that competed in the Dark Spark War. His Spark Doll was forcefully bonded to a lost dog by a mysterious person to see if the benefits of human-kaiju linking could be replicated with other life forms. Upon being SparkLived, the dog, while under the person's dark influence, instinctively sought out its owner. Gatora rose from the docks and marched through the industrial estate before Ultraman Deino Pyr and the Alpha Gang emerged to stop him. Both Gatora and Deino seemed to be evenly matched, trading blow after blow until the D-Team and Ultraman Card showed up as well. Card used his Ultra Psychic to disorientate Gatora, snapping the dog out of the person's control as a result, and Deino and Terry drove him off with the Double Heat Eruption.

Gatora retreated to the forest to nurse his injuries before falling asleep, to its summoner's dismay.

The next day, Gatora returned to the city, driven by the dog's desire to relocate with its owner. He eventually tracked them down, but she ran away, thinking Gatora wanted to eat her. He chased the woman across the city, eventually covering her. The dog attempted to get the woman to play with him, performing several tricks and actions to the woman's confusion. Eventually, she caught on to Gatora's identity, and embraced her long-lost pet.

The moment was interrupted by Deino Keraunós and the Alpha Gang once more, misunderstanding the transformed hound's intentions. Against his mistress' pleas, Gatora sought to defend her from her "attackers" and brutally assaulted Deino and the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs. After quickly dealing with the latter, Gatora caught Deino in its Bloody Death Roll, forcing the Ultra to switch to his Chóma form to break free. Even so, his increased strength couldn't match against Gatora's, who caused a building to fall upon the warrior with its Rumble Vibration.

As the woman tried to get Gatora to stop, she discovered a Card Capsule containing the cards of Irritator and Tragedy of the Sphere in the rubble, which the Alpha Gang tried to steal before they fell in Card's possession. Launching them to Deino, Brayden quickly used the Irritator card to transform the elemental Ultra into his Neró form. While not stronger than Gatora, Deino's now-enhanced reflexes allowed him to easily dodge the reptile's attacks. After weakening Gatora, Deino managed to trap it with Tragedy of the Sphere, but the woman called out for the Ultra not to harm him. Deino acknowledged her request and switched to his Chortos form to drain Gatora's energy with the Deinocium Leaf Ray.

Gatora was reverted back to a Spark Doll and reclaimed by his summoner, who remarked on the issues with human-kaiju linking and resolved to correct the problem.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bloody Death Roll: Gatora grabs its victim with its jaws and rolls around on the ground/ in the water, smashing them and tearing at their limbs.
  • Rumble Vibration: Pressing its body against the earth or resting just above water, Gatora issues a low frequency sound that causes his body to vibrate, shaking the surrounding area.
  • Extraordinary Swimmer: Gatora is extremely fast and mobile when in water, and can swim fast enough to outpace a flying Ultra.
  • Adept Climber: Gatora can, surprisingly, climb large structures with ease.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Gatora can leap incredible distances.


  • Gatora's image is the Ostaposaurus from Jurassic World: The Game.
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