Daiki Watarai is a young man who comes from a rich family, known as the Watarai Group. His intentions are unknown but they appear somewhat malicious. He was the host of Jean Bot Keychain Doll. He later become more friendlier and cheerful in Final Mix +. He is also one of Haruto's best friend.

Daiki Watarai
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 16 (Before timeskip) - 19 (Current)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 169 cm (Before timeskip) - 172 cm (Current)
Weight 53 kg (Before timeskip) - 55 kg (Current)

Profile and BiographyEdit

  • Height: 169 cm - 172 (Current)
  • Weight: 53 - 55 kg (Current)
  • Age: 16 (Before time skip) - 19 (Current)
  • Likes : Robots, Mai Kerizawa
  • Dislikes : Evil force
  • The host of : Jean Bot
  • Tranformation item : Jean Pad


Daiki has a style hair which is he make it like Mohawk style. His hair colour is brown. He has a serious face, and sometime he never smile to anybody. He isn't like Haruto who is happy and even he accept his friendship once, he feel Haruto bond with him is unbreakable.

In Final mix, Daiki change his behavior to more cheerful and friendlier to everyone knowing this what it's like to become like Haruto, he learn his mistakes and swear to change his characteristic so that he will be friend with everyone.


Daiki was a young man who was a new transfer student, he appeared in episode 4. In episode 5, he appeared along with the others to save Haruto from been test subject to BSCT.


  • Daiki settle down with Mai and Married her in Ultraman Reuz Final Mix + series.
  • He has a tendencies to buy Gundam Gunpla at Akihabara, Japan.

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