"I have grown far stronger in my hibernation than when I was first created. Come, Ultras, come. Let us fight!"


"Your in the way... so I'll kill you."

―Desghidorah to GUTS
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Gender: Male
Height: 70 meters
Weight: 100,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Chimera
Type: Bioweapon
Affiliation Kyrieloid (Creator)
Created by Zombiejiger
Desghidorah is a powerful bioweapon from Ultraman Chimera.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Hellfire: Similar to his creators, Desghidorah can breath hellfire.
    • Magmaballs: Desghidorah can launch magmaballs from his mouth.
    • Eruptions: Desghidorah can cause fire and magma to leap from the ground to damage opponents. This will also leave a large crack in the earth.
  • Shockwave: Desghidorah can emit a shockwave from his body.
    • Shock Pulse: A more concentrated version of the Shockwave,
  • Electric Surge: Desghidorah can emit a red electric surge from his mouth when he bites an enemy.
  • Dark Gravity Beams: Desghidorah can fire red gravity beams that resemble lightning bolts from his mouth.
  • Kille Magma Armor: Desghidorah has natural armor that was created by the Kyrieloids. After being sealed in the earth's core for 1,000 years, this armor is almost inpenetrable. It is resistant to heat, magma and beams, and it protects against melee combat.
  • Flight: Using his large wings, Desghidorah can fly at Mach 23.


Desghidorah was an ancient kaiju that was the bioweapon of the Kyrieloids. He was countered by the Dark Giants on his first test run, and after almost killing them, was sealed within the earth's core with his masters.

In modern times, GUTS used the Peeper to burrow very close to the earth's core to discover the source of the constant volcano eruptions. This released Desghidorah back into the world, along with his creators.