• SolZen321

    This is a repost of a blog from the main wiki. Hey guys, recently I've discovered a game called Minecraft (not literally discovered but it had peaked my interest) and besides all the incredible structures people have built using there are a ton of mods (User generated content for those not familiar with the term). There is an Avatar (Cat people and TV show), and AVP mod, even a GODZILLA mod! But alas, I have not found an Ultraman Mod, that seems a bit wrong for me.

    I have programming experience, but I am not fluent in Java, nor can my computer hope to run something like Minecraft until I get a new one, or fix it, which may be a while. So until then this blog is me writting down some ideas for an Ultraman Mod. Now the basic idea of minecraft…

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  • Stephan222

    Planet pictures

    March 20, 2014 by Stephan222

    Less than a day after creating the gallery of Argentium, I have obtained two requests to draw pictures like that for others. I am fully willing to do this for everyone, but from now on, I shall have some guidlines for you to follow. 

    • Leave a message on my wall. If you ask somewhere else, you may not be noticed. 
    • Make a page describing the galaxy, planet, ect before asking a picture. I can't read your mind, at least not over a computer. You can also ask for some random planets I made myself which I have't used; I did this for Zombiejiger. In fact, its easy, if you have a few planets, to do the designing youself. 

    This is very easy to do. If you want to really go hardcore, design your own planets. These aren't hard to make, and you don't need t…

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  • Brian Haughton

    Click here for the scariest or funniest video you will EVER see:

    Click Here it is called Going to the store.

    You will be scared to walk outside trust me.

    P.S it is not inappropriate, well actually there is a fake butt.

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  • Brian Haughton

    The Ultraman Zach Episode, Return of the King of the Monsters is horrible, like Godzilla vs Megalon horrible so later I will rewrite the whole thing so please don't criticize the episode, I know it's bad. Brian Haughton (talk) 14:51, March 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SolZen321

    Ultra Mashup Poll

    March 1, 2014 by SolZen321

    Okay so here's the poll for what we are going to do in the Mashup collaboration project.

    So in the comments put what you think we should vote on and I will put it up.

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  • Apexz

    Ultra Mashup

    February 26, 2014 by Apexz

    Hai, i'm Apexz. I'm posting this about hows the movie that we would wanna make? All Ultra from this Wiki would be wirtten in the story. So if everyone want their character to appeared, just put their names in this blog. I want to know how many agree of this.. . 

    Apexz (talk) 13:32, February 26, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Brian Haughton

    Hey guys, I have a new series called Ultraman Zach, where an Ultraman that was Infected with Darkness is cured and sent to Earth to fight the The Darkness One, a cloud like being made of Darkness. The Darkness One sends down many monsters throughout the show, and Ultraman Zach fights them. Here are the list of episodes:

    The Dark One

    Welcome to Earth

    Return of the Water Kaiju

    The Double Headed Fire Beast

    What's So Funny?

    Brother of Darkness

    Ultra From Hell Phase I

    Tell me how you like it in the comments below!

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  • Tsuru23

    Coming Soon...

    February 21, 2014 by Tsuru23

    Ultraman ZX (ウルトラマン ゼクス - Urotoraman Z'ekusu) is the main project of user Tsuru. It will be a brief saga of an Ultra in a new Universe on Earth, protecting it from the manipulation of a single Alien Invader, Baalazea.

    The story will focus upon the members of SpARTa; the Special Attack and Response Task force, dealing with the looming threat of invasion and the constant danger of overgrown beasts, and the appearances of the mysterious saviour they call ZX.

    No exact date to first chapter publishing.


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  • Apexz


    February 13, 2014 by Apexz

    Hey, i'm Apexz. As you know, this blog that i created is that i want to apologies to everyone that if i had been a bad user or using a bad words, im sorry, i'm acctually stress with my school. And Stephan22, i'm also sorry for causing a trouble on your page. 

    Apexz (talk) 15:23, February 13, 2014 (UTC)

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  • HoshinoKaabi

    Since Ultra 101 is a comedy which draws all elements of the Ultra Mythos together, I decided to make this blogpost.

