Ele cowra
Gender: Male
Height: 65m
Weight: 79,000t
Home world/Origin: {{{Home world}}}
Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Cowra is a Super Monster that was sent by Yapool that appeared in Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 15.

Subtitle: Cattle God Super Beast


Bull ManEdit

Height: 1.8m

Weight: 70kg


Height: 65m

Weight: 79,000 t


Apex Beam: He can shoot a purple beam from in between his two horns

Hallucinations: He can conjure inlussions to distract or confuse foes


Bull ManEdit

A human that Yapool found, he forced a cow ring onto his nose and soon turned him into the Bull Man. A metamorphoses began slowly before turning into the monster Cowra.


A Super Monster made by Yapool. After the mans transformation finished, Cowra started to rampage a near by forest heading for the city. When EVT attacked Cowra made illusions to distract them to make them crash and for him to proceed forward. Forrest then became Ultraman Element and battled the beast. With all his power, he shoot Apex Beams at his chest and made him hallucinate to weaken him. Shortly Element realized that not only he was a man, but like all passive animals he can be tamed and soon he removed the ring from his nose and then before Cowra charged he used them calming ray to sove him and to revert him back to a man.


  • The diffrence with this Cowra is the darker coloring of his horn and body parts, added parts and to yellow "tags" on his ears.
  • Cowra is one of the few monsters to be spared, despite dissappering and turning back into a reagular human.

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