An event that will took place Centuries after the Ultraman Orion series, it was a battle between the Ultras of the Land of Giants and strange beasts from another Dimension lead by a lovecraftian horror.


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Side of GoodEdit

Side of EvilEdit



The alien was from planet Nackle, he was called Rant, before he was General Rant, supreme commander of the planet Nackle's Forces. Now he was prisoner 233453, another number for the Subspace cells that made up the moon sized cube that was the Space Patrol Main Prison, or just the Space Prison for short. He had sulked in this white space for an unknown amount of time with only the regular teleporting in of food and teleporting out of empty trays to break the monotone existence.

"If only..." said Rant to himself, he spoke out loud to combat the maddening sensory deprivation "If only I had foreseen those three!"

"Is this Rant...?" said a dark and malicious voice "Leader of planet Nackle's armies, the great conqueror, this shadow of a man...?"

"Whose there...?" said the alien as he stood up

"Quiet in there...!" shouted the guard from inside.

"No one but you can hear me..." said the voice "I have need of you...?"

"But I have no need of you..." said Rant "I am not so pathetic to be someone's puppet!"

"You do have need of me..." said the voice "For only I can give you what you want, what you need..."

"What's that...?"

"Revenge on the Ultras...!" A black portal appeared before the alien. He didn't have much time to choose since the room flashed red as the alarm went of. The alien ran into the portal which disappeared with the sound of wicked laughter.

Beginning of the WarEdit

Orion awoke in his house, having gotten out of his Light Chamber. His bedroom was massive, even by Ultra standards, it seemed like a tree house but all the wood had a metallic hue to it and molded and sculpted into organic shapes no blade could replicate. Orion's light chamber was a bed for Ultras, a levitating slap of metal with arcs around it feeding him with light energy and regenerative energy waves. Were it not for the fact Ultras had naturally long life spans, these beds would've made them long lived. However his Light Chamber was big, too big for one Ultra. Orion's body was different, all over his body were patches of harden protector like plates of armor, his build was also greater. he yawned and got out of bed. He suddenly stopped and looked to the distance, he sensed something, or did he, he wasn't sure.

Orion walked down stairs to the living room where he found Luter sitting on a sofa and talking to Tori via a holographic phone. Luter now wore a maternal robe as the glow from her stomach became more noticeable. Orion came from behind and gave her a smooch on the cheek.

"How are we today...? Hi mom...!" said Orion

"Hello dear..." she replied "Are you two coming over for the Advent Celebration, your sister wants to see both of her big brothers...." Tori picked up an Ultra Toddler. A little Ultra Girl who giggled and waved at them. The couple waved back.

"Don't worry..." said Orion "We'll be there...!" Tori hung up the phone to give the two love birds their time alone. Orion hopped over the sofa and sat down next to Luter who leaned on his shoulder.

"Is everything alright..." asked Luter

"Yes, why wouldn't it be...?"

"You keep looking into the distance, with the kind of look you get when you are sensing a monster..."

"Okay, maybe I'm being a little paranoid, I'm a father to be, that's to be expected...." The two moved to kiss when the phone turned on. The screen showed the image of a blue female Ultra.

"Sir...!" She said "Commander Prime wishes to speak with you...!" Orion sighed.

"I'll be there..." he said. The phone turned off "A raincheck on that kiss...?"

"Don't make it a habit..."

"I'll try..." Orion stood up and touched his bracelet, pulling out his red cloak which natural fitted itself on his body. He waved goodbye to his wife before flying out the window.

SolZen321 (talk) 15:28, December 28, 2013 (UTC)

Ultras were frantically scrambling around in Space Garrison HQ, as Commander Prime sat in his personal office, with Ultras every now and then walking in and out of his office. Apparently, the Military Department Corp had detected large amounts of dark energy, proceeding towards the Land of Giants, what this entailed was ultimate unknown for now, but they could guess. Torrent entered the headquarters, surprised at all the recent commotion as he proceeded into Prime's office, confused.

"Ah, Torrent..." said Prime "Help me gather all the capable Space Rangers, Captains... even any citizens who are capable of fighting. Immediately...!"

"Wh-" Torrent was interrupted by a fist, which slammed on the crystal table.

"We have to go to war."

Crazybeard1234 (talk) 12:54, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

"As you wish..."Torrent said. Torrent wasted no time and gathered some Ultras to help him and he followed Prime's orders. It was after this that Orion arrived at the Space Garrison HQ to see the commander Prime.

"What is happening?" Orion asked the commander. Just as concerned at the commotion as his father was.

"Your 'hunch' was correct..." said Prime "The Military Department has detected large amounts of minus energy gathering in a location not far from the Land of Giants, worse yet, it is heading here..."

"How long do we have...?"

"Hard to tell..." said Prime "It grows bigger as time goes on, who knows the size of this force..."

"Where could it have come from..."

"Unknown..." replied Prime "Orion, this is-" 

"I know..." said Orion with a grim tone "War is coming to us..."

Zhu Huong Ng --Zhu Huong Ng (talk (talk ) 14:51, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

Orion flew of, he sent a telepathic message to Luter to get to safety as he met up with his brother, Impulse.

