• Apexz

    Hye apexz here. Now i want to tell you all about Ultraman Reuz. There are still didn;t  know who is he and why is he come. 

    Ultraman Reuz come from a unknown galaxy same like Ultraman Ginga,  which is he is the succersor of him to defend earth. Reuz consist nine diffrent colour, Blue (Reuz Cross Ray, Normal Mode), Yellow (Reuz Thunderbolt), Red (Overdrive), Indigo (Indigo Form, using the Reuz Saber), Violet (Omni Slash), Purple (Reuz Revolium Strike), Orange (Reuz Crescent), Green (Luna Light), White (Reuz Healer) and finally Rainbow (All colour of his Special Techniques). Reuz appearance similar to Ginga but his host Haruto transformation diffrent from Hikaru Raidou. 

    Now about his form, Normal Mode is his original apparence. Indigo Form is…

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  • Apexz

    Ultraman Reuz completion

    October 17, 2013 by Apexz

    Hai guys, Apexz here. Now as you can see might everyone want to ask why Reuz is similar to Ultraman Ginga. My Ultraman Reuz i created was only base on Ginga Colour and Crystal only not the whole pattern, the pic i put on the page was the first design of him, the second will coming soon after my final exam done.

    The diffrence between my Ultraman Reuz and Ultraman Ginga is that Reuz has a red line between his round head which is Crystal like Ginga, his body was diffrent pattern that Ginga but the colour sill same i mean Red and Silver.

    His techniques and Power are originally i created without Base on anything. Only Ginga Thunderbolt i modified to Be Reuz Thunderbolt. And Ginga Slash and modified to Omni Slash. Thats all :)

    Also, I created Reuz …

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Considering our advancement into technology, and how smart the human race is, would it be possible if humans created a Plasma Spark, and became Ultramen themselves? Well, what do you think?

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  • SolZen321

    Here is some concept art from the Ultraman Story0 Manga, my hope is that your guys can sketch and then alter the images to create your own images for your Ultras etc.

    Here are some tips when making your profil picture

    1. Before drawing your ultra, draw an outline of his general shape and posture. It may not be perfect but it will help make your Ultra look better and less... '2-D'.
    2. Add features such as the eyes, mouth and ears as well as the crest, since this is a full body shot, they don't have to be detailed, you can use that on a face image. You should also add the color timer at this stage.
    3. Add the other major features, such as protectors

    Drawing a crest/Face picture. Note these tips are for the character facing the side.

    1. Draw a circle, this rep…

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  • Apexz

    Ultraman Ixa

    August 22, 2013 by Apexz

    Technically , i always think about new Ultraman I  want to post maybe to be Ultraman Orion Partner / Friend and Ally . Thats is my dream But I just wanna think about his story than i can edit it. He is Multi-Colour ,  Round Colour Timer , flat eye . Not to mention His human host . Still pending about it.  I looking foward to post this as a wiki Ultra Fan . I kind drawing Ultraman Ixa . Maybe i post this later when i finish .  

    Characters : 

    • Ultraman Ixa ( New Ultraman / Kindly Young like Orion ) 
    • Ultraman Orion ( Partner / Friend ) 
    • Ultraman Gamma ( Ally / Friend )
    • Ultraman Eclipse ( Foe / Enemy )
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  • Zombiejiger


    August 17, 2013 by Zombiejiger

    THIS WIKI NEEDS MORE KAIJU!!!! Like I just said, this wiki could use some more kaiju pages. All it has right now is Alien Icarus, Buguzaras, Aniitraga, Warmaster, Ghostdron, Dagaryu, Death King and Ray-Yu. We need more kaiju for the Ultras to fight!

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  • SolZen321

    A continuity page exists for one thing, too coordinate all your work, to help you know which characters belong which story, items and a hub for all these pages, including the pages for the adventures you plan to write, since it would madness to put everything in the Main character's history section.

    Here is the basic layout you should adopt, using my own as a basis.

    First start with an Intro, note the page should say the Main character's name and the Continuity in brackets e.g Ultraman Orion (Continuity).

    Note, this is note an introduction to anyone or the universe you are creating, this is just to explain to people and remind yourself the overall tone of your story, it doesn't even have to name any characters, so long as the ready understand…

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  • SolZen321

    New Categories to Use

    August 17, 2013 by SolZen321

    SolZen here and I've just come up with a few Categories for Users to use. I'm putting up this blog because Double Categories is somewhat of an issue on the main Wiki. If they don't come up yet just copy and paste from her.

    1. Fan Ultras: Obviously for Ultras
    2. Fan Kaiju: This is reserved for giant monsters of a non-sentient kind
    3. Fan Seijin: This is for Aliens, not space monsters, only sentient aliens should get this category.
    4. Fan Kaijin: This is for beings like Espers (Psychics) and other characters whose origins do not stem from outerspace. Both Sentient and non-sentient get this, if they transform into monsters then they can also get the Fan Kaiju category as well.
    5. Main Character (Continuity): This will help User keep track of the continuity of th…

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