• Crockinator

    Now, I have some major announcements to make, and when I mean major, they are pretty important. Anyhow, I shall get started listing them.

    I have offically lost interest with Ultraman 4Chan, I have lost interest in him. The sequel I was making was halfway finished before I cancelled it. If you guys want to me to, I can publish the unfinished Sequel. yay.

    Other parody news however is coming soon, after Imperium and Jumborg Eleven are finished.

    I have decided to scrap the Imperium series and replaced it with a planned Movie, however, if the Movie does well. I will make a series out of it. All characters I made for the series will be in it.

    Jumborg Eleven will remain the same, mostly. I have to announce however that Jumborg Eleven and Imperium sha…

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  • Zhu Huong Ng


    May 24, 2018 by Zhu Huong Ng

    Well guys, I have decided to make wallpapers of Ultras or several stuff. Do enjoy them give just constructive criticism/criticism for me to work on it.

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  • Emgaltan

    My now new contest after Choju Origins and Yugo/ Seed roster things. The premise of this is easy to understand. Choose one of the locations on the list below, and write a story of some kind with the final battle taking place at that location. I'll accept stories that are tokusatsu, super sentai, giant robots, and the inbetween, the only prime required thing is just that the final battle of the story must take place at your chosen location.

    • The final battle MUST take place at your chosen battle location. Entries that do not do this will be very low.
    • You must tell me what location you choose for the battle setting. Information on what characters are appearing is appreciated.
    • The story must have a final fight of some kind, it doesn't need to hav…

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  • SolZen321

    Sol here, for a blog I think has been long overdue. Today we talk about being Original, and how...not being that original, is not as bad as you would think.

    I have said before, that the best way to be original in this day and age is to take several disparate things and find a way to make them work as one thing. Take aspects, 'inspirations' from various sources to make your own blend of these things. I also said that only using one 'inspiration' was just ripping something off... (Looks at all the OrbGeeds, and Kiddos).

    As much as I don't like certain trends, the trends themselves are not the problem. The real problem is the laziness with which they are handled. No real attempts are made to make these iterations of a trope unique, distinct, or…

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  • Emgaltan

    Everyone else has done one, so why shouldn't I?  How many ways can you annoy me?  I don't know.

    1. Thwart Derailed Galtan's Plans
    2. GLOMB
    3. Idiots or people purposefully trying to be annoying (God dang Sockpuppet guy and GaiTheGuy)
    4. When I ask a who would win question and someone responds with something that isn't a competitor or with another question.
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  • Emgaltan

    This is a blog for the what will most likely the finale and end of the Ultra Lineage timeline.

    In Ultra Lineage's version of Earth, Yoshiya and SOTH begin to pursue what is seemingly a cult who seek to revive Ultraman Ancient to stop end of days. Meanwhile, gray versions of beings appear in Tokyo causing Pup and Arsenal to get into action to fight them off. On an island in the Atlantic Ocean, the US and European branches of SOTH gather to discuss the future of humanity, but a gray monster appears interrupting it and Stream and European member fight it. As all of the stories climax, everything comes to a sudden stop when everyone except for the heroes become statues. They all contact each other to find out what is going on, and how everythin…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    A more original being than Ultraman Originalitus.

    He has no page because that would be too cliche, so he has a blog post instead.

    He also doesn't have sections because that has been overdone to hell.

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  • SolZen321

    At the request of Furno, I have decided to make this blog talking about violence in stories, though it's mainly to explain why gore fests are not cool.

    With a series like the Ultra Series, which revolves around battles between good and evil, the presence of violence is inevitable. However, despite the rules here, this is not really against the rules, that because in art, violence comes in different levels. There is cartoon violence, or slapstick, mild violence, and then we get to gratuitous violence. Respectively, these levels of violence range from the cartoonish, to mundane, and peeks at the excessive. 'Excessive' is perhaps the key term there. The violence that often turns people off, is often that which is excessive. With our medium bei…

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  • Crockinator

    I only wonder...

    May 6, 2018 by Crockinator

    I only wonder who is back...


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  • KitsuneSoldier

    Basically, Onyx and Loki, out for revenge now that Lightning has Mjolnir, run into Necrozma, who managed to survive its fight with Mebius. Sensing light, Necrozma tries to possess Onyx, only for Loki's power to possess Necrozma instead, so he and Onyx control the fusion.