"How's mom...?" asked Orion

"She's gone to safety with Feng..." replied Impulse. Impulse now had a red cloak like Orion, denoting their status as Elite warriors. They had been charged with leading the battle along side other warrior Elites. The two gathered with other Ultra warriors in front of the Space Patrol Academy.  Space Rangers of various ranks came along with volunteers and Elite cadets. Normal cadets and civilians were sent to safety as a massive force field was erected around the Land of Giants and its suns. 

Ultra warriors removed their cloaks and drew their weapons from their bracelets. They could now see the darkness approaching, a black nebula, a cloud of dark smoke and red lightning massive in width and length approaching. It's movement almost made it seem as if the stars were going out.

"Men...!" shouted Orion, telepathically "What you see before you is the reason why the Space Patrol Exists, why we fight. This is darkness, this is pure evil and we are the light to cut it down...!" The Ultras all cheered, their color timers glowing bright with their valor. Little did they know how much they would need it.

SolZen321 (talk) 16:44, December 30, 2013 (UTC)

During the WarEdit

The army of Ultras flew into the cloud of darkness, the dark electricity crackling around them.  Suddenly, the ultras burst into a gigantic cavern of darkness.  There they saw an army of horrid beasts of all shapes, with three monsters leading the charge.  Some sights were so awful, most beings would go insane looking at them.  An evil voice cackled "You puny Ultras, your light will be extinguished.  We shall take revenge for our dear father, and paint creation black!"  The Ultra forces landed.  The first battle of a massive war was about to begin.

DucantheChoju (talk) 03:36, January 30, 2014 (UTC)

A kaiju tackled an Ultra and blasted him point blank with an energy blast. It then smashed him aside with its tail before continuing on. Another Ultra fired a beam at it, which struck his shoulder. The Stranger's shoulder began to shift, and grew into a cannon-like object (Think Dagahra/Dagarla). It blasted the Ultra with the cannon and struck him with a beam from its mouth.

Zombiejiger (talk) 17:17, February 3, 2014 (UTC)

A lovecraftian beast was having a beam clash with several solders, lead by a silver ultra.  The monster was very snail-like, while the leading ultra was silver with thin yellow lines (think Ultraman Noa style). The beast roared, then summoned one of its bird-like cronies to help.  The ultra looked up, then fired a greenish energy beam, blowing the monster up in mid-flight.  Gatanozoa roared again, then fired a purple beam from its shell.  Ultraman M just created a shield, leading a few of the others to do the same, then gathered energy into a thin line, before blasting the monster with a rainbow-colored ray.  Gatanozoa roared again, insulted that these creature thought it could destroy it, while M grunted and looked angry.

DucantheChoju (talk) 02:18, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

Gatanozoa roared releasing a shockwave that sent the team of Ultras flying back, M landed on his back and looked up as the massive monster sent one of its claws flying towards him. He thought he was done for until a golden light appeared before him. It was Orion, he stopped the claw with a high block and sent it flying back with a charged punch, the snail landed on a group of monsters behind it and Orion cleared out a few with his Orion shot to make time for the group to recover.

"You're not very good at fighting..." said Orion, clearing speaking to the younger M behind him.

"What...?" said M upset

"You're still on your back..." M got up, Orion was backing him waiting for the snail and the other monsters to come. "What's your name...?"

"M, sir..."


"Short for Melvin..."

"Alright M, take your unit and help Impulse deal with that dragon..."

"Sir, I can help, I'm not afraid of this snail...I'm an Ultraman...!"

"The absence of fear is not bravery..."


"Go...!" Orion summoned the blade from his bracelet "I'll deal with this snail and friends, you have a task as important as mine..."

"What's that...?" he asked sounding unconvinced

"You hold the line, make sure none of these things set foot on our home!"


SolZen321 (talk) 14:43, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

M obeyed Orion's command and left to fight against the other monsters. 

"Now all that's left is you snail..." said Orion. The great monster fired a beam at him, but Orion blocked with his blade. Orion dashed towards the monster and jumped into the air swatting away tentacles and energy blasts with his blade. He managed to slice into its shell, cracking Gantanoza's hide. Orion quickly sheathed his blade and used his Orion shot that knocking Gatanoza back into the dark.

"That's was close..." Orion looked at his bracelet, he could feel the tension on the blade of legend when he sliced the beast, for a moment he was not sure his blade could hold against the monster.

Zhu Huong Ng --Zhu Huong Ng (talk) 15:19, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

Gigas' flying kick connected with the skull of the massive dragon like monster, the connection caused a massive shockwave that stunned the beast. Torrent fired his trident's Aquarium Giga Shot, knocking the beast back. It was the two of them against the beast, the rest had been forced to retreat and deal with the normal monsters. Even with their combined might, the two had only manged to stun this creature with blows that would take out battalions of normal monsters.

"Dang it...!" said Gigas, even he was getting tired of this fight "How did it survive that...?"

"Don't know..." said Torrent "But don't let up...!"

"Fool...!" said a voice, it was the dragon's "The first darkness spawned me, do you think your petty light would cut me down...?" The two Ultras looked at each other.

"Let's see..." they said in unison. They charged the monster continuing their epic battle.

SolZen321 (talk) 23:04, February 24, 2014 (UTC)

The battle in the dark clouds continued until the Ultras began to get strange messages. It took many of them a minute to realized it was telepathic messages from out side the clouds. Orion, took of into the air, with Torrent and Gigas and the three charged energy before releasing a bright light. The light chased away the dark clouds and destroyed several of the lesser monsters. Then they saw, those messages were cries for help from the reserves, flying saucers had appeared around the Land of Giants and were firing on the soldiers and the planet. Alien Gargan and Alien Hush, with several other 'invader' races had come to join in the siege.

