Daiguren is an Ice monster. His appeare in Ultraman Reuz Episode 10.  

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Gender: Male
Age: 100,000 years old (Earth year)
Height: 60,000 meters
Weight: 59,000 tons
Home world: Earth
Series: Ultraman Reuz

Episode 10: "The Dream Destroyers"

Type: Monster
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Family None
Affiliation Darker Being
Created by Apexz

Subtitle: Kori no ryu (氷の竜)

Appearance Edit

Daiguren is ice dragon created to live such as a cold weather. He also can breath trough underwater, with his tail he can swim faster than other monster. He has a blade on his back, and on the back of his head. He has two arm and legs that can fire ice blade. He appeared at the summer where he breath all the froozen ice to freeze the place.

  • Human Host
    • Kagawa Hatake

Abilities and Power Edit

  • Ice blade : Daiguren has a blade form his back that can use to strike the enemy. 
  • Ice needles : He can shot a massive needle form his hand. It is strong attack due to the ice place. 
  • Freezing Burst : An attack can frozen the enemy away. First use on Reuz when they fight on Antarctica. Reuz was frooze and couldn't get out. 
  • Rainbow Season : A rainbow colour ray shot at the sky. It will rain Ice blade. It never use in the episode.

History Edit

  • Daiguren also the second monster to Type change into Billzard Attribute, and Fire attribute, the first one is Hyper Kyrieloid to Omni Kyrieloid.
  • Daiguren also was Dark Live by Darker Being and battle Reuz on ice, tought he knows All Ultraman weakness is cannot handle extreme cold weather but he was wrong, Reuz not a showa Ultra but he is Heisei and also unknown weakness.
  • He also have turned into Keychain Doll back on Legendary Ultra War.