Death Flapper
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Gender: N/A
Height: 20 meters (normal)
40 meters (King)
70 meters (Mutant)
Weight: 15,000 tons (normal)
35,000 tons (King)
65,000 tons (Mutant)
Home world/Origin: /NA
Series: Ultraman Flare
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Children of Shadows
Created by SolZen321

Title: Evil Bird Monster

It is a kaiju which specifically targets sentients and other non-Children for consumption. However, beings like Ultras, are obviously poisonous to them and they will not try it.


A black wyvern like creature with a classic kaiju build when they get bigger. Their heads are shaped like arrow heads, with jaws like sharks. Upon the larger versions is a crown of spikes and an extra pair of large wings.


  • Height: 20 meters (normal), 40 meters (King), 70 meters (Mutant)
  • Weight: 15,000 tons (normal), 35,000 tons (King) 65,000 tons (Mutant)
  • Wing Span: 10 meters, 25 meters
  • Origin:


  • Fireballs:
  • Cannibalistic Growth:
  • Mutation: Death Flapper mutates when it grows larger, is body adapting to is new size, it may even grown new limbs and/or organs.
  • Spawning: After consuming enough bio-matter Death Flapper can grow a second Death Flapper from its chest.


One of the Children of Shadows, Death Flapper was created to multiply in mass and destroy world. Their kind was wiped out by Ultraman Myth.

Ultraman Flare Edit

By unknown means one Death Flapper (a smaller one) was brought to Planet Vacuol and used as a test subject by the colonists.


  • Death Flapper is based on the Heisei Gyaos and the One's final form.
  • Death Flapper is said to be the Child closest in nature to the mother hence it abilities to spawn and mutate.
  • It is the only Child not to be accompanied by the Mist and the only one to resemble a normal kaiju.