Black Pigeon
Ele black pigeon
Gender: Male
Height: 67m
Weight: 55,000 t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Black Pigeon was a monster that use to be a reagular pigeon turned by Yappol in the series Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 9.

Subtitle: Large Pigeon Super Beast


Height: 67m

Weight: 55,000 t


Hurricane Winds: With his massive wings he can cause very devestating winds

Detacable Wings: Black Pigeon can do to diffrent things, if not attacted he can fight easier and when they are attacthed he is able to fly

Chest Rocket: He can launch a rocket from his chest to attack foes

Life Force: When it has another force to work with he can do more damage

Spit: When needing to, he can spit out a weird goo that can cause very bad damage

Telepathy: He can use telepahty to communicate to other beings


Originally a pigeon. It was used in EVT's program where animals could be used in many diffrent situations all over the world. One of them was that pigeon used in flying, spy and messanger training. Pepe grew to like the pigeon as much of a friend. On one training day the pigeon dissappaered. Yapool turned the bird into a Super Monster. When EVT came to the scene Pepe noticed that the monster was actually the pigeon that went missing and didnt attacked it, but the other members did and in raged him deeply. The monster then vanished and Pepe went out on his own to find the monster only to be fused with Black Pigeon. The following days Black Pigeon returned and Yapool told the team that Pepe was fused with the monster and if it was killed so would he. Ultraman Element came and fought the monster on the docks ,but could not bring himself to do anything to it. After a long fight the Element Ray was fired at the beast. The monster communicated saying that he would save Pepe's life, but at the cost of his own. The team member was freed, but the pigeon died and Element did everything to comfort and thank him for the thing he did.


  • Black Pigeon is now given two extra powers and given extra feathers and a colorful look.
  • This one of the more emotinal fights in the series, since the monster was more of a victim and that a team member cared so much about a Super Monster and the sacarfise it gave.

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