• TheMoonShard

    I have graduated

    June 22, 2017 by TheMoonShard

    I now have over 2 months of summer vacation before I start my master's degree

    Im finally gonna deliver The Content


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  • Zombiejiger

    Metaverse Trailer

    June 22, 2017 by Zombiejiger

    New and improved!

    here's the link!

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  • Zenonkou75
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  • WBC the Seijin Fan
  that is freaking hilarious and this:

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  • Clee26

    Parody Ultras.........

    June 7, 2017 by Clee26

    So..........I won't bother explaining anything...just scroll down in the 'Recent Activities' and you'll know...

    Ugh...fine...I'll explain it you lazy these few months, overlapping with the Dao Crisis is...the Parody we had a User Boom...yes...that is also a thing...anyways...we had a User Boom after I, Clee26, joined not long after. So...back to the Parody Wave, so, while the Dao Crisis was still going...Post-Me users, started making Parody Ultras to reflect on how crude and terrible 'his' Ultras were. Few months pass, a few more users joined, and now...the Wiki is basically a Parody wiki...we had terrors such as Ultraman 'Murica and even MAGA (Make America Great Again) Pre-Me use…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Final Card form

    June 5, 2017 by Cdrzillafanon

    So I figured since G'd will soon be taking over as the fan submission Ultra here, I figured we should give good ol' Card one last  hurrah before he is inevitably abandoned. Of course, this entails one last form.

    Said form I have in mind is a fusion between every TsuPro Ultra and...


    So yeah it's just an idea, but I think it would be cool.

    EDIT: I have decided that the form name will be "Finale Fusion Up"  If any of you guys have any more ideas for the form lemme know EDIT AGAIN: I have decided on "Card Finale" thanks to Gren because it sounds better. 

    Ultras so far:

    All of mine

    Ultraman Mana (thanks BRK)

    Zhu's Ultras:

    all of them 

    Z's Ultras:

    Ultraman Gamma

    Ultraman Chimera 

     Ultraman Vega

    Ultraman Phoenix


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  • SolZen321

    I'm going to delete the rest of 'Masked Psychopath's' pages. I am not asking you guys if I should, I'm not putting up a poll, there will be no Bureaucracy. This decision has been made and carried out. If anything I should apologize to Gren for not getting to this sooner and for that I do apologize (yes I saw your comments). 

    However, I do feel that I should make this a public case someone asks where they went...

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Created a templae for fan items, you may add it to your fan items pages, will create another one for fan locations. Sample is in the Lightning Spark page.

    Maybe also will create one for human host and a seperate one for human form.

    Just a random curiousity, which of my Ultras are more unqiue than my other Ultras?

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  • SolZen321

    So I've started the page, for the series Trevolution, the thing the two poll blogs were for. now I would like some more...assistance.

    Names, while I can thank Hoshino for the name, I also would like some more names.

    I need ideas mainly for the villains, I can pull from older abandoned projects to fill in the blanks


    • Evil Overlord: A large dark figure, in dark armor and robes. Think Alien Empera and Khan Digifier from Gridman. he almost always appears via projection as a giant.
    • Evil Business Man: A lackey, a humanoid in a suit. He mainly sells weapons, for the Invasion Union to use.
    • Mad Scientist: A less imposing figure, this madman create mechanical horrors of science for the invasion union. His goal is to surpass Trevolution as the Ultima…
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  • UltraGrenburr12678


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  • Zombiejiger

    Deleting political parodies, yay or nay?

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  • HoshinoKaabi
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  • SolZen321

    This is another part to the previous poll. I will be asking opinions on smaller things, that may or may not affect the plot...

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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    Hi! welcome to flurr's news! where i tell about stuff that has been happening lately or telling announcements and stuff

    okay so. renius' series might be cancled. why you ask? because i cant write long stories and keep planning stuff and chatting and dealing with school and being on other wikis and chat on those wikis. a helper would be needed. anybody wanting to help or have a question i will answer it.

    on amazon i ordered 2 bohrok va(with krana) and toa mata tahu. nothing really important about this one.

    okay bye

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  • WBC the Seijin Fan

    Im Back

    May 26, 2017 by WBC the Seijin Fan

    I made this blog post on the Ultraman wiki a couple minutes ago and yes I will try to join chat tonight. 

