Dita Aprilia is the 19 year old main character of maxpower02's Ultraman Cosmos fan fiction, sacrificing herself to save some children from Chaos Ridorias' attack. Ultraman Cosmos, touched by Dita's selfless sacrifice, decided to merge with her, reviving the young woman and using her as his human host.


  • Age : 19 years old.
  • Transformation Item : Cosmo Pluck


Dita is a short, rather plump young woman with tan brown skin and straight, shoulder lengthed black hair that she usually styles in a pony tail. Despite her rather plump stature Dita is shown to be quite athletic and is quite good in volleyball. Outside her EYES uniform Dita usually wore a brown checkered shirt, a white undershirt, blue denim jeans, and grey sneakers.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pilot Training: Even before joining EYES Dita was a trained pilot, she is also trained in the use of all their Mechs.
  • Marksmenship: As a member of EYES Dita is trained in the use of their weapons.
  • Monster Rearing: Before joining EYES Dita worked as the caretaker of various giant creatures. She has grown close to one of them, Ridorias, whom she considered as a close companion, and vice versa.
  • Transformation: When needed, Dita takes out the Cosmo Pluck and uses it to transform into Ultraman Cosmos.


  • Like her mainstream counterpart, Musashi Haruno, Dita is very passionate regarding saving monsters, taking her job as a monster expert in EYES very seriously.
  • Unlike Musashi, however, Dita didn't encountered Cosmos when she was young, resulting in her relationship with the hero not as close as Musashi's. However Dita considers Cosmos as her guardian angel.
  • In her spare time Dita likes to watch Hawaii Five-0 and has a fangirl crush on Alex O'Loughlin, who plays Steve McGarret.

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