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Gender: None
Height: 50 Meters
Weight: 90,000 Tons
Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Giz
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation Gurnate (Creator)
Created by DucantheChoju
Conglomeratum (コングロマリッUM, Konguromarittum) is a rocky conglomerate kaiju from Ultraman Giz.

Subtitle: Stony Beast (ストーニービースト, Sutōnībīsuto)


Feeding on animals in the Atlas Mountains, Conglomeratum was quickly met with opposition from W.H.A.M.  However, Conglomeratum used his Tentacle Mouths to spit fireballs, downing the jets.  Kyotaro was soon forced to call upon Giz’s power, but the rocky kaiju absorbed the rocks Giz threw at him into his body, before siphoning Giz’s energy.  The human forces were powerless as they watched their giant ally turn to stone.
The next night Conglomeratum was found heading towards a village full of people, no doubt planning to feed on them.  As of such, W.H.A.M decided to set a trap for Conglomeratum to walk into.  However, the monster used his rocky shell and Dark Fireballs to destroy the trap.  Just then, Kyotaro’s willpower revived Giz, but the monster was a powerful foe.  Then, Giz turned into Wind Mode!  Conglomeratum fired his Dark Fire Beam, but Giz used the Ultra Star Block to turn the tables.  Conglomeratum tried every trick he had, but it was futile.  Giz then turned into Lava Mode, used his strength to shatter Conglomeratum’s rocky shell, then destroyed him with the Lava Bomb.

Powers and WeaponsEdit

  • Dark Fireballs: Conglomeratum can fire powerful dark fireballs from his mouth.  These can bring down the strongest of foes, or can be fired as one constant stream.
  • Rock Armor: Conglomeratum’s entire body is made of thick rock that makes up his body, making it highly protected from melee-based attacks and preventing attacks from penetrating.
  • Burrowing: Conglomeratum can burrow underground to hide.
  • Rock Absorption: Conglomeratum can absorb rocks out of the ground around him or ones thrown at him.  These give him extra strength.
  • Tentacle Mouths: The stones on Conglomeratum’s shell are mouths that can extend to over a thousand feet.  These can consume rocks or living things, fire fireballs, or can be used to suck an opponent’s energy.


  • Conglomeratum is based on Gromite from Ultraman Mebius, and Golgolem from Ultraman Nexus.  His appearance is based on Takkong from The Return of Ultraman.
  • He is the first monster to defeat Ultraman Giz.