Title: Digital Devil

Pronounced: D.U.P (Dee, You, Pea)


DUP appears as humanoid glob with a shape similar to Upgrade from Ben 10 only his eyes is a glowing orb, he has 'feathers' on the side of this head and his skin resembles the starry night with the occasional circuit line glowing.


A creature of unknown origins DUP, haunted the net waiting for someone to visit his website. Anyone who looks upon his website is his target and he will hunt them down until he absorbs them. He does this to gain silicon which he needs to survive.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Transport: He can move between computer screens, where he appears his website harolds his emergence.
  • Electric Blast: He can fire a beam from his eye.
  • Shape Shift: DUP has a body made of silicon allowing him to change shape, he can also increase in size.


  • EM/Magnetic waves fields disrupt DUP and can force him to stay away. However direct electrical attacks do not affect him.


  • DUP does not have an actual name, his 'name' comes from his websites acronym, DUP stands for Digital Underworld Prison, basically a digital hell.

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