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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 50 meters
Weight: 25,000 tons
Home world: Star M35
Type: Kaiju
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Family None
Affiliation None
Created by Tsuburaya Productions


  Bemlar appeared in Zombiejiger's Ultraman reimagining, ULTRAMAN.


Bemlar was an escapee from the Monster Graveyard that was pursued by Ultraman to Earth. He landed in lake Champlain, and was discovered by the SSSP.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Energy Blasts: Bemlar can fire rapid blasts of highly explosive energy from his mouth.
  • Heat Energy Beam: Bemlar can charge and launch an extremely powerful, missile-strength beam of energy fired from his mouth.
  • Travel Ball: In order for rapid movement, Bemlar can transform his body into a glowing ball of blue energy that allows him flight through the air at speed of up to Mach 2 and cab even fly at extremely high speeds through space.


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