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  • Zombiejiger

    So I've finally figured out how to use GIMP to make planets, following Stephan222's blog about it.

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    So for some reason, when watching some KR, I activated auto-subtitles in Japanese, and then auto-translated them to English. The results are amazing.

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  • SolZen321

    So hey guys, Sol here, with some polls you can do to help me create a new poll...because I am indecisive as heck it seems...

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    So I submitted a fusion for Card of all the OP Ultras AND the Titan Princes but I forgot about the whole permission thing. So, yeah. Help me make this insanity a reality. If you want. If you say no your OP Ultra will simply be removed from the fusion because there is no stopping me >:) 

    Now give me your OP Ultras muuhhhahahhahhhahaha!!!!

    Yes this is a joke. 

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  • LunarExplosion


    May 23, 2017 by LunarExplosion

    Hi! So.. I was thinking of writing backstories for the Ultracraft crew. But, in the spirit of Minecraft: Story Mode, you guys decide! Before the voting, though, lemme look into my crystal ball made of exotic butters for a sec and show you some details:

    • Most (if not all) of the information would be irrelevant to the series.
    • Jesse's bio would involve a crap ton of spoilers.
      • So would Aiden's.

    So, yeah. I'm gonna make a poll (if I can learn how) and let you guys vote on what I should do. Voting ends May 24. :3 Happy voting!

    EDIT: It's now May 24, and there seems to be a unanimous decision for...

    Bios! I'll try to see if I can get around to writing some sometime tonight. :)

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  • SolZen321

    Greetings, I write this blog for anyone who has come after and ponders the question 'who's this Dao character' or something to that affect. Granted he may be referred to as 'that Shiny Bastard', the 'Shiny Worshiper', and 'Anathema'.

    I write this article to help people understand, why certain things are the way they are on our wikis now and how they came to be this way.

    The Dao Crises refers to a period of a few months, between late 2016 to early 2017, when a User named Lord Ba Dao was most active on this site and Super Robot Fanon Wiki (SRFW). It was a period of great annoyance and disgust on the Ultra-Fan/SRFW community.

    The crises was named so, due to the blatantly disgusting pages that Dao was creating, things that operated on shock humor…

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  • LunarExplosion


    May 15, 2017 by LunarExplosion

    Hi! I thought I might try a Q&A (since I'm bored XD), so leave some questions in the comments. :3


    • No personal stuff, please!
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  • NguyenAnhLam

    Hi guys, I think you guys maybe already known that I'm going to make my own series about 4 hunters fight in a nebula named Nebula L26 to rescue a friend who kidnapped by the antagonist and then have more friends in there right? Actually I created and wrote a lot of pages and even draw but actually...I don't finish anything yet due to I'm busy for the examinations of the term T.T

    I think this summer is a suitable time for me to make this series.

    If you wonder about how I make this series: I play a game, modify it (I think you guys may know what is this game) and then voice for our characters. You guys want to have a character for yourself? :P Welcome to Hunters and Ultramen

    P.s: 高速拳: ライトニングフィスト


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  • Mao Wu Kong

    Well, I thought I'd make one of these...Here are 25 ways to annoy MWK.

    1. Say that tokusatsu is childish
    2. Say that it's useless to care about the environment
    3. When Trump thinks Singapore is in China
    4. When Trump thinks global warming is a hoax by China to slow America down
    5. Trump.
    6. Say "irregardless"
    7. When I subconsciously close window before publishing page
    8. Think this page is self reprimanding
    9. Think that my username is my name
    10. Shortage of time
    11. Tokusatsus that make female characters useless
    12. My (bad)plotting skills
    13. and writing skills
    14. The possibility of a guy with over 300 sockpuppets
    15. Whatsapp blue-tick-no-response situation
    16. Destroying an 80 year old flea market to build a condominium
    17. Watching toy reviews on rare kaiju figures that I do not own
    18. Not owning one soon enou…
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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel

    hoi! welcome to news that is about me and good and bad things happening(note: F me)

    i gotten ultra hero 500 series ultraman!

    yup thats alll. cya!(and F me)

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    I noticed Lunar made one of these for herself, so why not do the same for me? This will probably spiral into the next trend but at least it'll be fun,amirite?