    -*clears throat*

    Would you like your Ultra to make a cameo in a chapter of Ultra 101?

    (Be aware, your Ultra will be victim to any joke possible, just as everyone else in the story is)

    ~Your Friendly Wikia Editor, HoshinoKaabi

    Cameos to come (will be updated evertime someone says yes):

    Ultraman Trio

    Ultraman Moedari

    Ultraman W

    Ultraman Giz

    Ultraman Gamma

    Ultraman Chimera

    Ultraman One

    Ultraman Sorta

    Ultraman Zach

    Ultraman Reuz

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  • SolZen321

    Bad News

    February 11, 2014 by SolZen321

    Hey guys SolZen here, recently it seems my grads have become a thing of concern for me, so I will not be on the Wiki as often as I used to be, thus Zombiejiger and Crazybeard, I'm putting them in charge of the Darkness War and if you have any questions ask them.

    Also for those interested in how Ultraman Orion ends, since it may be a while till I get back to that, I will leave three clues as to the outcome of the series, one is King, the other is the Kingdom of Warriors and the final clue is the Embodiments of Light. Enjoy...!

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  • Stephan222


    February 2, 2014 by Stephan222

    I think this is to much of a hit in the face, but...

    Template:disclaimer might be better if I just do it in a different background than the rest of the Wiki. But what color would be good?

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  • DucantheChoju

    I created a new template, Dark Ultras.  This is for the Dark and Evil Ultras of fan series. 

    Use it by going to the template chooser, and typing in Dark Ultra.  Use it as necissary.

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  • DucantheChoju

    Hey Guys, this is my first blog.  Now to business.  On the collaborative movie Zhu was talking about, here is a place to post your ideas.  When you have done that, I'll take them and ask the community to decide which is the best on a fourm thread.

    DucantheChoju (talk) 19:45, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Excerlics


    January 25, 2014 by Excerlics

    Okay guys, if you all have not know.I am writing this to discuss on the leadership and new admin for this wikia.

    As I have made an adoption request to become an administrator for this wikia on the community central wiki.And I was suggested to create a blog post to discuss about this.What do you think guys about this new leadership and administrator.Please give comments below to discuss this for the active users.Thanks.

    I really looking forward to this.

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  • Stephan222

    New Template

    January 23, 2014 by Stephan222

    I took the liberty of creating a new template, known as template:'fan kaiju'. This is for any fan kaiju you may create, and is based off Battle World Wiki's template: kaiju infobox. You can insert it by going under templates, the typing template:fan kaiju and clicking insert. Fill out the forms. It looks much better than the wiki's current templates, and if you want any improvments you an edit it here or just tell me. 

    Oh, btw we need more fan Kaju. :D

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  • SolZen321

    Now last year, we on this wiki had a bit of controversy over User Maxpower's decision to put a lesbian relationship in his fan fiction, now this was a problem, not because any of us had severe objections to the practice. I myself am christian and while I do not support homosexual behaviors I also do not prescribe the stereotype of 'gay hating'. My first rule is 'do on to others as you would have done on to you', so I'm not going to sit here and dictate what people can and cannot put in their fan fictions to a letter.

    The problem was that we here understood and expected that younger viewers would most likely be coming on to our website and looking at our material, therefore we all agreed that the material was not 'appropriate'. Now was Maxpo…

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  • Eduardloei

    Breaking news, guys! Here the peak for the second month of Ultraman Draco. Enjoy it :)! (Note: The photo was not in the correct position. The correct photos will added later)

    Now, a grasshopper monster, Batokatta appears. Not only that, he is accompanied with the revived Gorgam and Sarabi. Draco is having a hard time battling those three. Unfortunately, a new Ultrawoman appears, but she instead attacking Draco, making Takato is greviously injured. On the other side, Shuji has already created an Internet Game, which everyone can play as any character in the internet. Takato tries this game to improve his kicking style. He enters the game as Ultraman Draco (which height already decreased), and he will battle against Armored Rider Ryugen (Shuj…

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  • SolZen321

    Battle World Wiki

    January 16, 2014 by SolZen321

    Hey guys, for those that don't know there is a Wiki called the World Wiki Battle World Wiki based on the Multiverse of the Battle World Collaboration Project we had last year (or 2013 whenever you are reading this) The villain of Cross Dimensional Slash Meridas is a Weekee, a race of being from the Wiki who I partially helped to create, I've been thinking that since there are clearly ties with their Multiverse we can go over there.