    With this power, Necronyx travels into Ultra Space and sucks a bunch of Ultras, including Lightning, into it. The Ultras fight some Ultra Beasts and eventually Necronyx, who soon transforms into Ultra Necrozma, which Loki may even further upgrade with his own power.

    So all the heroes beat him and go home, HOWEVER, Zero gets lost somehow, or maybe his bracelet just gets damaged. He ends up on Earth, and is unable to leave. That's how the Beyond oneshot begins.

    All of my charac…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    I would like to make a mashup featuring every Ultraman Zero incarnation in this wiki, and our sister wikis (Cringe, Parody, etc.). Please comment down below which Zeros/Belials, or Ultras using Zero/Belial components you will allow to be used in this stupid movie of mine and I will add it down below.

    Movie in question: Ze-Revengers: Infinity War

    • Ultraman Zero Alter / Zora
    • Ultraman Belial Plague
    • Ultraman Two
    • Ultraman Seventine
    • Ultraman Jeed

    • Ultraman 0
    • Ultraman Darkness
    • Creepyman Belial

    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Anathema Zero
    • Kaiser Kaiser Belial
    • Ultraman Deadness
    • Yippe Spaton
    • Ultraseven 42
    • Ultraman Zero (Legacy)
    • Ultraman Belial (Legacy, redeemed)
    • Ultraman Zero Alter Alter
    • Daoclops

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  • Emgaltan

    Now we're to this contest. On the last poll you guys voted this in second place with Choju Origins (which appears to have died) in the first place. In this one the goal is pretty simple, make me a 25 - 30 episode roster for a theoretical series that could exist. I may use the winner's roster for a series if they give me permission to or let me.

    • Make a roster like what you might see from fan series like Yugo and Seed. Include a mix of average and slightly obscure monsters.
    • There should be some kind of gimmick beasts, for canon examples look at things like King Demon Beasts or Belial Fusion Beasts. For fan examples look at the Lord Darkness Beasts, Ultra Fusion Beasts, and my own Destruction Beasts. The gimmick beasts must either be new …

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  • SolZen321

    Hey guy. So Sentinel asked me to do this blog spot the other day and I agreed. So you can thank him for this. In short, let's at new characters and when would be the best times to introduce them to a story.

    Please note this blog will be talking about Main and Secondary characters, maybe even tertiary, basically characters that can get a background story, in needed. Background characters don't require this much thought. Also, this blog assumes you've already decided/created characters for your story

    The first question of about if to add a new question is you need them. No, more accurate would be to ask, does the story need them?

    I've talked before about proactive/strong characters, characters who on some level, drive the story forw…

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  • SolZen321


    April 16, 2018 by SolZen321

    Hello again, fellow Ultra Fan, Sol here with another helpful blog. Today, we do a topic that has been rather popular, or to some a 'plague', in the Ultra Series, 'gimmicks'. Let talk (and by talk I mean, I type and you read) about how gimmicks can be used to better your story.

    Now, it seems some people, do not properly understand what a gimmick is. Let's be clear, having collectibles and toys does not mean you have a gimmick. Spark Dolls and Fusion/Cyber Cards and especially the Capsules, are gimmicks, but that does not mean having them automatically makes them gimmicky.

    A gimmick is any object, or trope, meant to draw attention. it is a marketing ploy, as most gimmicks are meant to advertise products. Gimmicks are limited to Tokusatsu, adve…

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  • Zhu Huong Ng


    April 16, 2018 by Zhu Huong Ng

    Since the last schedule failed, I decided to make this blog to do an experiment of myself once again.

    • 16/4: Job done.
    • 17/4: Finish all the Childrens of Genesis Messiah pages, including the named ones.
    • 18/4: Finish One Episode 35 and start on 36 and 37.
    • 19/4: Scorpium Ultra matters
    • 20/4: Scorpium Ultra matters
    • 21/4: Geed Reboot Matters
    • 22/4: Geed Reboot Matters
    • 23/4: Rest
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  • Mao Wu Kong

    It seems the confirmed new Ultras are Rosso, Bull and um, Lube. Rosso is the masculine word for red in Italian. Bull should perhaps be Blu in Italian, because there isn't the long sound at "bu" as would be in ブール, the more accurate spelling of Bull. The "u" is also a short one, whereas in the English "Blue" it would be long. This is like how Bullton can be translated as Bluton. So I guess they're going with colour names. As for Lube, I have no idea but I have heard that it is an approximation of Louve which means female wolf.  Edit: Apparently Bull IS in fact spelt buru in Japanese, with the short "bu". So I guess there is a chance that he is called Bull.