    1. Talk about banning me. 

    2. Rape,Murder,etc. 


    4. Dao

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  • Sentinel 72


    May 2, 2017 by Sentinel 72

    This is a bit late but I need answers for these questions immediately.

    1. When did you get your first phone?

    2. What's the application you use the most on your phone?

    3. How many hours do you usually use your phone in one day?

    4. Are there any rules in your house regarding phones?

    4a. If your answer is yes, what are the rules?

    5. Have you ever used for phone for studying / productive uses?

    5a. If you answer yes, how does your phone help your studies / skills?

    6. Has phones prove to be a distraction while studying?

    7. Are there any negative effects of using phones for your healh?

    8. What are the positive aspects of using phones for teenagers?

    9. What are the negative aspects of using phones for teenagers?

    10. Do you agree with parents placing limits on…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    He commented on the page "a number of ways to annoy certain people" so he gets one. Good luck. 

    1. Ask nonsense questions

    2. Ask a same as question much time

    3. Đạo

    4. Call him Brenz

    5. Contiue to try to find ways to annoy him even though he denies them. 

    6. This page's continued existence in the face if his denial to be able to be annoyed

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  • LunarExplosion

    So, since I came here, I've always been a little... Lost. Okay, well, little is an understatement. The point is, I've been just stumbling around and writing off of what I know/perceive. And I've been getting a lot of comments along the lines of, "This doesn't relate to Ultraman."

    Well, I'm well aware of that now. So call this a cry for attention or a prank. I assure you, it's neither. The point of this blog is: I might leave. Call me petty, call me oversensitive, call me whatever you want. I've always felt kind of lost here, and I think the universe is starting to tell me that I was right.

    I know I have some unfinished pages, and I don't care. If I do leave, I intend to try and leave forever, or at least long enough that I can forget all the…

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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Let's all get together and make a crossover of our fan Ultras in one horrible fan movie in which the good guys fight each other without a good explanation and then team up against a common enemy, exessive characters, a terrible resolution and of course a one shot nonsensical overpowered new form pulled out of nowhere to sell toys. Who's with me?

    Participants (Prepare for a really long list)

    • All Tsuburaya Ultras
    • UltraGrenburr12678
      • Ultraman Axel
      • Ultraman Card
      • Ultraman X-0
      • Ultraman Xead
    • GaiTheGuy
      • Ultraman Fury
    • Cdrzillafanon
      • Ultraman Legacy
      • Ultraman Sect
      • Ultraman Flame
      • Shining Shining Zero
      • Ultraman Nerf
      • Ultraman Astro
      • Ultraman Neo Xenon
      • Ultraman Average
    • Crazybeard1234
      • Ultraman Eclipse
    • FlurrTheGamerMixel
      • Ultraman Renius
      • H…
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  • Sentinel 72


    April 29, 2017 by Sentinel 72

    So I browsed through TVTropes earlier and I found this. 

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  • SolZen321

    From the conversation I had with Akreious in a comment section, it dawned on me, that many may not understand key aspects of the lore of Metaverse, particularly the Eldritch Things and why they are enemies of the Titans and the Titan Princes. So let me explain it all in as simple a way as possible.

    Also I'm doing this on a blog, because I fear it would turn the pages into a wall of exposition...

    Now you have to wander what makes them what they are and why the Titan and Titan Princes seem to hate them and vice versa. In the end, both sides are Lovecraftian to the point of view of humans (although one side doesn't cause automatic insanity...for the most part).

    To answer this, let me use an example for the concept I plan to use. In the Lord of t…

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  • AnhLam MiracleSky

    Hey guys, did you guys own a Facebook account. I want to add you guys :P

    Mine has already revealed in my account's profile.

