The Elemental Gauntlet is the combined and evolved form of the Elemental Bracelets, capable of wielding the power of light. Its power is derived from the condensed Elemental Crystals forming the Light Diamond, akin to when all the colours of light converge to form a singular ray of white light, harnessing its energies.

History Edit

It was once said that the Light Diamond was formed from the creation of the universe, when a spark ignited and caused the universe to form and expand in the process known as The Big Bang. Some say it used to be the core, maintaining the universal balance between light and darkness for eons until it eventually fell out of place and broke into numerous shards, roaming aimlessly as rusted jewels of unknown origin, eventually landing itself into the hands of the legendary giant known as Ultraman King in the form of the Elemental Crystals, and later to Cronos where he [SPOILER].


Abilities Edit

As the Elemental Gauntlet is the combined form of the Elemental Bracelets, it wields an untold and distinct power to utilise each of its component elements to their fullest potential.

  • Transformation: The gauntlet allows Ultraman S to transform into Light Change, where he first reverts back into Base Change, then pulling the lever of the gauntlet, activating the form change.
  • Light Power: Deriving itself from the power of light, the gauntlet is able to activate certain attacks and finishers.