"All Space Rangers...!" shouted Orion "Defend Planet Altara, Torrent and Gigas, with me, we stop these two big baddies here...!" Torrent took a fight stance and Gigas cracked his knuckles as the other Ultras retreated to deal with the invaders. It was the three of them against the two large monsters and their lesser counterparts while a dark cloud still lurked behind them.

"Now..." said Rant, standing on the bridge of the main battle ship, "Now, we who have been wronged by the Ultras, now we have our revenge, now we shall...!"

"Sir..." said another alien, working at a terminal on the bridge.

"What is it...?" Rant barked.

"The Ultras have broken through the minus cloud, most of them are returning...!"

"Most of them...?"

"The Big Three, Gigas, Torrent and Orion have gone to battle with the Stranger and Gatanozoa...!"

"I see, then we still hold the advantage...!"

"But sir...?"

"King, cannot and will not leave the temple unguarded, it is the last safeguard in case the Ultras are wiped out, The Big three can only just face off against those two, only a Super Ultra could hope to destroy them and non such beings exist today. Don't forget about our friends, so long as things stay as they are, we will eventually destroy the Ultras!"

The battle continued to rage, as the Ultras fought more and more against the kaiju, the giant aliens and space ships that fired upon them and their home. They fought and fought, but it was clear the battle was like that of a stalemate. However, slowly but surely the forces of evil, made their way down, to the planet below. Yet, with every monster slain, the energy of the beast flew back to the dark cloud.

Gigas held the dragon's mouth with his bare hands, his great strength put against the beast's. However when it seemed that the beast would spew a beam from its mouth, Torrent knocked it away with a swing of his trident, the beast howled and turned around, swinging its tail. Orion flew forward, driving a charge punch into the shell of the other beast. The energy rippled across its shell causing a series of explosions that sent it flying back. Orion turned around and with a charged chop deflected the large claws and tentacles heading his way. He then turned back around and raised a shield, blocking the dark prismatic. Their battles seemed evenly matched until, from deeper within the cloud, it fired, a dark miasmic beam that shot down towards the Plasma Control Towers. They were not destroyed, for the towers only controlled the artificial suns, they did not generate them. However, something strange began to happen, the white suns began to change, they began to bubble and boil like blighted flesh as they turned dark.

"The greatest weakness of Ultras..." said Rant "Their reliance on sunlight...!" he laughed out loud, echoing through the cloud. More and more the invaders began to gain ground, the limitless strength of the Ultras was not suddenly gone in the presence of the dark light that poisoned their suns. Beneath them, on the surface, the wood like substance they used to build their homes and buildings began to grey and darken, as cracks began to creep in.

The civilians all huddled together underground, frightened as much of the lights had gone out. Luter was there, along with Tori who held baby Feng in her arms, sleeping. Luter sat there with her hand over the glow in her stomach.

"I should be out there..." she mused to herself.

"Perhaps..." said Tori, "but combat is not place for someone who is expecting..."

"I know, I wouldn't trade them for anything between the stars...but I hate...feeling so helpless, I don't know how to do it..."

"Simple, you have faith. Though I will admit... it seems as though our husbands may need some help..." She handed Feng to Luter and began to walk to the door.

"Hey you can't go out there...!" said a civilian Ultra. Tori ignored him, and waited for the blast doors to open and left, the doors closed after her. "Is she crazy...?!" asked the same Ultra

"No...that's Tori..."

"Oh..." he sat back down.

Tori walked down the hallway. She grabbed the cape around her shoulders and tore it of, throwing it to the side, where it then glowed and flew back to her, turning into her bracelet. At the end of the hallway she met them, Nackle Aliens and Gargan Aliens.

"You there...!" said one of the Nackles "What are you doing here...?!"

"Me..." said Tori "I'm just a nurse..." He ran up to her.

"Oh and where are the rest..." Tori raised her, now coated in red energy, forming a blade. The alien stopped, and dark blood spewed forth from the gash that went from his groin to his head, before he fell back and exploded. Tori looked at her hand and then at the shocked group of aliens.

Torrent shivered, before swinging his trident, deflecting the dragon's head. He turned it back into his bracelet, before extracting a trident of light from said item and throwing it away.

"What's wrong...?" asked Giga.

"I felt a great disturbance, as if an attack of unparalleled savagery had just been unleashed...!" The dragon began to laugh until...

"Oh, so your wife is fighting again...sweet!"

Tori stood among the...remains of her opponents, or what little she had left. She then raised her hand to the sky, grabbing the speeding trident of light, which she placed in her bracelet, before turning it into a physical trident. She sighed

"I better get a mother's day gift for all this cleanup I'm about to do..." She sped of at high speed into the air, to the thick of battle.


"Can you feel it..." said Rant's voice "The dying of the light...!" His voice echoed through out the darkness. Suddenly Orion flew back, away from the snail monster, and raised his fist. A great deal of the darkness was absorbed into the stone on his forearm, becoming a bright light, even the snail petrifying beam, which he then fired back. Orion touched the bracelet on his wrist and brought it to his color timer. It shined covering him in light, and granting him the Legend Blade and Legend Armor. "What will that do...?"

