Title: Upgraded Invasion Robot


Dark King Joe, resembles the original King Joe, but his arms are now much larger, similar to the machines of the anime Big O. His body is now all black and he now sports thrusters on his back.

Stats and abilitiesEdit

  • Height: 55 meters
  • Weight: 50,000 tons
  • Place of Origin: Originally Planet Pedan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • King Joe: Dark King Joe has the original's powers, however he can no longer seperate into spaceships anymore.
    • Lightning Bolt: Like the original, Dark King Joe can fire a bolt of lightning from its head.
    • Structural Integrety Field: A basic star ship component, the four ships that made up King Joe synchronized their fields to give the robot its incredible durability.
    • Self Repair: King Joe could repair itself.
    • Energy Field: King Joe's parts could all erect force fields for traveling through space.
    • Strength: The original King Joe was strong enough that it could over power the average Space Ranger.
  • Upgrades:
    • Power Arms: Dark King Joe now sports large arms with massive pistons on the end.
      • Strength: Dark King Joe is now stronger thanks to its new arms
      • Vulcan Cannons: The power arms now sport high powered cannons hidden in its hands
      • Pulse Wave Punch: Dark King Joe can generate a powerful shockwave from the pistons on the back of its arm, it can use this for a punch or knock down the target from afar.
    • Jet Packs: Dark King Joe now sports thruster on his back for added flight speed.


Originally a normal King Joe fleet, the machine was taken over in a mutiny be a Pedanion officer, full of arrogance and desiring to make his planet the dominant power in the universe. After initially trouncing a weakened Ultraman Orion, the arrival of Ultrawoman Luter and her team up with Orion put the machine out of commission. Whisked away by Dark Zoe's dark field, the machine began to repair itself, but being infected by Dark Zoe's wicked power warped the machine, giving it 'upgrades'.


  • Dark King Joe is the first instance of a robot being enhanced by Dark Zoe's powers.
  • Dark King Joe is inspired by the tititular mecha of the anime Big O.