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    This blog is created based on my next series plan of Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series), which will be worked on after I finished the following: Ultraman One (Continuity), Ultraman One vs Ultraman Virus: Darkness Corruption, Scorpium Ultras: Rise of Good and Evil, Light and Darkness (The Series) and Ultraman Virus: The Aftermath. Though it focus on Geed, several changes will be made. Hope to start this at the end of this year (Early 2019)

    Refer to this page: Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series)

    • For Belial Fusion Monsters or Ultra Fusion Rise Form using Kaiju Capsules, go and submit your creation here: Belial (One Continuity), rules are set and created.

    • Deathre+Groza= Freeze-Death

    • Kei's Belial Fusion Monsters: Submmit your creation here.
    • Ultraman Zanki's Fu…

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  • Furnozilla

    Destruction Scale

    April 9, 2018 by Furnozilla

    This blog posts exist so I can list down beings from canon and fanon works and how much destruction they can cause. This will help people with deciding how powerful they should make their characters. If you can, list a few characters for every category, wether they would be from the canon Ultra Series or fanon.

    • House:
    • Neighbourhood:
    • City:
    • Mountain:
    • Small Country:
    • Large Country:
    • Continent:
    • Asteroid:
    • Asteroid Belt:
    • Moon:
    • Planet Surface:
    • Planet: Arch Belial, Cygorg
    • Small Star:
    • Large Star:
    • Solar System:
    • Galaxy:
    • Pocket Dimension:
    • Universe: Genesis Messiah, Evil Messiah, Ultra Elders
    • Multiple Universes:
    • Multiverse:
    • Magniverse:
    • Reality:
    • Everything:
    • Omniverse:
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  • ZenNebula


    April 9, 2018 by ZenNebula

    I-Im emo...

    I wear black tight shirts and likes tight jeans

    I...have an emo fringe...I listen to Panic! at the disco’s I write sins not tragedies.....

    God...stop me...

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  • Emgaltan

    I plan on making a UBA RPG that's probably going to suck. Let's dump some ideas. Here's the plans so far.

    The plots of Ultras' Bizarre Adventure 1 - 5.

    • Unknown Planet
    • Altiverse
    • Unknown Planet from before
    • Unknown Planet II
    • WOAHverse

    • 1. Beryudora
    • 2. Whow
    • 3. Alti-Ghido
    • 4. Super Gadrosaurus
    • 5. Dio (Round 1)
    • 6. Fedora Army and Arch Fedora
    • 7. Dio (Round 2)
    • 8. Chimera of 4

    • Sirvala
    • WOAHmera of 4

    • KFC
    • Outside of KFC

    • 1. Giron Man
    • 2. Ultraman Dao (Round 1)
    • 3. Ultraman Dao: Tiga Possession (Round 2)
    • 4. Anathema Zero
    • 5. Ultraman Dao (Round 3)

    • Abyssion The Forgotten One
    • Daoragory: A fusion of Dao and Doragory

    • The Altiverse
      • Altiversian Plains
      • Altiversian Jungle
      • Altiversian Ruins
      • CO4's Castle

    • 1. Dr. N. Trophy
    • 2. King Ghidorah
    • 3. Dingodile
    • 4. Ripper Roo
    • 5. Tiny Tiger
    • 6. Chimera of 4
    • 7. Malic…

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  • Crazybeard1234

    Self-explanatory title, here are my Top 10 Ultrafan Waifus for the Spring 2018 anime season.

    Burger King Foot Lettuce


    Reasoning: Dollar-store Kylo Ren. Only reason I like her is because she reminds me of Kamila, and I thought Kamila was super hot

    Darramb's chiseled abs are still the best though don't get me wrong.

    Ultraman Orion

    Reasoning: Poster boy who everyone wishes to become one day.

    Ultrawoman Zeperion

    Reasoning: If you think of her as genderbent Tiga it suddenly becomes a whole new experience.


    Reasoning: Because I'm actually GW in disguise.

    Ultraman Leg

    Reasoning: Some people out there have a fetish for feet... I'm one of those people.

    Just joking that's like really sick.