Orion readied for a slash, which caused Torrent and Giga to move back. With one swing of his blade he generated a wave of light energy that knocked away a good deal of the darkness and knocked back the two monsters. Now out of the cloud the three turned to see what was happening to their home. "It is useless..." said Rant's voice "There is nothing you can do to stop us, I have prepared for all outcomes."

Orion did not respond, he charged his energy into his blade and raised it to the sky. It shined a bright light, that pierced even the darkness, irritating the beings within. Then it came, a beam, straight from King's Temple. It struck the top of Orion's blade and changed the beacon from a light, to golden on the very fabric of the universe, branching out before it disappeared. "King...!" shouted rant "What is he doing, he never does anything...!"

The phenomenon faded. "And he still does nothing...!" Rant laughed.

"No..." said a dark voice "that light, it means we must finish this now, or we have no hope of defeating them."

"That light did nothing...!"

"You think too four dimensionally.."

"Oh..." All around the Land of Giant portals appeared, out of them flew Ultras, similar but different to the ones of M78. "The colonies...!" said Rant with a sneer in his voice. "No matter, we shall unleash...!"

"He is not ready..."

"When will he be...?!"

"Soon, but perhaps not soon enough..."

"No, I have waited too long to see them pay for their insolence...! All forces begin Purge Protocol!"

Out of the darkness, Orion flew, at high, speeds, but it wasn't fast enough. A tentacle grabbed him by his hand. Summoning power from deep within him, he grabbed it and threw the giant snail monster forward, towards the planet, before covering himself in an aura and flying forward in a kick. The two shot across the battlefield like a comet, until they landed on the planet, with Orion leaving him in a massive crater. Removing the tentacle from his hand, Orion took off for the Towers.

"Stop him...!" shouted Rant. A host of flying saucers, kaiju and giant aliens began to descend upon Orion.

"Odonium Ray...!" shouted someone. A prismatic light blue ray fired upon them, taking out most of them and badly injuring the rest. Orion turned to the shooter, a young Ultra on the ground. He was unique in that, unlike most Ultras, he was completely silver.

"You...?" said Orion "you are..." the name finally came to him "M..."

"Sir, yes sir...!" said M saluting out of habit.

"Stop that..." Orion said annoyed.

"Sorry sir..."

"I am heading for the Plasma Control Towers, you make sure no one follows me..."

"Sir yes, sir..." Orion flew off. "Oh, that was so cool, I can't believe..." he said with an excited tone. That was until he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see the snail monster rising up out of the crater, roaring with rage. "Oh sweet photons...!" The creature swatted at him, and he took of into the air, flying away past the numerous tentacles and beams of pure minus energy fired at him. M stopped and fired a red beam from his arms in an L shaped position. The beam sped past the snail's tentacles and struck it on the shell in a large explosion, all the while he shouted "ALIZARIN RAY...!"

M felt proud of himself...that was until a dark prismatic ray fired out of the smoke and nearly hit him, had he not instinctively dodged to the side when he sensed the build up and release of such dark energy. The beam sped and hit a Nackling in the back, immediately turning him to stone. He fell out of the air and shattered.

The snail wiped away the smoke with a wave of its tentacles and gave a sound that sounded like a gargled, atrocious version of a laugh. "I...I..." said M "I am an Ultraman! I will not be so easily scared!" The monster did not looked impressed, far from it, its body language gave of a sense of relaxation, it was amused.

Orion sped through the city, past the fighting. He had conjured the Legend Blade, the blade form of his bracelet and cut down any invader he had passed. From the waves of red energy in the distance, he knew his step-mother Tori was fighting. However, he also knew that even she could not turn back the entirety of this dark tide without the Plasma Suns turned back on. Everything would've been better if all the aliens, giants and space crafts, were not about trying to get in his way. Orion coated his himself in an aura of light and charged forward, destroying any invader or craft that he crashed through.

He was some distance away from the towers now when it struck him, purple bolts of energy. The evil powered electricity left him paralyzed in the air and in pain. Controlled by the energy he was turned around to see what had captured him. Rant was there accompanied by four others of his species.

"What have we here...?" said Rant in a mocking tone and he waved his fan "Going somewhere...?" Orion was silent, barely saying more than grunts as he fought the pain and tried to summon his inner energy. "I must admit, I was surprised by your S.O.S. to the other colonies, but no matter it all goes with my plan. Do you know why...?" I laugh "No don't answer, it was a rhetorical question, I'm going to talk anyways." Orion's eyes flickered red. "We chose this planet as the first for a few reasons. Firstly, it was the crossroads for all the other Ultra Colonies, as it is the 'home world'. Two, with your stars we have not just corrupted them, but in time they will be used to power our conquests of the UNIVERSE! And finally, when it comes to dealing a morale blow to you wretched, POMPOUS ULTRAS...there could be no better world to destroy."

"You like the sound of your own voice don't you...?" said Orion rather annoyed. Although his face didn't show it, Rant was rather annoyed. Rant folded his fan, which suddenly emitted an energy blade.

"I will end you...!" Rant moved to swing but stopped, turned to the side and blocked with his sword. A crest weapon flew towards him spinning, grinding against his blade. He pushed it away, but it flew off taking the heads of two of his men on one side. Orion freed himself, firing a beam from his forehead, which decapitated the other two, in an explosive fashion, but was blocked by Rants blade.

Between the two, down floated Jack, followed by his crest blade which landed properly on his head.

