Title: Perfect Lifeform

The Final Enemy Zen faced in his series


The Dark Lord wears a long flowing red cape that covers his body, he is humanoid with a body made of red underskin and gun metal black organic plate armor. His face is human like, handsome with a long chin, pale skin, silver hair and red eyes, he has pointed ears and faded spot on his person that are easy to miss. His helmet is skull like with glowing red eyes and large horn/ears.


Hailing from a world of warriors the being that would become the Dark Lord was a runt of the litter, seeking the secrets of immortality he experimented until he gained a perfect form. However, this form was that of an amorphous mass of darkness, to regain his human form he later fused himself with nanite technology to stabilize himself.

As the so-called perfect lifeform he was challenged constantly by the others of his species who sought glory, one be one he cut them down in combat until his species neared extinction. By this time he was regretful of ever attaining such power and longed for an end. One of the few remaining of his kind pointed him to one who could grant his deathwish Zen. Heading to Earth the Dark Lord is desperate for release and may do anything to get his wish...


  • Bio-Matter, the Dark Lords body is composed of 'perfect' biological matter, a theoretical biological material that can adapt to any environment and remodel itself when needed or commanded.
  • Nanite Matrix: Fused with the Bio-Matter is advance nano-tech, it exists to stabilize the Bio-Matter and bring it under control.


  • Superhuman Body: The Dark Lords body is naturally superhuman being stronger and bulletproof and able to withstand impossible falls and injuries.
  • Regeneration: The Dark Lord can regenerate entire limbs at will, even control unattached organs.
  • Biotics: The Dark Lord has Power Biotics, these include...
    • Telepathy:
    • Energy Blasts:
    • Energy Beams
    • Flight:
    • Space Travel
  • Bio Matter: The Dark Lord can control his body down to the cellular level allowing for...
    • Shapeshifting:
    • Summon Weapons: Usually a sword
    • Size Change:
    • Use his cloak as a shield


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