The Beta Spark is Kyotaro Misaki's transformation device, which allows him to transform into the giant hero Giz.


Capsule FormEdit

The Beta Spark resembles the Beta Capsule, but has a blue crystal on top surrounded by black lines.  It also has a lightning bolt emblazoned on the side.

Gun FormEdit

Kyotaro can also pull the crystal foreward, causing it to automatically unfold into a gun with the crystal as the tip.  This can fire a powerful bolt of electricity, or be used as a flare gun.


Kyotaro puts the Beta Spark out to his side, absorbing lightning energy, before raising it above his head shouting:


He is surrounded by white light, then Giz rises from a background of crackling lightning bolts.


  • Transformation
  • Flare Gun: In Gun Form, the Beta Spark can fire a bolt of fire as a flare.
  • Lightning: In Gun Form, the Beta Spark can shoot lightning from the front.
  • Forcefield: The Beta Spark can erect a force field that can protect Kyotaro and his allies from incoming attacks.

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