The Elemental Crystals are crystal-like objects of untraceable origin that possess untold, great power for the user wielding them. They have unknown origins, but what is known that it somehow has a connection to the Elemental Bracelets.


It is unknown how it came to be, or rather why it came to be. The only thing which is known is that there were numerous wars over these crystal shards, which caused the rather unfortunate existence of Killer Gin, and other related mishaps.

What is known is that it has been split into four parts: The Fire Shard, the Water Sapphire, the Earth Carbuncle and the Wind Gemstone. It has not been mentioned of since.


  • Redirect to the Elemental Bracelets page.
  • Combination: When used in unison, the Elemental Crystals come together to form the Light Diamond (Hikari no Daiyamondo 光のダイヤモンド), which attaches to the user through the use of the Elemental Gauntlet. All powerful in nature.

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