A meeting ground for the worse monsters in the Orion Universe.


The Dark Nebula is a three light year long stretch of nebula, it is a dark prismatic color on approach and all around it are several outposts from the Land of Giants.

It contains several plants, mostly dwarf planets and planetoids (bigger than asteroids, not round enought to be called a real planet, even a dwarf one). Some of these have crashed into each other forming celestial bodies of two bodies locked together in orbit. There are several suns, mostly small ones. The reason for the nebula's name comes from the fact that the Nebula material is polluted, most nebula have the basic materials' for life, many species had been dumping and still dumping illegal materials such as toxins and bacteria into the nebula, these have turned the material dark, giving the place its name and cause some parts of it to be too toxic even for Ultras in space.


The outposts are large structure built by the Ultras to watch the nebula in case any of its terrible denizens decide to leave, they also serve to stop supernova's from reaching the nebula and carrying its contaminents across space. So far only Ultras of military backgrounds serve here and only Elite warriors, who spend 'Seasons' here switching with others after their time is up.

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