    Ultraman Zero Alter

    Reasoning: Remember to check out Ultram…

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  • SolZen321

    Rival Characters

    April 5, 2018 by SolZen321

    Sol here, yet again with another Tutorial/Help Blog. This time I'm tackling Rival characters (please don't turn this into a trend), let us begin.

    A rival is a secondary character, often a Deuterganist (a character of importance seconded only by the Protagonist). A rival is a sort of antagonist, often is a literal antagonist, but they don't always have to be. They can be evil, they can be the anti-hero, so on and so forth, they may even recognize the main character. A rival serves a purpose, and that is not to be a villain, nor an ally, the purpose of a rival, is to measure and/or drive the progress of the main character. A rival character is often not the final challenge for a reason, that's antagonist often serves a similar but ultimately …

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    So I found a pic of the original Redman design draft with all his powers.

    • Red Beam Lens: Small yellow lens on forehead from which the Red Laser is fired.
    • Red Shot: Fired from eyes, a powerful beam that killed "Concorde"
    • Red Fire: 360000 degrees flames shot from his right fingertip
    • Slice Cutter: Orange triangular cutter fired from beam lamp on belt, when Redman's energy is low, strength will be decreased by half.
    • Red Arrow: (The only thing that ever made it into the show)

    I guess it should be added to the main wiki sometime, along with the other Redman kaiju design and powers which I might try translating soon.

    Graygas Translations

    • Has arms that can tear a blue whale in 2
    • Breathes flames over 200 m that can melt tanks in 5 seconds
    • Immobilise prey wot…

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  • Crockinator

    I am back.

    March 26, 2018 by Crockinator

    Decided to end the break early.

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  • RdcTohoKingdom

    I've been waiting for this.....

    So once again I'm here to talk about an existing problem Sol already covered, except now spun to be based around Parodies, where the problem might be just as bad, or even worse...

    Oh boy, have trends extended to Parodies. Some even believe Parodies themselves are a trend. I disagree with those people, they've grown far too big to be considered just another trend, instead I consider parody a subgenre of fanfiction in enough of itself. 

    Now I'm probably already getting comments about how I started half the trends I'm about to go into to, and I'll admit that. Parodies became a noticably larger thing once I joined the wiki, and they've had a lot of ups and a LOT of downs since that time.

    Other people have pointed it…

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  • SolZen321

    So here's a blog that I got a lot of encouragement to do...which is sad in and off itself, but let us move on. Today, I'm going to talk about trends, and the issues with them.

    Archetypes are an interesting thing, they are often labelled together with Cliches and Tropes, but this is not entirely accurate. Tropes and Archetypes are synonymous with each other, but that does not make them cliches, let alone trends.

    Archetypes are not created by committee, they are patterns in storytelling that after our millenia of the practice, we have begun to notice and identify. Honestly, most people do not really think about archetypes when making characters or stories, usually. Some do so to trump expectations but that's a different lesson.

    A 'cliche' when …

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  • Mao Wu Kong

    This is somewhat weird but I decided to re-read my own series after I finished the 3rd arc and do a sort of self review. I'm not trying to do a writing guide or anything, this is just some stuff I noticed in writing my series and what I think about it.

    I started reading the first few episodes that I wrote years ago, and admittedly the cringe level was quite high. One thing I noticed is that you shouldn't add exclamation marks in the narration because it makes things seem informal. The other thing is...plot. For most of the earlier episodes the plot was virtually non-existent because I had indeed intended it to be like a Ultra Fight type series, where there was basically just fighting. At that time I was watching Greenman and Tsuburaya was st…

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  • MoarCrossovers

    Go on then. Might as well join the trend, since it's apparently the only thing I'm good at doing.

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  • Furnozilla

    1. Use his stuff without asking him

    2. Be overly defensive of GW

    3. Derail a roleplay

    4. Not take a collab story seriously

    5. GLOMB

    6. Ask him too many questions

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    Here are the possible stuff you can put for the Profile section for your Fan Ultras:

    I will be using this format from now on:

    • Human Form or Host: Name of your Ultra Host/Form
    • Homeworld: Where do you Ultra live? Give specify locations here.
    • Transformation Item/Process: What is the item used to transform? What is the process?
    • Grip Strength: How much strength can your Ultra channel? Average is 40, 000 tonnes to 80, 000 tonnes. May be lower for speed Ultras and higher for strength Ultras
    • Brute Strength/Punching: The impact caused by the punch/kick delivered by the respective Ultra.
    • Running Speed: How fast does your Ultra travel? Average: Mach 2-3
    • Underground Travelling Speed: How fast does your Ultra travel underground? Average: Mach 3
    • Underwater Trave…
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  • Crockinator


    March 18, 2018 by Crockinator

    I will be taking a long break starting next week, because I need some more creative refreshment and I am getting bored with the Cringe, Parody And Fan wikis. I will be back in April.

