Title: Dark Vessel of Evil


Ever Darkness is composed of bands of black metal bent and semi-fused into a humanoid shape. He has point rings for shoulder guards a spiky helmet, red eyes and a fanged mouth that does not open, clawed hands and feet. He has waist tail (armor plates attached to his waist think Saiyen armor from DBZ) shin guards that go up to his knees and elbow blades.

Ever Darkness radiates a black cloud/energy from within his body.


  • Height:TBA
  • Weight:TBA
  • Origin: Unknown

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Dark Power: Ever Darkness wields vast dark power that rivals Mother of Shadow's.
    • Dark Light Bullets: Ever Darkness can fire energy blasts from his hand or eyes.
    • Dark Energy Ray: Though his mouth does not generally open, he can fire a beam that rivals any Ultra beam.
    • Darkness Pressure: With his fists forward Ever Darkness fires waves of evil power from his body.
    • Darkness Infection: Ever Darkness can corrupt and control other beings with his dark power.
    • Portals: He can creat portals for travel across the universe using his dark energy.
    • Dark Shield: Using his dark power he can erect a shield to defend himself.
    • Combat Power: Ever Darkness can fight on par with the Big Trio of the Land of Giants and Orion who by then had attained similar power.
  • Blades: Ever Darkness' elbow blades can be used to attack.


A secret weapon of the Darkness War, Ever Darkness was held by Mother of Shadows and built by the Death Lords. It was built to house the spirits of all the fallen Children of Shadows that fell during the conflict, allowing them revenge on the Ultras. However before it could be unleashed Mother of Shadows was forced into another Universe by Ultraman Orion and Myth to stop the source of the monsters. This began a chase around the Multiverse as Ever Darkness drained the Minus Energy of these universe from their villains or wherever it could find it in massive supplies or causing situations where it could. With Orion chasing after him. This was done because it had not reach full maturity when it had been unleashed.Orion's fate is unknown, what is certain is that he seeks the heir of Orion's power Diana.


  • Ever Darkness is based on Armored Darkness and DarKiller

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