"Where there is Light, there will always be Shadow."

―Dark Phobos
Dark Phobos
Human Host/Form: None
Gender: Male
Age: 2,000 years (First formed)
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
Home world: None
Series: TBA
Type: Dark Ultra
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Wizard
Family Ultraman Vega (Template)
Affiliation Ultraman Vega (Archenemy)
Created by Zombiejiger
Dark Phobos is Ultraman Vega's clone and arch-enemy.


Dark Phobos looks like a black and gunmetal version of Ultraman Vega. His eyes and color timer look the same and glow red. His V-shaped crest is gunmetal.


Phobos is arrogant, condescending, and haughty. He respects no one, and has a hatred of Ultras of Light.


Dark Phobos and Ultraman Vega were once a being known as Ultraman Umbra. Due to unknown circumstances, Umbra was split into two beings, each taking on part of his personality. Vega, his good, heroic side and Phobos, his malicious side. The two fought a great battle, and were thrown apart, through the universe.


Special TechniquesEdit

  • Phobos Galaxy: A dark version of Vega's Vega Galaxy. Red in color.
  • Phobos Starburst: A dark version of Vega's Vega Starburst. Red in color.
  • Phobos Nebulizer: A dark version of Vega's Vega Nebulizer. Not used in shows.
  • Phobos Lightning: A blast of red electricity fired from Phobos' hands.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Phobos Spark Punch: Dark Phobos' fist gives off dark energy and he punches the opponent. A dark version of Vega's Vega Spark Punch.
  • Phobos Spark Kick: Dark Phobos' leg(s) give off dark energy and he kicks the opponent. A dark version of Vega's Vega Spark Punch.
  • Phobos Dive: Dark Phobos covers himself in dark enegy and flies into the opponent. A dark version of Vega's Vega Spark Punch.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Phobos Changer: Dark Phobos absorbs energy from light-based attacks, and transforms it into dark energy. A dark version of Vega's Vega Changer.
  • Phobos Aura: Dark Phobos' very presence creates a feeling of fear in any nearby beings.

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