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  • ZenNebula

    50 ways to annoy Zenon

    March 18, 2018 by ZenNebula

    Here’s how to annoy Zenon.

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  • KitsuneSoldier

    What could possibly go wrong?

    • 1. Mention Ultraman Trope
    • 2. Claim to have completed his list in one go
    • 3. Be Gai
    • 4. Say negative things about/make fun of GW
    • 5. Mention Saharan Dexador
    • 6. Point out how overdefensive of GW he is
    • 7. Point out how flawed his logic for hating Saharan Dexador is
    • 8. Point out how salty he is
    • 9. Tell him to drink some water
    • 10. Mention the p in this blog
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  • Emgaltan

    Choju Origins Contest

    March 16, 2018 by Emgaltan

    Now we're at the fourth contest of mine. You know how a almost every choju is something from Earth combined with an unknown space monster? Well in this contest you must think of what that unknown space creature is and looks like and created. Whether the choju are canon or fanmade doesn't matter, just make me some space monsters.

    • The space monster has to be new and must have the choju they were used in creation with mentioned.
    • The space monsters would most likely at least kind of resemble and have powers similar to the choju.
    • Don't do anything inappropriate.
    • Please tell me which choju the space monster was used in.

    • Furnozilla
    • Cdr

    • Furnozilla: Dagaran
      • Choju: Garan
    • Cdr: TBA
      • Choju: TBA

    I look to forward to seeing your space monster.

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  • Kyodai Klash

    Kyodai Klash Videos

    March 15, 2018 by Kyodai Klash

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  • Furnozilla

    I always wondered how powerful Ultra Beams are when compared to eachother, so I ask whoever might know the power level of the canon Ultra Beams to write a comment and inform us all on this subject. I'll then update this page with a scale listing all of the canon Ultra Beams and their power levels.

    This will help people with deciding how powerful their Fan Ultras' beams should be when compared to the canon ones.

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  • RdcTohoKingdom

    A bit of image manipulation I've been considering but never had the chance to test out. Honestly, unsure of even my own ability, so I send this request out to all the awesome image editors on this wiki.

    Can you do custom Ultra beams?

    If so, let this be the official thread for requests for these going forward. I think it'll be cool

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    New Ultras?

    March 10, 2018 by Zhu Huong Ng

    This is for the future, possible late december 2018 and to early 2019. Coming soon..... You guys can suggest stuff. Series will come out, or the adventures of this Ultras will just be written on the page.

    • Ida: The second daughter of Virus and Yvon.
    • Ultraman Zenith
    • Ultraman Zanki
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  • DominatetheFreedom

    This is the Ultra that i am planning to make

    is a female Ultra Warrior and the very first female main character of this series. The sister of Ultraman Hikari, she was given a mission to find a mystery disease that carries a very dangerous parasite, and it must be destroyed before its too late.

    She is known as half "Kuudere", having no expression or whatsoever, even facing against a stronger opponent, unlike Hikari. She dislikes freaks person that tries to flirt her (Usually beating them after being forced by it). She also sometimes mocks her opponent for being too weak. Ironically, Ashlei is actually afraid with her brother, especially scolding her for her bad behavior.

    Her appearance is identical to Hikari, only its body color is opposite. H…

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  • Zhu Huong Ng

    On hiatus currently.

    • Credit to Gren for making the Belial Atrocious and Normal Zero renders.
    • Thanks to Rdc and Furnozilla allowing me to add the Shining Zero picture and its respective render on this page.
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  • RdcTohoKingdom

    Becuase this is also needed.

    Before a certain user goes on a rant, this is not directed specifically at him. 

    Now you all know why I'm here. I said on the chat last night I'm basically "Sol for Parodies", and as such, it's my duty to bring this to you all.

