He is a new dark ultra appeared in Ultramn One The Movie.He is the successor to Faust,because of this, Belial accepted him as his students for his plan to rule the universe.

History Edit

Before Faust died, Faust actually release all his remaining minus energy that created Dark Wrecker. TBA

Profile,Body Features and TechniquesEdit


  • Height:49 meters
  • Weight:36700 tones
  • Flying Speed:Mach 5
  • Swimming Speed:Mach 4
  • Burrowing Speed:Mach 3
  • Home World:Land of Darkness and Reuz Universe
  • Human Host:None
  • Grip Strength:None
  • Family:Faust(Successor of Faust and it is said that Faust essence remains in his body)
  • Affiliation:Ultraman Belial(Master,Mentor)

Body FeaturesEdit


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