Not to be confused with Ultraman Element's element bracelets.

The Elemental Bracelets (エレメンタルブレスレット) are a set of four wristband-like objects that are used to control the "Elements", holding gems of immeasurable power known as Elemental Crystals. Discovered while on a mission to retrieve these gems, it allows S to morph into any of the four Elemental Changes.


Not much is known about it in the past, but what is known is that the Elemental Bracelets wield great power, and were the prize possession of the giant who became known as Ultraman King, but were eventually lost in a universal clash.

Many millennia later, the crystals were discovered by an agent sent by the Space Garrison to retrieve said gems, instantly attaching onto him as the Elemental Bracelets, which have helped S along his journey.


The Elemental Bracelets are known to have several abilities of its own, including:

  • Strengthen: It is known to strengthen its users. Defense and strength parameters improve drastically if honed.
  • Consciousness: It displays some level of sentience, reattaching themselves to S after forced removal over a certain period of time, and being able to detect where he was after being captured. It seems like the bracelets share a single hive mind.
  • Elemental Power: It is able to wield its own power, used first when S was forced into Enhanced Fire Change, against his own will, driving him mad.
  • Combination: The Bracers and essentially the Elemental Crystals are able to combine to form the Elemental Gauntlet.


  • Although it is usually attached to S, it still can be taken off like a normal bracelet. As seen in Episode [], it can be destroyed by overwhelming force. This means S can lose all his current powers and revert back into his default form if not handled with care.


  • The Elemental Bracelets are the first instance of bracelets on the Ultra Fan Wiki.

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