    Either way, I think their Wiki is rather interesting, you guys should go check it out and see if you can help

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  • SolZen321

    Hey Guys, I am thinking about my other projects, Ultraman Myth and Mythic Theater and I've been thinking about possible routes I could go with the appearances of the star characters.

    Ultraman Myth's design doesn't really say anything to me, he's designed so that he can look like a normal Ultra and a Super Ultra and not have it conflicting. What do you guys think should or should not change.

    SolZen321 (talk) 15:37, January 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Different Timezones

    January 8, 2014 by Crazybeard1234

    So recently I have been on my adventhres on Instagram, and noticed how different timezones have troubled us from roleplaying together. So, I have a flame of curiousity burning, and want to find out your timezones, making it easier for us to cooperate on crossover movies (E.g. Cross Dimensional Clash), or collaborative projects (E.g. Darkness War) Thank you for your time.

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  • Apexz


    January 6, 2014 by Apexz

    Hye Apexz here, i got a big problem, please help me. Help me put the newest picture and the final to my Ultraman Reuz info box please...i got that problem since yesterday...

    Can you guys help meee..put this...?

    Apexz (talk) 14:03, January 6, 2014 (UTC)

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, I just had Idea, whether you guys want to go with this your choice but I'm putting this idea out now because I know I will regret it if I don't. How about instead of using our Ultras we have our own personal Characters fight the villain. In his Bio I put that his deafeat heralded the begining of the Ultras' reign. How about if our personal characters become the heroes who originally defeated him and whose power resulted in the birth of Ultras all over the Multiverse...?

    Since all together they need to be the Pre-Ultras the rules for them should be simple...

    1) Their design should be based on either giants from Another Genesis or the None-Ultra members of Ultimate Force Zero.

    2) Regardless of their abilities, their power should be ba…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys SolZen here, been busy lately but I decided to put this up before tommorrow (at the time of posting this) since I may have to go to work tommorrow. Kind've suck I have to work on sunday but my country's economy is not in the best shape right now.

    Enough of the bad news let's talk about creating attacks for our heroes!

    Now first thing to remember about creating attacks is that you need to remember your character's limits and the physics of the world they live in. What do I mean...? Overpowered characters are fun to write... but not to read, unless you're a very good writer. Seeing that this site is for fan-fiction I'm just going to assume no one is a published author...

    Your characters attacks should equate to their own style, their s…

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  • Apexz

    Bored Day during my Holiday

    November 30, 2013 by Apexz

    Hai, everyone. Welcome back to my blog post. Well, this is holiday so i was bored waiting for my friends to hang out with me. Seens i will tell you the nest story happen of Ultraman Reuz series.

    Kenzaki Haruno who also Haruto's childhood friend weild the Dark Dummy Spark (Fan Version) and Nosferu Keychain Doll. After he and Mai, Marina and Gin save Haruto from been test subject in the BCST science lab, he puch Haruto away, and telling him he wan't to fight Him and kill Haruto.  Haruto agree, thus summoned Reuz to fight his best friend even so he can't accept his fate fighting his best friend..

    During the battle, Nosferu unleashed a new power, using his telekenisis, grab Haruto to the sky, while they on conversation, Darker Being released the…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    I'm just really, really bored, so I decided to do this. Enjoy B) [Main Ultras only, by the way]

