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Gender: Female
Height: 1 foot
Weight: TBA
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman UVG
Type: Ally
Affiliation Ultraman
Created by Toho Productions.
The Guardians of Earth, these seemingly magical beings exist to maintian balance in the Cosmos, particulary in maintaining the Mana Field of Earth.


The Cosmos have watched mankind from its infancy during which time they have seen mankind's strengths and failures. For unknown reasons they seem to know about Ultraman and of the various monsters that plague Earth.


Stoic sentinals, they are often calm and come across as little girls, however they can be mischevious and harsh at times.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Telepathy: They can speak with their minds.
  • Teleportation: They can move seemingly into and out of thin air.
  • Immortality: The Cosmos are ancient beings.


  • Instead of being Mothra's stewards, the Cosmos instead ally themselves with Ultraman to the chagrin of Shin.