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  • Muhammad Amir

    To Ban Li/Harimua

    April 27, 2017 by Muhammad Amir
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  • Ultraman Life

    How-do. Some may know me, some may not as I spend a majority of my time on the original wiki. For those who don't, I'm UL, a fan of the series and lover of finding old toku shows and stories that have been lost to time (Captain Ultra, Silver Kamen, Mitsurugi, etc.). I am making this to propose to you of a collaborative crossover universe idea that would be posted across the Ultraman and Godzilla Aminos.

    Amino is a free community app for apple and android devices where people post anything they want on the community(ies) they join. Each community has it's own focal point that any posts should be aimed towards, some are more lenient about this then others. These can be blogs, questions to the community, polls, quizzes and more. I thoroughly r…

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    I figured I'd embrace this role as the wiki's resident photoshop guy. I've already made stuff for Sent and Gren, and I figure I could do a similar thing for the rest of you guys. If you have any requests let me know.

    For me to work my "magic" however  I will need a few things:

    -A  description of the character's appearance

    -Specific Ultra parts I should use if possible 

    -What it's for (just curious)

    EDIT: I now feel it nessecary to clarify that I can only create Ultras, Kaiju, Aliens, Robots, etc. I will NOT be doing human characters. 

    EDIT 2: You can also leave a message on my wall or request something in the chat. 

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    Well since no one else wanted to do it. Here we are. 

    1. Say that Neo Mebius is weaksauce.

    2. Purposefully make an Ultra more overpowered than Neo Mebius 

    3."Ore wa Tenkuuji Ariko"

    4. bla bla bla chilche Dao spot 

    5. Doubt his ability to slap through dimensions 

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  • AnhLam MiracleSky

    Alright, since you guys started creating many blog about 25 ways to annoy someone. I'll follow this movement.

    This is about ways you guys could make me "angry". Welcome to comment XD

    P.s: I will arrange your comments in chronological order and excuse me if my bad English

    I'm Nguyễn Anh Lâm ;)

    1.  Slap my face
    2.  Point out I don't need to apology for my bad English
    3.  Mention Đạo
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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    Since this seems to be the current trend, I'll just hop on the bandwagon because why not...good luck completing this list.

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  • Clee26

    Dumb Ways to get Banned

    April 25, 2017 by Clee26

    Here are the dumbest/worse ways that you can get banned from this wikia...Post your suggestions down below.

    1. Post an image of 'a certain creepypasta' on the wiki
    2. Annoy Gren by spamming comments and links to one's wiki
    3. Be Dao or one of his sockpuppets
    4. Piss off Sol
    5. Steal a Poptart
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  • LunarExplosion

    Yep. It's here... Feel free to leave some guesses in the comments if you want (or reactions to some of these). •••••••••

    1. Impersonate this.
    2. Impersonate him.
    3. Impersonate her.
    4. Mention Bendy and the Ink Machine.
    5. Dead chat.
    6. Mention Lukas dying. (Lukas is from Minecraft Story Mode.)
    7. Write something where Lukas dies.
    8. Ship me with someone. (Don't you dare...)
    9. Mention Dao ever talking about torturing or stalking me. EVER.
    10. Ship me with Dao.
    11. Cosplay as Lukas dying and send it to me. (This is why I prefer to only talk with people on the chat..)
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  • FlurrTheGamerMixel


    1. MLP
    2. dao
    3. shipping
    4. dao sockpuppets
    5. insult my drawings(IF YOU DO IT I WILL BACKHAND YOU)
    6. backhanding me(sure. i dont mind. we can easily have a backhand fight)
    7. never take RPs seriously (YOU WANNA GO MATE?!)
    8. say the bohrok were the worst villains in any series
    9. hate on bionicle
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  • Zombiejiger

    Alrighty then, let's see what you've got.

    • 1.) Dao
    • 2.) Musicals
    • 3.) Hamilton
    • 4.) Word crimes
    • 5.) Ask him nonsense questions
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  • Cdrzillafanon

    yeah that's right. I'm doing this to myself. Why? The better question is, why not? 