"You dare...!" shouted Rant.

"Orion, go, I'll deal with him..."

"We think not..." said a voice. Dark and prismatic masses of energy appeared, with glowing red eyes. The Darkly sprites gathered into one mass, radiating a dark light which morphed into a humanoid figure. The creature was somewhat Ultra like, but had a skull like face with black eyes, a triple crest, a black orb in the middle of its chest. There was bone like armor on its shins that resembled a spine, and its chest, which now resembled a rib cage. "We are the Lords of Death, and we take issue with the disgustingly bright universe, you Ultras have created." He clenched his left fist, which glowed with the same energy as the creatures that composed it and morphed into a mace.

The unknown giant charged at Orion, only to stopped when arrows of light struck it in its chest. Down came Impulse, blade/bow in his hand.

"We'll handle these..." said Impulse "You go fix the stars...!" Orion nodded. He backflipped, rising higher into the air, before taking of, shining bright as he moved at high speeds.

Zwei Vs Rant Edit

"You...!" shouted Rant "You will pay for this, you will pay in blood, I will burn your entire world, I will-" Jack moved forward and delivered an uppercut. As Rant flew upward, Jack grabbed his leg, pulled him back down as he flipped forward and delivered an Axe Kick to his stomach, sending him flying down to the ground, where Jack flew after him.

Rant caught himself and landed on his feet, before swinging his blade upward, where it clashed with Jack crest blade. Jack landed, his blade pushing against Rant's energy blade, with the two locked in a contest of strength, until Rant kicked him away.

Jack slid back and Rant lunged forward, swinging his sword downward. Jack moved quickly and blocked with his blade. "You, you I know.."


"You are Zwei, Ultraman Zwei, the Ultra that lives in Orion's shadow..."

"Oh, do you never shut it...?!" said Jack. Without warning Rant turned to the side, causing Jack to stumble forward. He slashed across the back with his energy blade, and when Jack turned around, he swatted his blade out of his hand and slashed him again across the chest. Jack fell to his knee as Rant raised his blade.

"Now, I can stop 'talking'..."

Impulse Vs Death Lord Edit

Death Lord (DL) transformed his mace into a sickle and lunged at Impulse who flew up and came down with an axe kick. DL crossed his arms to block and he did, but received a kick to the chest. Impulse flew back and fired an arrow to his side, knocking away Rant's blade and allowing Jack to fly away to his side.Edit

"Thanks..." said Jack

"No problem..." Jack outstretched his hand, psychically calling his crest blade to his hand, which he rested back on his head. Rant flew up next to DL, his blade in his hand again.

"Fools...!" said Rant "You think you can stop us, with your pretty tricks, the time of the Ultra has come to an..."

"He doesn't shut up does he...?" said Impulse

"Nope..." said Jack. Rant roared and charged. Impulse feinted and extended his hand to the side, which Jack grabbed and was thrown into the air. The two dark foes paused, allowing Impulse to strike rant with several arrows, while Jack drew his blade and swiped down at DL causing sparks to fly from his armor. Rant, now out of his shock moved to swipe at Jack but was blocked by the blade of Impulse' bow. Impulse pushed him back and delivered a back kick that sent him flying into a building and then falling to the ground.

As DL and Jack dueled in the sky Impulse landed in front of Rant.

"Wretch...!" shouted Rant "You will pay for that...!"

"You talk to much..."

"I have all the time in the world to talk, you Ultras however, your time is over, no longer shall you halt the wheels of progress!"


"Evolution, the weak perish, the strong..."

"I have heard it time and again, you excuses of the strong to pick upon the weak. The words of the greedy to steal from the poor. In the end, all you've accomplished is death and misery in the name of things you do not need. Your only claim to ownership is that you're stronger, that's not a claim that's the mind set of a schoolyard bully. If that is your conviction, fighting for the right to be brats, you will fail."

"Now, who talks too much...?"

"...Still you..." Rant roared and charged.

M ran as fast as he could with his legs. The monster's tentacles plowed through buildings to swipe at him, somehow able to sense his light. He could find no place to stop and rest, and his beams had failed. At times he sent the tentacles back with a beam, always from the L arm position. At first it was blue, then it was red, now he was using his weakest, the green colored ray due to his desperation. By now his color timer had turned red, due to his exhaustion.

Then it flew at him, a dark prismatic beam, he thought he was goner until a red light came down in front of him. It was Tori, trident in hand, her hand shined bright white as she blocked the attack. The monster stopped, surprised that it's attack had been stopped. Tori looked at her hand, it was starting to fossilize, but she concentrated and red energy and particles arced up her arm, returning it to normal.

"Lady Tori..." said M surprised. Tori took a fighting stance with her trident.

"Ready yourself..." she said. M took a fighting stance.

"Can we take this thing...?"

"No, but we can stall it until Orion is finished."


"Orion is one of the few Ultras with physical strength and strength of light to undo the corruption of the suns." The monster roared. "The light will shine again!" M nodded. The two charged the snail monster. Tori swung his trident down on the beast, and M fired his strongest ray again, on the same spot. Sparks flew and the best thrashed about as a crack appeared on its shell. It swung its large claws, sending Tori flying into M, and putting both on the ground. Then it roared. The darkness around it became palpable, gaining density where before it had none and it gathered into the crack sealing it up. Then it made a noise, as the two Ultras got up, one that sounded like laughter.

