This page does not exist to tell user what is or is not a bioweapon but exists to deliver context to users, particularly new users. What you decide to call a bioweapon in your series is your choice.

Bioweapons on the Ultra Fan Wiki, does not mean typical biological warfare like weaponized germs/viruses/diseases, but refers to a type of Kaiju.

Note: This does not refer to robots, they are not alive period.

Basic Characteristics Edit

All Bioweapns are a type of Kaiju that does not naturally appear (well according to whatever reason Kaiju 'naturally' appear) because they were artificially created and designed. A fine example would be Choju, Yapool's minions, created as he designed them to be. In essence a Bio-Weapon is a Kaiju weapon.

There is also a subgroup of this category, were a being is altered into a Bioweapon. This is not the same a victim of Chaos Header or a Dark Surged Monster as they have been change as a side-effect of the power controlling them. These beings have been intentionally altered/remodeled into their new form, like a cybernetic procedure,

Traits Edit

  • Monster Bodies: Bioweapons typically have bodies just like normal monsters, giant, immune to conventional weaponry, can only be hurt/killed by another giant life form or Over-Technology.
  • Unnatural Weapons/features: As artificially created kaiju, the weapons they use are not typical of Kaiju, often being organic parallels to man made weapons like lasers, missiles, or alien weapons.
  • Controlled: Artificial Kaiju are often designed to be controlled by some means, often contemporary or beyond human science. Despite this, it is not uncommon for a bioweapon to go out of control.

Other Less Common Traits Edit

These traits are not really important to qualify for a Bio-Weapon

  • Short DNA: Because of how some are made, Bio-Weapons can often be identified as such due to their rather short DNA strands, often no more than one pair of chromosomes.
  • Abnormal Behavior: Bio-weapons do not have natural instincts like Kaiju, instead they follow their built in programming, not unlike a robot.

Examples of Bioweapons Edit

  • Bahumut: Appears in the Orion series, is the first Bio-Weapon on the Wiki.
  • Ray-Yu: Appears in the Orion series, it is a Bioweapon cyborg created by the extinct Machine Empire.
  • M.A.R.C.: Appears in the Gamma series, is a man-made weapon that goes rogue.
  • Zetton: Appears in the Zach series, is a monster used by the Emerald Brace to destroy New York, and reappears in the Ultraman Zach Side Story: The Staff of Ultimate Power as a Cyborg, also controlled by the Emerald Brace
  • Sethadon: Appears in the Orion/Gamma crossover, a demonic centaur-like kaiju created by an unknown race of aliens.
  • Pending

(Users are free to put their own Kaiju/characters on this list, so long as they qualify for a bio-weapon.)

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