Gamera! Guardian of the Universe!

The Gamera Series is based off the Gamera movies by Daiei. The 10 episodes will be released in the time between Ultraman Zach and Ultraman Damon. (Please note that there is no Gamera Fanon Wiki I can put this on, so I used Ultra Fan Wiki)


The giant monster Gamera fights monsters from many series, such as monsters from Ultraman and Godzilla.


Season 1Edit

  1. Attack of Gyaos!
  2. Aliens From Above
  3. The Monster From Continent Mu
  4. Japan is Against Gamera!
  5. Jiger! The End is Niegh!
  6. The Alien's Counterattack!
  7. The Beast of the Sea
  8. Rainbow Lizard Barugon!
  9. Gamera's Nemesis!
  10. Goodbye, Good Friend Gamera. (Finale)

Season 2Edit

  1. Gamera Returns!
  2. Ancient Kaiju Awakened
  3. Has Gamera Met his Match?
  4. These Guys Just Don't Give Up!
  5. Double Trouble!


Episode 1 - Gyaos

Episode 2 - Alien Viras

Episode 3 - Megalon

Episode 4 - Moguera

Episode 5 - Jiger

Episode 6 - Alien Viras II

Episode 7 - Manda

Episode 8 - Barugon

Episode 9 - Gyaos II

Episode 10 - Legion

Season 2Edit

Episode 1 - The Kraken

Episode 2 - Gomora

Episode 3 - Zetton

Episode 4 - Alien Viras III

Episode 5 - Gudon, Twin Tail

Main CharactersEdit


Gamera Theme

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