G reborn cervus by kingshisa08-d7a6xw8
Gender: Male and Female
Height: Male: 48 meters (at Shoulder)
Female: 43 meters (at Shouder)
Weight: Male: 9,000 tons
Female: 4,000 tons
Home world/Origin: Planet Earth
Series: Godzilla Reborn
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation None
Created by KingShisa08

Cervus is giant deer kaiju from Godzilla Reborn.



  • Height: 48 meters (at Shoulder)
  • Antlers: 56 meters
  • Weight: 9,000 tons
  • Origin: Unknown


  • Height: 43 meters
  • Weight: 4,000 tons
  • Origin: Unknown


Godzilla RebornEdit

The Cervus are a species of Sika deer that were altered in size for the carnivorus kaiju to feed on. their were at first 4 males and 4 females that were captured and grown to gigantic size and were also made to breed to make more.


  • Cervus were named after there on species called Cervus.


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