Dark Drache is an evil Ultra, and the only surviving member of Dark Zagi's giants. He is the most powerful of the group next to Dark Zagi. He focuses on melee combat more than ranged, but still has quite a few energy attacks. He is also the most brutal of the five, with lots of chops and punches.

Subtitle: Dragonian Dark Giant


Dark Drache is an evil black and red Ultra. He has red eyes, and resembles Dark Mephisto. He has an Color Timer and a Corrupted Protecter which absorbs darkness instead of light. He also has claw on his arm known as the Dragon Claw. This can fire beams or as a blade in melee combat. He is very strong, but not as much as Darramb.

Body Features, Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Body featuresEdit

  • Drache Eyes: Dark Drache's eyes can see long distances. He can also fire beams from them.
  • Color Timer: Dark Drache has a Color Timer similar to Dark Mephisto's.
  • Corrupted Protecter: Dark Drache has dark silver armor on his arms and chest. These work like Ultraseven's protecter, but instead of absorbing light they absorb darkness. They work best night, and are indestructable.
  • Dark Ultra Armor: Dark Drache has the usual Ultra Armor that is resistant to fire and beams.

Special TechniquesEdit

  • Dragon Claw: Dark Drache has a bladed claw on his arm, the same as Dark Mephisto's Mephisto Claw. This can also be used for melee combat.
    • Drache Stream: Dark Drache's signature move. Dark Drache can fire a beam of dark energy from the  Dragon Claw.
  • Dark Specium Ray: Dark Drache can fire an evil version of the specium ray.
  • Drache Bolt: Dark Drache can fire beams from his eyes.
  • Dark Feather: Dark Drache can use the Dark Feather, an attack shared with the other dark giants.

Physical TechniquesEdit

  • Dark Punch: A basic punch.
    • Dark Energy Punch: Dark Drache can charge his fist with energy before landing a punch to deal more damage.
    • Dark Basher: Dark Drache repeatedly punches the enemy in the face with both hands.
  • Dark Kick: A basic kick.
  • Dark Chop: A basic chop.
    • Dark Snapper: Dark Drache grabs an enemy's arm with one hand and breaks it with a chop from the other.
  • Dark Hurl: Dark Drache picks up the enemy with both arms and swings them around throwing them.

Other TechniquesEdit

  • Mental Abilities: Dark Drache can read minds.
  • Corrupted Meta-Field: Dark Drache can create a shadowy Meta-Feild to strengthen himself and weaken beings of light. This also helps his Corrupted Protecter absorb dark energy.
  • Strength: Dark Drache has great physical strength.


  • Drache is German for dragon, so Dark Drache means Dark Dragon.
    • Dark Drache's version of the Mephisto Claw is the Dragon Claw, a referance to his name.
    • His subtitle, Dragonian Dark Giant, also referances his name.
    • His design motif is that of a dragon.

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