The Equalator is Sakate Trial's transformation device, which allows him to transform into the mysterious giant named S


Mobile FormEdit

The Equalator looks like a blue, rectangular phone-like device with futuristic designs on its back and sides. Replacing the buttons of a phone would be five other buttons, with four Elemental Buttons forming a circle surrounding the fifth Default Button for Normal Change. The four buttons represent the elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, while above the buttons is a receiver, which Sakate listens to for the caller's voice. On its right side would be a Volume Switch for adjusting sound levels. The Change Toggle is located on the left side of the device, initiating the transformation sequence. It can be stored on the Carbonite Holster to the left of Sakate's belt.

Gun FormEdit

Sakate splits the Equalator into half, revealing its Gun Form. Pressing the trigger makes lasers shoot out from the opening, lasers which can hurt an alien significantly. A force field can also be erected from the receiver.

Activation ChipEdit

An activation chip needs to be plugged into the Equalator before usage, for security reasons. It looks like a normal memory card, but with the word "S" engraved on it. It is plugged into a slot on the right side of the Equalator.


Sakate presses an Elemental Button on the Equalator's keypad, or simply the Default Button, setting what Change S would be in when transformed, while the Equalator is still in the Carbonite Holster. He then flips the Equalator up into his right hand, and does a transformation pose, finally activating the Change Toggle.

This initiates the transformation, and a sprial of yellow light comes out of the receiver and surrounds Sakate, with the Equalator splitting up into four orbs of varying light based on the Elements, attaching themselves to the now transformed Ultra. The light disperses, and the Ultra spin jumps with an explosion of swirling red against a yellow background for his rise, revealing the giant, codenamed 'S'.


  • Transformation: Exactly what it states.
  • Phone: The Equalator can function as a phone, with Sakate just putting the receiver over his ear, and the Equalator connects to his mind. The Equalator then calls the required person.
  • Lasers: In Gun Form, the Equalator has the capability of shooting lasers from the opening.
  • Photon Forcefield: The Equalator can also erect a forcefield which surrounds Sakate and protects him from incoming attacks.
  • Communication: S can also communicate with Sakate through the Equalator.

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