    • Ultraman Orion - ウルトラマンオリオン (Belongs to SolZen321 )
      • Ultraman Myth - ウルトラマン神話
      • Ultrawoman Diana - ウルトラウーマンダイアナ
    • Ultraman Gamma - ウルトラマンガンマ (Belongs to Zombiejiger )
      • Nova - ノヴァ
      • Ultraman Chimera - ウルトラマンキメラ
    • Ultraman Sorta - ウルトラマンソート (Belongs to Crazybeard1234 )
      • Ultraman Touch - ウルトラマンタッチ
      • Visored Rider Beat - し者たちライダーBEAT
      • Armored Protector - アーマードプロテクター
      • Ultraman Eclipse - ウルトラマンエクリプス
    • Ultraman Reuz -ウルトラマン リえーZ (Belongs to Apexz )
      • Armored Rider Axel - アーマードライダーアクセル
    • Ultraman One - ウルトラマンワン (Belongs to Zhu Huong Ng )
      • Ultraman Zaco - ウルトラマンZACO
    • Ultraman Element - ウルトラマンエレメント (Belongs to UltramanMinecraft )
    • Ultra Trinity - ウルトラ.トリニティ (Belongs to HoshinoKaabi )
    • Ultraseven: …

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  • Excerlics

    New movie?

    November 27, 2013 by Excerlics

    Hi guys, I have been thinking a new idea that is a new movie.Maybe we can have universe crossover that all the ultras come together to fight against a new villain , new monsters?

    We can have all the fan ultras to make an appearance in this movie.

    Please do suggest about this new project.--Zhu Huong Ng (talk) 11:39, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Apexz

    Hye guys, i just post this as i want to put it as Ultraman Reuz opening and ending series. Only tought i got so many awesome song but just couldn't pick one so i come up two ending's in one series just like Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Nexus although i just only writte 13 episode for the series.

    By Exo- J, Korean Boy Band Japanese version

    The openeing before the lyrics is the same as Legend Of Galaxy, Ultraman Ginga

    By Girls Generation, Korean Girl Band Japanse Version

    Former UltraSeven X ending song series

    Can i? I lack of music...

    This is just for fun don't worry.

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  • Crazybeard1234


    November 23, 2013 by Crazybeard1234

    Ok guys, here's the problem. Recently I have a problem that I had encountered in the past: photos. When I try to upload photos from my phone, it just refuses to turn around. Can someone teach me how to turn photos around, so if I encounter this problem in the future, I can solve it myself? Thank you.

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  • SolZen321

    I have been thinking of how to do the Darkness War and I have thought up about something interesting. Like the Battle World Collaborative Project I have decided to allow the Wiki Users themselves to do the story for this project.

    • Firstly, the story must follow certain points.
      • Ultraman Orion is now using Enlightened form as his default mode, so there is no need to Mode Change except into Zen Mode.
      • King will not be fighting in the War, his duties do not allow him to do so, his temple will disappear during the war's start.
      • Ultrawoman Luter will not be fighting, since obviously she's pregnant. She will be wearing the maternal cloak Tori wore in the series.
      • Be sure to make reference to all of the combatants. Characters with certain fates already dec…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, back again to share my two cents for those who are willing to listen and/or need it.

    Today I'm going to talk about how to create a proper or at least better Main Character.

    The first thing you need to do remember is to give your main character a personality. When I say this I don't mean good guy, anti-hero, those are archetypes, basic molds upon which you can design your main character. I mean a personality. If you the author cannot look at your character and name some definitive character traits that most likely a problem. For example my character Orion/Alex is a kind soul, sometimes sarcastic, likes sweets and has something of a hero complex. He is also surprisingly smart and can be wise when he's ready and yes I thought up all o…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    We need to....

    November 10, 2013 by Crazybeard1234

    We need to spice this wiki up a bit, as to me, it looks kinda dull. Putting aside our Ultraman fan-making, we really must give this wiki a new look, similar to the Ultraman Wiki's.

    First of all, we need a chat room, similar to the Ultraman Wiki's one. And why, do you ask? Because instead of writing short blog posts, we can actually talk there. And it is a good decoration too.

    Number two, forums. This is not really a neccesity, but it is kind of important. Forums are a place where everyone can relax, and..... we don't really have a place to "relax" in this wiki, other than the comments section. We can put up several topics for the forums, for example "Fun and Relaxation" and "Questions" sections.

    If we want to increase this wiki's popularity, …

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys I'm writing this editorial as part of my Tips for the Wiki. No doubt many users havean idea of their own personal Ultra but no idea for a good opponent(s). I'm here to help with that, particulary with the aliens.

