Evil Tiga (maxpower02's Continuity)
Ultrmn Evl Tga
Human Host/Form: Christina Apriani
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Age: Over 30 Millions Years Old
Height: 54 m
Weight: 44,000 tons
Home world: Planet Earth
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Type: Hero (formerly), Villain (current)
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Family Gardi (Companion (formerly))

Geoshark (Henchman, Supporter)

Affiliation Ancient Giants of Light (Formerly)
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Evil Tiga was an Ultra of Light that bore a strong similarity to Ultraman Tiga. Originally good, he became evil as a result of his human host's evil heart.

Subtitle: Giant of Darkness (闇の巨人, Yami no Kyojin)


Ultraman TigaEdit

His human host was Christina Apriani, a brilliant yet sociopathic young woman who has the same Ultra DNA as Krishna Sadhana, desiring to have the same level of power with him. To that end she stole his Spark Lens and uses it to fuse with an Ultraman statue that she had found at Malang, Indonesia, only for her impure heart to corrupt the new giant of light into a giant of darkness.


Profile and TechniquesEdit

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Evil Crystal: The crystal on Evil Tiga's forehead, whether it would allow him to Type Change is unknown
  • Evil Eye: Evil Tiga's eyes are like any other Ultras but the shine blue and have a black shadow around them.
  • Evil Timer: Evil Tiga's color timer, it acts like a normal color timer despite the fact his inner light was corrupted into darkness
  • Evil Protector: The yellow and red bands on his chest, they are the sturdiest parts of his body and virtually indestructible against attacks. It can withstand ten thousand tons, shock and beams.
  • Ultra Armor: Evil Tiga's body easily shrugged of the beams from the GUTS fighters. It also shined brightly when he first appeared until Christina's heart corrupted him.


  • Evil Zepellion Ray: Evil Tiga's black "L" style beam weapon, unlike Tiga's, his left arm is vertical and his right is horizontal. It's very powerful, and rival's Ultraman Tiga's Zepellion Ray in strength.
  • Evil Barrier: Evil Tiga can create a purple energy barrier that can redirect beams in any direction he wants.
  • Evil Bomber: Evil Tiga can emit powerful energy blast from his fists. These can be charged up.
  • Evil Kick: A flying kick.
  • Evil Punch: A powerful punch.
  • Flight: Evil Tiga can fly through the air at speeds that rival those of Ultraman Tiga.


Due to having same weaknesess of Tiga, Evil Tiga can only be active for three minutes. Once three minutes pass, Evil Tiga will become weakened and vulnerable.