    So yeah leave whatever you got below: 

    1. Dao

    2. Dao sockpuppets

    3. When Dao makes a sockpuppet called "The Rape of Amy Serizawa" (wtf man)

    4.When Sent beats me to mentioning backhanding on "22 ways to annoy flurr"

    5.When people don't get the jokes with these. 

    6.Denying me my right to cheezburger 

    7.When Flurr says "UUUUGGGGGGGHHHHH" 

    8. When I miss the oppurtunity to make a page called "1234 ways to annoy Crazybeard1234" and instead just do the normal 25 ways thing. 

    9. Say Powered Pigmon is the best Pigmon design (Thanks for that one BRK.  XD)

    10. Screwing up my own tabbers. 

    11. Ship Cdrzillafanon with CdrMothrafanon 

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  • Cdrzillafanon

    MUHUHUHAAHAHHA!. Bet you didn't see this coming! Well anyway, post yours below. 

    Teh list:

    1. point out how little his content has to do with Ultraman at first glance. 

    2. Make a page called "25 ways to annoy LunarExplosion" >:)

    3. Tell creepy cannibal stories

    4. Tell her to sleep (Sent has done this twice)

    5. Get her gender wrong

    6. Make a page called "25 ways to annoy Cdrzillafanon' before she does

    7.Insult Minecraft Story Mode.

    8.Insult one of my ships. (Lukesse gets the most reaction, tho)

    9.Mention the names "Fred", "Reuben", "Ellegaard", or " Magnus" (I don't know if this one annoys me or not.. So far, it just depresses me)

    10. Whoever that guy was. It was probably Dao.

    11. Mentioned Đạo

    12.Powered chat

    13.Ship her XD

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  • LunarExplosion

    Yaaaay!!! (I don't mean to be mean, so I'm sorry...)

    1. Mention the name "Dao".
    2. Keep calling him "sun god" after he leaves.
    3. Imitate one of his phrases.
    4. Call him Zearth.
    5. Cdrzillafanon's jokes.
    6. Dao sockpuppets (This was an obvi one.)
    7. Let Dao call him Jay.
    8. Spam chat.
    9. Sockpuppets. (>:3)
    10. Be cringy. (This one's really easy for me...)
    11. Emoji spam!! (Yay!!)
    12. Godzilla fanboys/fangirls.
    13. Any fanboys/girls. (I'm getting my ultimate Minecraft Story Mode obsession on!!)
    14. Mention MLP.
    15. Useless comments.
    16. Say you're leaving forever and then come back.
    17. Say Nexus sucks.
    18. Ramble on and on about a ship (I reeeeally wanna try this one...)
    19. Cdrzillafanon's existence/jokes.
    20. Easily break into his vault while he's talking about how secure his vault is.
    21. Humanity in the Transformers comics.
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  • Crazybeard1234

    So recently I rediscovered the "treasure trove" of "hyperealistic, abstract" art, a collection I drew as a child of ten to twelve.

    I've gotta say... f*ck, these were horrible.

    Without further ado, here's a gallery of the most twisted creations in existence. Proceed with caution.

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  • Cdrzillafanon
    Read more >
  • Mao Wu Kong

    Ike! Prisman's third arc might be starting soon. Its the second phase of "Monster Printing" so what kaijus do you think should return...? (Monster Printing is the process of 3D printing kaiju from cells, at least a strand of DNA or a scanning of a kaiju is required to do that ) Anyway, are there any obscure kaiju that you think should have a reappearance, or maybe any of your fanmade kaiju without complex backstorys that can reappear in this story arc?

    Dont know if anyone would reply to this but whatever... Read more >
  • Cdrzillafanon

    I'm aware that I haven't really contributed much to this wiki other than some Ultraman Card forms and some lols. I want to do something about that. I have a design for an Ultra I want to create on this wiki but I can't think of a name. If you can help out lemme know. 



    Also here is: 

    Read more >

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