    In the format for enemies you will see that there is a section called History, this is for the Alien's backstory. It doens't matter if the alien is an invader or a victim of an invader or anything inbetween. Alien's (at least the kind we call Seijin) are sentient beings and obviously wouldn't just do anything without a reason. Aliens are often just invaders but there would be a reason for that. In Ultraseven, many of the aliens had unspoken back stories that completely explain their behavior.

    The most common reason for inva…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guys, so I am devising new characters for the Ultraman Orion series but these characters will not be seen in the series itself or very late. One is for Tori's and Torrent's second child, Orion's soon to be born step-sibling and another character to be called Ultrawoman Diana.

    Also I have another poll on my previous Blog before the Tips for the Wiki, to determine the fate of Ultraman Myth: Link

    I will check back a week from now. Enjoy.

    So the Poll is Officially over now thanks for everyone who participated, all...three of you...

    Anyway, here are the results.

    The Baby

    • Will be a girl
    • Will be named Feng
    • Will have Tori's eyes
    • Her crest will be a mix of her parents
    • As will her markings.

    As for Diana

    • Round Eyes
    • Mostly Blue with red
    • She will have Bracers li…

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  • SolZen321

    Tips for the Wiki

    November 6, 2013 by SolZen321

    Hey guys, SolZen here, I've made this blog to help new users to understand a few things about this site and help us all get along.

    This is called Ultra Fan wiki for a reason, it is effectively a side community to the Ultraman Wiki which is often referred to as the "Main Wiki". That said this place is for Ultraman fan fiction but there are exceptions. For the fan fiction to be on here there are several types of heroes/main characters that your series can revolve around, that are expected from users.

    • A real Ultra: A fan fiction can revolve around an official Ultra and placed in your own continuity in a series or a stand alone piece.
    • Original Ultra: This is the type of hero most encouraged, Users can create their own Ultra to star in their own s…

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  • SolZen321

    Hey Guys, recently I have been thinking about Ultraman Myth and I've decided to start a series that not Ultra related called Mythic Theater. Why is this important, I have school, the Orion series, the crossover movie and my own Admin duties to perform on the main site. While I will update some of the pages, I will not be updating the episodes for a while.

    My new series will be a cross between Ultra Q, UIltraseven X with some Doctor Who sprinkled in there. Also I will not be taking claim to the title but do place your User name in brackets since Mine will not have any.

    The link is here: Mythic Theater

    By the way if anyone has any ideas for monsters/episodes feel free to drop them in the comment section and I will be sure to give credits in the…

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  • Apexz

    My Holiday Time

    October 29, 2013 by Apexz

    Hey Apexz again, After i and Zhu complete the Climax Battle One and Reuz vs Faust, i will start my Reuz series until Episode 6 and i stop. Then to the Movie (1) and Special Theater. And About dicember i will continue to Episode 7... depend if i have a lot of time, because this Holiday might be somewhere else we want to go and vacation with Family.

    Geez, it's to early for me to say its Holiday.. well anyway EVrything is going to be alright.

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  • SolZen321

    SolZen here, I have created a new infob for everyone to use for their main characters and other Ultras. It's called Fan Ultra and I hope it comes in handy.

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  • Apexz

    Hye apexz here. Now i want to tell you all about Ultraman Reuz. There are still didn;t  know who is he and why is he come. 

    Ultraman Reuz come from a unknown galaxy same like Ultraman Ginga,  which is he is the succersor of him to defend earth. Reuz consist nine diffrent colour, Blue (Reuz Cross Ray, Normal Mode), Yellow (Reuz Thunderbolt), Red (Overdrive), Indigo (Indigo Form, using the Reuz Saber), Violet (Omni Slash), Purple (Reuz Revolium Strike), Orange (Reuz Crescent), Green (Luna Light), White (Reuz Healer) and finally Rainbow (All colour of his Special Techniques). Reuz appearance similar to Ginga but his host Haruto transformation diffrent from Hikaru Raidou. 