Orion arrived at the central control tower. He stood in the space between the top and the base, seperated by the now dark orb that connected the two. This orb was a sort of conduit, a subspace link to the machines in the core of the artificial stars around them. He got behind it, and outstretched his hands towards it, flexing them to the side and then crossing them on his chest again. Black plasma rose out of the sphere and flowed into his color timer, with each tendril a shot of pain ran down his back.

From the depths of the black clouds a dark purple beam was fired, aimed specifically at the tower Orion was at. It surrounded the building in a black miasma which Orion also began to absorb, and then he heard it a voice. It was a woman's voice, but it was cold, lifeless, monstrous.

"You cannot stop us little light..." it said "your star has burnt far longer than it should have. Creation will now return to the dark, where it belongs. Our father will be avenged."

"I...I don't know what you're talking about, or if I even care, but I will not stop...!" More and more of the energy flowed into Orion's core, turning it black, as dark markings began to spread across his body in waves of dark light.

"Why, because you're off the light, because you must face the dark, petty sentiments."

"To you perhaps, but they mean the world to me, you will not have our bright future!" Orion's face turned gunmetal black as his eyes flashed between red and black

"Your world is cover in darkness...your light will soon be snuffed out, and your body will become a vessel for the dark, what can you do little light...?" Orion roared. He turned his mind to his memories, his happy memories, his sad ones, the hopes he shared, Luter and the light in her stomach, born of their love.

"Ah, I'm a little light, but a single light can stand up to all the world's darkness!" He roared again, opening his arms and crossing them again as the darkness was absorbed faster and faster. His body was lost within it, the darkness became so dense then it seemed to implode upon itself, becoming a brilliant white light. The voice recoiled in pain from his mind and Orion shined a bright white/golden light. He slammed his hands onto the orb, flooding it with light. Then he fired soft but incredibly luminous rays at the other towers and their orbs.

The black masses of miasma than shined a black purple upon the Land of Giants bubbled. From beneath their black surfaces erupted explosions of white, golden light that ripped apart the black carapaces and boiled them away, with even the light vaporizing that miasma.

Many Monsters and aliens recoiled in pain and the Ultras, tired or defeated, rose up again, the light penetrating their bodies to reignite their cores.

"NO...!" roared a voice. It came from the cloud.

"Oh, but it's not over yet...." said Orion. Golden Portals appeared and from them came Ultras, Gamma, Sorta, One, Tiga, Cosmos, Ultra from other universes so added to the side of light, helping to turn the tide "My distress call was not just to this world... The voice roared again.

The End Edit

The Stranger's BattleEdit

The Stranger screamed in rage as the two Ultras attacked him, now joined by several others. Energy blasts and laser erupted from the kaiju, flying wildly through the battle. Torrent flew aside to avoid a blast that spiraled past into the distance before dissipating. With a deep growl the Stranger caught one of the newcomers with a massive claw and clamped down on the Ultra's shoulder.

Gigas gave a shout and grabbed the monster's jaw, prying it off the screaming Ultra. Together he and Torrent pulled the Stranger backwards, kicking and flailing. The two Ultras began to pummel the beast, cracking it's thick armor. A third Ultra flew towards the restrained kaiju and slammed both fists into it, sending the Stranger tumbling. It was Prime.

"Shouldn't you be..." said Gigas.

"Orion restored the suns, Ultra from other universes have come to help us..." he replied

"Then that leaves this thing..."

"Friends...I fear we may have to go all out on this creature..."

"In this darkness, that would be."

"We have to do it..." said Gigas, serious for once "This thing cannot be allowed to rampage on the Ultra Star." The three nodded. The creature came back, now sporting thicker armor, canons suddenly grew out from its back. It opened its mouth, gathering darkness into one massive blast. Gigas put him arms to his color timer, causing them to glow, as the other two put their hands in the L position. As Gigas outstretched them, the fired a beam at the same time as the others, the three beams merged into a sphere of energy that shout out a prismatic ray at the beast as it fired its dark beam. Even in the midst of fighting everyone on the planet stopped to look at the flash of light from the explosion.

The four combatants where now out of the darkness, which had been blown from the explosion, and while they were no worse for the where. Prime placed his hands on Torrent and Gigas' shoulders. Two suddenly felt their strength restored.

"With everything all at once...!" Gigas clenched his fist and brought up to his side, twisting his body as all of his power went into his sphere forming around his hand. Torrent radiated an intense bright blue light, which he quickly began focusing into a growing sphere in his hands. Prime cross his arms over the crystal on his forehead, erecting and aura as he opened them in a twirling motion. His aura, his energy, focused into a spiral of energy, not unlike a galaxy. Everyone with the senses needed could tell, within each of those attacks was the power to destroy a planet. They were not restraining themselves, they were unleashing all of their power they could.

The dragon would have none of that. He aimed his cannons and fired blasts of dark energy, but the Ultras just bore the damage. Then it opened its mouth and charged its beam, firing at them and causing a large explosion. To its shock it didn't work. The three had moved closer together, they light of their attack negative even that concentrated darkness. Prime and Torrent pushed their attacks forward and Gigas flew forward in a vortex of energy emitted from his fist. The vortex, the two attacks, their energies, merged until the power of three attacks was focused in Gigas' fist which he slammed into the monster's chest. A wave of intense light energy was unleashed point blank on the monster, blasting it into oblivion as it sped off into the darkness of space.

