Charles: Hello everyone, welcome to my game show quiz, I'm your host, Charles Burke.

Charles: I will be asking Caboose here a few scientific questions.

Caboose: This sounds like fun.

Charles; ...for your invisible brain sure.

Charles: Let's start with the dinosaurs, what is a dinosaur Caboose?

Caboose: Dinosaurs are People that dine, on a plane... like a plane soars, so dinosaur.

Charles: No Caboose, a dinosaur is an ancient reptile from millions of years ago.

Caboose: oh, like John?

John: ha... ha. Very funny Caboose

Charles: What is biology?

Caboose: uh, isn't that the thing where someone writes about another person?

Charles: (whisper) God help me...

Charles: That's a biography you idiot.

Charles: What female black widows do to their mates after reproducing?

Caboose: The female eats the male's head to show him how much she loves him.

Charles: Wron...Right! He got it right! Jose! Amy! Max! John! Did you see that!?

Jose: John's getting coffee.

Charles: What else is new...

Caboose: I know!

Charles: That was a rhetorical question!

Caboose: Oh.

Charles: (Angry) Caboose, what part of the body do you eat with?

Caboose: Your butt.

Charles: No!!!!

Jose: It's true! 

Charles: How?!!

Jose: I built a time machine and accidentally stepped on an ant and now everyone eats with their butts...yeah.

Charles: I can't take this anymore!

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