    Now about his form, Normal Mode is his original apparence. Indigo Form is…

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  • Apexz

    Ultraman Reuz completion

    October 17, 2013 by Apexz

    Hai guys, Apexz here. Now as you can see might everyone want to ask why Reuz is similar to Ultraman Ginga. My Ultraman Reuz i created was only base on Ginga Colour and Crystal only not the whole pattern, the pic i put on the page was the first design of him, the second will coming soon after my final exam done.

    The diffrence between my Ultraman Reuz and Ultraman Ginga is that Reuz has a red line between his round head which is Crystal like Ginga, his body was diffrent pattern that Ginga but the colour sill same i mean Red and Silver.

    His techniques and Power are originally i created without Base on anything. Only Ginga Thunderbolt i modified to Be Reuz Thunderbolt. And Ginga Slash and modified to Omni Slash. Thats all :)

    Also, I created Reuz …

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Considering our advancement into technology, and how smart the human race is, would it be possible if humans created a Plasma Spark, and became Ultramen themselves? Well, what do you think?

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  • SolZen321

    Here is some concept art from the Ultraman Story0 Manga, my hope is that your guys can sketch and then alter the images to create your own images for your Ultras etc.

    Here are some tips when making your profil picture

    1. Before drawing your ultra, draw an outline of his general shape and posture. It may not be perfect but it will help make your Ultra look better and less... '2-D'.
    2. Add features such as the eyes, mouth and ears as well as the crest, since this is a full body shot, they don't have to be detailed, you can use that on a face image. You should also add the color timer at this stage.
    3. Add the other major features, such as protectors

    Drawing a crest/Face picture. Note these tips are for the character facing the side.

    1. Draw a circle, this rep…

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  • Apexz

    Ultraman Ixa

    August 22, 2013 by Apexz

    Technically , i always think about new Ultraman I  want to post maybe to be Ultraman Orion Partner / Friend and Ally . Thats is my dream But I just wanna think about his story than i can edit it. He is Multi-Colour ,  Round Colour Timer , flat eye . Not to mention His human host . Still pending about it.  I looking foward to post this as a wiki Ultra Fan . I kind drawing Ultraman Ixa . Maybe i post this later when i finish .  

    Characters : 

    • Ultraman Ixa ( New Ultraman / Kindly Young like Orion ) 
    • Ultraman Orion ( Partner / Friend ) 
    • Ultraman Gamma ( Ally / Friend )
    • Ultraman Eclipse ( Foe / Enemy )
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  • Zombiejiger


    August 17, 2013 by Zombiejiger

    THIS WIKI NEEDS MORE KAIJU!!!! Like I just said, this wiki could use some more kaiju pages. All it has right now is Alien Icarus, Buguzaras, Aniitraga, Warmaster, Ghostdron, Dagaryu, Death King and Ray-Yu. We need more kaiju for the Ultras to fight!

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  • SolZen321

    A continuity page exists for one thing, too coordinate all your work, to help you know which characters belong which story, items and a hub for all these pages, including the pages for the adventures you plan to write, since it would madness to put everything in the Main character's history section.

    Here is the basic layout you should adopt, using my own as a basis.

    First start with an Intro, note the page should say the Main character's name and the Continuity in brackets e.g Ultraman Orion (Continuity).

    Note, this is note an introduction to anyone or the universe you are creating, this is just to explain to people and remind yourself the overall tone of your story, it doesn't even have to name any characters, so long as the ready understand…

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  • SolZen321

    New Categories to Use

    August 17, 2013 by SolZen321

    SolZen here and I've just come up with a few Categories for Users to use. I'm putting up this blog because Double Categories is somewhat of an issue on the main Wiki. If they don't come up yet just copy and paste from her.

    1. Fan Ultras: Obviously for Ultras
    2. Fan Kaiju: This is reserved for giant monsters of a non-sentient kind
    3. Fan Seijin: This is for Aliens, not space monsters, only sentient aliens should get this category.
    4. Fan Kaijin: This is for beings like Espers (Psychics) and other characters whose origins do not stem from outerspace. Both Sentient and non-sentient get this, if they transform into monsters then they can also get the Fan Kaiju category as well.
    5. Main Character (Continuity): This will help User keep track of the continuity of th…

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