Tired and their color timers flashing the three keeled over, as Military Ultras rushed towards them for extraction.

In the depths of space the dragon found itself attached to the front of a comet of energy, unable to move, unable to regenerate itself as slowly and surely its body was vaporized by the combined force of the Ultra Trio. It had not been vaporized, as the point of view of the ultras would've suggest, but hit so hard it was gonve before they noticed. Faced with no other option it gathered dark energy in its jaws, but this was not an attack, within that sphere space was warped, and space time was undone, so it could sneak of. It's whole body compressed through that minuscule hole in space, painfully, that it may escape to some other universe. With it gone, the dark energy of the sphere and the beam interacted causing a massive explosion like a supernova.

Orion's BattleEdit

M dodged the blasts as well as he could, be eventually, even with the stars restored, he had no hope of defeating a monster like this. The creature wrapped its tentacles around him, crushing him with incredible power.

"No..." said M. He struggled but it was no use. Dark energy gathered as the monster prepared to fire and M turned off his eyes, prepared for the worse <Do not give up!> said a voice. When he turned his eyes back on, the creature had flung him away in its throws of pain, something had struck with a powerful beam. M landed and slid back into others, Ultras some Military, some of the Silver Tribe, they had come to help them.

"You are not in this alone..." said the oldest, a Silver Tribe member with a mustache. M nodded and the group of Ultras took fighting stances as Gatanozoa reclaimed his composure. The monster roared in rage and charged them, shooting its tentacles in their direction. All the Ultras flew up and countered with several energy beams, which interacted with each other on the monster's shell, causing a large explosion.

From out of the smoke the claw grabbed M and was drawn back into the smoke. Gatanozoa roared and dark energy gathered around him as he slipped out of his current reality, to another taking the creature that had annoyed him so much. Before anyone could do anything, they were gone.

In the warp between realities, M charged his hand, and delivered a strike to the claw. Annoyed, the monster charged its petrifying ray and fired, only hitting M's strongest shield. The energies of the shield, the beam and the theoretical environment around them interacted in an explosion, sending the snail in one direction screaming and sending the young Ultra hurtling into another direction.

Rant roared as he flew towards Orion, still in the Plasma Tower. He swung his sword, but the Ultra raised his luminous hand to block the attack. Against the rays of light, the dark blade was stopped, and Orion countered with a kick to the stomach that sent the alien crashing through several buildings. Orion turned to the side and saw that Zwei and Impulse had locked blades with the other alien.

"You think you can win, you wretch...?!" shouted Rant as he stood up "You think you Ultras can do as you please for ever...?"

"You speak as if we're invaders, like you..."

"That's just a word used by the weak to demonize the strong...!"

"Really, then what are we Ultras, since we keep you 'strong' in your place..." Rant roared and flew towards him again, sword raised and ready to swing. Orion turned to him, and struck within his swipe, delivering a punch in the center of his chest. A delivered a swing to his chest and a side kick to the gut that sent him into another building. "How long do you intend to keep this up...?"

"Until you vile things are defeated...!" Rant got up again.

"I meant your farce...!"


"I know your kind, you are greedy pompous things, unwilling, unable to accept when you have enough. We created a universe were the many races can flourish together, in peace. Yet, you wish to destroy, why? Because your people cannot be conquerors in this current system, they cannot crush those weaker than you. That is it, your people are not starving, they are not struggling to survive. You're just a spoiled brat, bullies angry that someone stronger came and said 'no'." Rant roared and charged again, this time swinging wildly in his rage. Orion nimbly side stepped. Each attack was obvious, almost heralding its own path way, that was until Orion moved to the side, dodging a downward strike, grabbed his the sword hand, and rammed the energy blade into Rant's face.

Rant stumbled back, unable to speak, all but paralyzed, but not dead, the blade had not struck a vital of his brain yet. Orion pushed him back and stumbled away, as Orion flexed his upper body, absorbing particles around him, in his color timer and the lines on his face, like blue fire, and then he but his arm in the L position. The bright blue beam sent Rant flying back through the air, before he exploded in mid-air.

The Death Lord released a pulse of dark energy, forcing Zwei and Impulse back. However as soon as they stopped sliding, Impulse crouched as his blade and body glowed and moved like a blurr, leaving gashes in Death Lord where in dark energy bled out. Zwei on the other hand, lined his crest blades in a line, in mid-air, and with a double chop, delivered a surged of energy that sent them flying into the stunned giant. The wound cut straight through the evil, leaving a hole in his back before the blades returned to Zwei's head. Impulse charged his bow, and Zwei put his hands in the L position, and both fired beams into the monster's wounds causing it to explode. However, instead of fire an smoke, there was a dense field of dark prismatic energy, where condensed, showing numerous pairs of glowing eyes.

"Wretched Ultras....!" said a chorus of eldritch voices "We will take back the universe you took from us, we will purge it of your bright poison!"

"Really now..." said Zwei "much of the universe seems to prefer our 'poison'." It roared as it began to fade away

"Mother of Shadows, begin the failsafe, show them, show these Ultras the product of the grudge they nursed!" With that it was gone and with that it began. What enemy combatants were left, began to fall, as dark energy was drained from them and sped upwards towards the remnants of the dark cloud. Said cloud grew bigger and denser, until it began to become as a dark star comparable in size to the stars around planet Ultra.

"What is it planing to do...?"

