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Gender: Male
Height: N/A
Weight: N/A
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Mythic Theater
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation None
Created by SolZen321
Title: Apparition Daikaiju


Deathlas is a massive shadow like beast with a similar body shape to an upright bear, it bears a large tail with a fin on the end and glowing purple eyes. Its appearance is constantly obscured by the ever present storm around it which shoots of bolts of purple lightning.

Deathlas is a frighteningly power creature best described as a storm manifest. Where he goes natural disasters follow; he is forever surrounded by a storm which has hurricane force winds and fire purple lightning. His foot steps generate tremors and his roar knocks out all forms of electronics.


Deathlas rose from the deep when a research station stumbled upon something within a lake. He marched across the country to destroy the people who disturbed the bones and protect them. However, we met resistance in the form of Zen, who defeated him by destroying said bones.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Lightning Ray: Charging using his storm, Deathlas can fired a powerful beam of lightning
  • Tremor Stomp: His steps cause the ground to shake.
  • EMP Roar: His incredible loud roar knocks out all forms of electronics.
  • Tough Hide: He is resistant to all forms of conventional weaponry, regenerating what damage is actually accomplished, so it is assumes.
  • Weather Manipulation: Where he goes, there is always a storm.

Weakness Edit

  • Deathlas' fate is tied to the bones in the lake, when they are untouched, he does not appear. When they are disturbed he makes a march towards them to protect them. When they are destroyed he can no longer exist.


  • Deathlas' appearance was inspired by the Godzilla 2014 international trailer and this art piece from Matt Frank.
  • Deathlas does not appear to be made of conventional matter. He generates no heat, but causes an electrical field that may explain the weather he is accompanied by.
  • Deathlas' episode's name comes from the fable Youkai March, a time of the years when Youkai ( the closest English translation is Apparition(s)) gather in mass and march down a road/path/street. Crossing the mass exodus of creatures is said to bring bad luck and even immediate death.