Dark Hazel is the main villain for Ultraman One:Clashing between evil and good.He is the student of Belial since has was young.Belial sent him to Earth to finish off One and his friends.Dark Hazel has great power.



Profile/Body Features and TechniquesEdit


  • Height:49 meters
  • Weight:36,000tonnes
  • Flying Speed:Mach 4
  • Swimming Speed:Mach 5
  • Burrowing Speed:Unknown.
  • Strength:Unknown
  • Human Host:Nara Kano
  • Transformation Item:Kaiser Dummy Spark.

Body FeaturesEdit

  • Dark Time Stone:Dark Hazel possess a color timer that blinks only when he is injuries badly.
  • Dark Crystals:The crystal in his chest, which is dark in color, using to manipulate energy and powers.It serves as Harvel protector and almost indestructible.
  • Dark Beam Lamp:Dark Hazel possess a beam lamp which shines black in colour.It can be use to fire beams, manipulate powers and absorbing sunlight.
  • Eyes:Dark Hazel has eyes that glows red and can see the spectrum or perhaps the entire rainbow or see clearly in dark environments.It can be used to shoot beams too.
  • Ultra Armor:Dark Hazel has similar design to Dark Mephisto.Perhaps he is Dark Mephisto son is unknown.He is immune to fire and lasers.


  • Hazel Dark Ray:Hazel's strongest attack, Hazel first charges his hand with dark energy and spinning around and shot in 'L'style Ray.
  • Dark Shot:A beam his Dark Beam Lamp, it is equal match to One's Emerium Cannon.
  • Eyes Ray:Hazel can shoot a ray from his eyes.
  • Hazel Burst:Hazel can fire a weaker version of the Hazel Dark Ray by releasing a burst of dark energy form his left hand.
  • Hazel Arrow:Hazel can fire arrow shaped energy burst using his hands.Used to take down flying foes.
  • Hazel Slicer:Hazel can release shurkien shaped slicer of knifes from his hands.
  • Possession:Hazel can possess a human by turning them into his human host.
  • Hazel Kick:Hazel can jump up high a charges his leg with dark energy and kick his foes badly until his foe injuries badly.
  • Hazel Punch:Hazel can use a punch version of the Hazel Kick.
  • Hazel High Spin:Hazel can jump up his and performs a high spin similar to how Zero Darkness does it.
  • Hazel Dymanite:Like Taro,Hazel can charges himself with minus energy and burns his foes using this power.First used against Xena.
  • Hazel Deathcium Slash:Hazel can slash others faces using this attack.
  • Strength:Hazel has incredible strength that he can defeat One, Xena and Giga together without any effort.


  • He does not talk much like his master.

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