"Who knows..." said Orion, who landed behind them, "but I don't want to find out." From planet Ultra a plethora of Ultra Beams of different colors shot up towards the Dark Star. The beams and their energy disappeared within the dark mass, which then grew. "That is now working..."

"Yeah, we noticed..."

"This task..." said a voice "requires the work of Super Ultras..." A bright white light appeared and out of its stepped an Ultra covered in light.

"And you are...?"

"An Ultraman of Myth and Legends, I am Ultraman...Myth."


"What do you need of us...?" asked Orion.

"Just you..." said Myth "You posses the power to tap into the Golden Light. We need that power to face the threat at the core of that darkness..."

"Just what is it...?"

"Time is off the essence..."

"...Fine..." Orion went into a stance and crossed his arms, keeling over as he delved deep into himself and pulled something to the surface. He spread his arms open and emitted a bright golden light, when it was done, his form had turned golden and his protectors had changed. He was silent and radiated a sense of calm. Myth nodded and the two flew up towards the dark star.

"Come specks of the wretched light, come...!" said the voice "come and be drowned in darkness...!"

"We've had quite enough of you!" said Myth

"The time of the first darkness is over...!" said Myth. At the edge of the darkness the two stopped. They could sense the terrible power comprised within and that something...was happening, something was growing in the darkness..." Orion looked at his bracelet and with a swing of his arm sent it away as a shooting star.

"I am ready..." said Orion. The two raised their hands, forming a sphere of light within the dark, which suddenly became large enough to envelop half the mass of the dark star. Then it exploded, taking with it much of the darkness and clearly wounding whatever was inside.

By their Ultra senses, they were made aware of the warp, of the singularity forming, through which the monster was trying to escape. As bolts of light they dashed into, disappearing with the beast.

As the civilians walked out of their bunkers, there was damage all over, fallen and destroyed UFO, the charred remains of aliens, and the bodies of fallen Ultras, battered and bruised, but it was bright. Luter looked up, a beam of light sped towards her. Instinctively she raised her hand, catching it and it turned into Orion's bracelet.

"King's Temple....!" shouted someone. Everyone but Luter looked up and saw the crystal island and its namesake appear in the skies, shining a bright light that caused the many fallen and defeated Ultras to rise. It fired a beam at the Plasma Control Towers, causing the stars to return to normal.

In the space between worlds, the three combatants fought, two glowing humanoids of light, and one giant arachnid of darkness. The three sped through the warp way, the waves of space-time echoing and reflecting other places and people around them as they struggled. The spider brought down two of its legs on Myth, who caught them in his hand and struggled. It opened its red glowing mouth to fire a beam, but Orion delivered an axe kick forcing it shut, and began to punch the numerous red lights, it had as eyes.

"Help me...!" said the spider. The two almost wondered who she was talking to, when the black flame appeared on her back. This flame burned as black as a pit, and malice unimaginable. Scales flew off the spider's body, no, were pulled off, given how it screamed in pain, forming a suit of armor around the flame, a vessel to give it physical properties. Stunned, Orion was jumped, when the thing lunged at him grabbing him and taking the two tumbling into the warp around them.

Concerned about what just happened. Myth charged the blade on the side of his arm and sliced at the tip of the spider, forcing it off, and freeing him to perform a flying punch into its face.

Land of Giants Edit

"Diana...!" said Luter, walking through her house "Diana? Where are you...?" She entered the living room and found her daughter sitting on the ground looking at something that had utterly consumed her attention. "What are you...?" she paused when she saw it, Orion's bracelet. The little Ultragirl, turned around, she was blue with a red legs, inner thighs, forearms and underarms. She had a single crest, but her color timer, though a circle, was swirl shaped.

"Mommy? What's this...?"

", was a gift from daddy..."

"Is daddy ever coming back..." Luter knelt down

"Of that I have no doubt...but your grandparents, uncle and aunt are coming..."

"Oh come one, she's just a grade over's so weird calling Feng my aunt..."

"Doesn't matter, parent's rules..."

"That is incredibly unfair..."

"Just go get your cloak..."

"Okay...!" She got up and ran along to her room. "Sigh..." She looked at the bracelet, when suddenly it glowed. She saw him, Orion, covered in golden light, fighting a warrior of darkness. "Well, I will hold you to that promise...the light help you if you are late...!"

End ResultsEdit

  • The Land of Giants is severely damage, requiring extensive repair.
  • Ultraman Orion and Myth disappear in the act of taking out Mother of Darkness.
  • Gatanozoa retreats from battle and winds up on an alternate Earth 30 millions years ago in the past.
  • The Alien Gargon species going extinct along with Alien Hush.
  • The Death Lords are revealed to the Ultras, dark beings from the Land of Death.
  • Orion sends his Legend Bracelet to the then pregnant Ultrawoman Luter as he an Myth work to end the menace of Mother of Shadows.
  • Ultraman M ends up in the Ultraman Giz universe after chasing after Gatanozoa.
  • Ultraman Omega disappears after the war.
  • The Stranger is hurled into the Gamma Continuity.

Author Message Edit

Well this is finally over...I have to say it's not what I was hoping for. Indeed, a lot of stuff I wanted to add, I just don't have the energy for, hopefully this cropped version is too your liking. I don't know how many years this has been...well actually I do, too many, but hopefully you guys enjoyed.

SolZen321 (talk) 21:00, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

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