    Now, I'm not going to sit here and say parodies are some kind of plague and bla bla blah, you've heard it all before. In fact, I encourage the creation of comedic work on this wiki, as long as it is done competently and with maturity. Now I understand powers greater than myself have far thinner patiences about this sort of thing, so I hope to explain a few things to them as well.

    The purpose of a parody character is to satirize aspects of the fanfiction genre, in this case, Ultraman fanficti…

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  • SolZen321

    Sol here with a blog I think has been long overdue. I'm going to tal about having some restraint when making powerful characters.

    Now many of you have seen the parodies that have plagued this site and the absurd levels of power they are dsescribed to posses. Now many of you have the good sense to realize such absurd creatures are jokes, even if their creators didn't realize this themselves. Their somewhat redundant and often times idiotic names don't help when they try to hold up Suspension of Disbelief and that's an important term I think some authors forget.

    Ultraman is Science Fantasy, it's not really hard science, it mainly uses scientific concepts and then some handwaving to explain the absurd concepts within it, especially int he Showa…

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  • ZenNebula


    March 8, 2018 by ZenNebula

    So announcement I will do something weird about the blogs I’m making it a real blog, a diary for you guys to read and just know my life and stuffs.

    I’m looking forward to be in the eligible wikia age next year :D


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  • GeedWarrior26

    What is up fellas. I'm announcing a contest, this is regarding Ultraman Bushido. After I'm done with Season 1 and Season 2 I might plan a movie, But I'm having trouble with plots so everyone is welcome to join the contest. Think of a good plot idea and the important plot point is when Bushido gets a new fusion form, but it uses assets of five Ultras: Ultraman Ginga + Ultraman Victory + Ultraman X + Ultraman Orb + Ultraman Geed. 

    Tell me your ideas for story plots for the movie.

    As for those who win. Rewards: 1st place: 3-5 art requests

    2nd place: 2 art requests

    3rd place: 1 art request.

    One important rule: HAVE FUN!!!

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  • SolZen321

    Romance Chemistry

    March 6, 2018 by SolZen321

    Yo, Sol here now with another blog, this time about Romance. Now granted I am not the biggest fan of romance, so I'm probably not the best expert, but I do believe I can give some advice, especially to younger users, on a 'believable romance'.

    First rule of writing romance...these people are most likely not twelve. No one over the age of thirteen does that nonsense where they are mean to person they have a crush on...that's immature and frankly absurd. Also, no 'tough love' does not count, 'tough love' refers to a parental, mentor like relationship.

    Please, have these people act like adults...primarily if they are adults, teenagers and kids are something else for another day...

    The bases for any romance, romantic chemistry, is character inter…

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  • MoarCrossovers

    A blog post for everyone to discuss and plan the upcoming story.

    • Ultraman Legacy
    • Ultraman Prime
    • Ultraman Renius
    • Ultrasaur
    • Ultramon Vector
    • Ultraman Blizzard

    • Ultraman Lightning
    • Snowy
    • Ultraman Ultraman Ultraman
    • Ultraman Stronk
    • Lil' Greeza
    • Ultraman Orb

    • Zenon
    • Ultrawoman Zeperion
    • Ultraman Particle
    • Ultraman Nerf
    • Ultraman Protego
    • Ultraman Trazer

    • Shining Shining Zero
    • Ultraman Tiga
    • Ultraman Ingsoc
    • One Kick Leo
    • Godzilla
    • Ultralotl

    • Ultraman Atrocious

    • The Augmented
    • The Removed
      • The Completed
    • The Thief
    • The Hatred
    • Dark Matter Galactron
    • Grand King Joe
    • Imperial Legionoid
    • Weaponizer-Tank
    • Crimson Darklactron
    • Parody Killer
      • Fandom Killer
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  • UltraGrenburr12678

    University classes have started so I need to do something to keep my sanity.

    Also I need a better passtime than what I'm doing now.

    If you want to join let me know in the comments.

    No more than 4 Ultras per user and no OP or weaksauce characters.

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  • Ultraman Plasma


    March 2, 2018 by Ultraman Plasma


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  • Ultraman Plasma

    Plasma really needed a design here ya go! Plasma is now a combination of Zero, Ginga, X, and Powered

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  • ZenNebula


    February 27, 2018 by ZenNebula

    Hi I am Zenon and this is my temp acc because I got a new Ipad and I forgot my password and email, I will use my main acc once I remembered my password.

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