Element Killer
Ele killer
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Height: 45m
Weight: 46,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster


Affiliation Yapool


Created by Ultramanminecraft
Element Killer is a Super Monster and Cyborg sent by Yapool along with Barabas in the series Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 8

Subtitle: Celestial Sphere Superman


Height: 45m

Weight: 46,000t


Fake M78 Ray: He is able to fire a M78 ray similar to Zoffy's

Fake Element Ray: He is able to fire a Element ray similar to Ultraman Element

Battle Sai: He is aquipped with a giant pointed sai

Flight: He is able to fly through space at medium speeds

Armor: He is aquiped with strong armor that can take massive hits


While Barabas was attacking earth Element Killer, a Super Monster and Cyborg created by Yapool took refuge on a planet called Dreammial. When Ultraman Element and Yoshito came to investigated a strange broadcast Element Killer trapped him and put Yoshito on a crucifix stealing his power and taking half of Elements energy. To get back some energy he had to retreat to the sun and with the thought of Barabas destruction almost made him fly into the sun. Hes oon came back to fight the cyborg and after along struggle he managed to take his sai and throw it to Yoshito who released himself and the two flew. Yoshito went back and Element back to earth to fight the monster only to be persuded by the cyborg with his sai. The two then double teamed Element but, after a long battle the hero blew them to bits with the Shooting Star Punch


  • Some diffrence in him includes that in cludes a extended face, sharper fingers and added or altered armor in some spots.
  • Despite taking place in a Showa universe after Mebius's and Powered' time there is no refrence to Element Killer being releated to Ace Killer, though he actually is
  • Also to note he is more powerful then Ace killer, but is weak compared to Mebius Killer