Human Host/Form: Zena Wakura(Temporary Possession)
Arie Ishikari(Ultraman Geed, human form)
Gender: Male
Age: Over 150,000 years old
Height: 49m
Weight: 66,000 tonnes
Home world: Land of Light (Origin World, Exiled)
Series: Ultraman One
Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series)
Type: Reiblood(Half), Ultra(half)
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: Strength Fighter
Family Ultraman Geed (Clone/Son)
Alien Reiblood (Master, DNA Bearer)
Reionics ("Siblings")
Affiliation Ultraman Kato (Former, Creation)
Ultraman Virus (Former)
Ultraman Emperor (Former)
Dark Hazel (Formerly, estranged)
100 Monster Army (Former)
Belial Galactic Empire (Former)
Terror The Belial
The Darkness Five
Kei Fukuide
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Belial is a powerful Reiyonx Dark Ultra who was banished from the Land of Light after his attempts of stealing the Plasma Spark. Belial serves as the main villain of Ultraman One Season 1-3 and later on Ultraman Geed Reboot, as the father of Geed.


Belial is an Ultra known for his greed pride for more power, and surprassing his peers from the Land of Light, which results in him taking the Plasma Spark and being banished from his homeworld.

Feeling vengeful towards the Ultras from his homeworld and his fusion with Alien Rayblood, Belial adopts a cruel and heartless personality, killing anyone brutally who stands up in his way and those he views them as a "tool", showing no form of remorse towards them. Belial speaks in a soft but grin tone with a small portion being erratic, and laughing maniacally whenever his plans come into fruition. All this stems from his hatred towards the Land of Light and deep down, he felt sorrow and tired through his resurrections and starting his goals of revenge.



Post Ultra Zero FightEdit

After being revived by Zero's Shining Star Drive, Belial become to orchestrate his evil goals again. Knowing that his archenemy had a son, and fearing that his goals may be foiled again, Belial waited for the right time to strike. When One, Xena and Giga were playing in a nearby planet, Belial created a wormhole in an attempt to kill the three of them but Giga sacrificed himself to save One and Xena. Amused by his acts after seeing the son of his rival receiving punishment, Belial created the Land of Darkness with his knowledge of his former homeworld and become to be known as the "Darkness Figure".

Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Faust!Edit

In this special movie, Belial alliances himself with Faust to intact revenge against the Ultras from the Land of Light

Ultraman One S1-S4Edit


Ultraman Geed Reboot Gaiden: Crisis Impact ArcEdit

Surviving from his battle with Zero previously, Belial formulated his new scheme to reclaim the Giga Battle Nizer and killing Reibatos (as the image of Geed Primitive). Afterwards, he found Kei Fukuide on a nearby destroyed Planet Strum and alling himself with the Darkness Five and his army Terror The Belial, and starting the Omega Armageddon and fought against the Ultra Warriors in a heated battle, which held the fate of Side Space Universe at stake. Belial also created the Super-Dimensional Eradication Bomb and triggered the Crisis Impact on Earth. As a result, Belial was gravely wounded and tasked Kei Fukuide to steal the Riser and Capsules from the Land of Light as well as his and met Arie Ishikari, taking her as his human host to sleep and recover from his wounds while tasked her to pass 8 Ultra Capsules to his future son and restoring his former glory in the future.

Ultraman Geed (Reboot Series)Edit


Ultra FIght GeedEdit



  • Time Limit: Unlimited
  • Age: Over 150,000 years old
  • Weight: 66000 tonnes
  • Height: 54m
  • Homeworld:
    • Land of Light (Formerly, Origin World)
    • Land of Darkness (Formerly, he destroyed it himself)
    • Magium World (Former operation base)
  • Weakness: Unknown or none

Body FeaturesEdit

Reiyonx Form
  • Color Timer: Belial possess a color timer like the original Ultraman's.
  • Ultra Armour: Belial has an Ultra Armour, but it is more durable and resistant to attacks. But, it is vulnerable to the cold.
  • Belial Scar: Belial has two scars in his face where it burns after the battle with One. This faded away after he is revived by Virus.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: See below for more information.
Zero Dark Forms
  • Beam Lamp: Belial as Zero Darkness has a beam lamp that glows purple.
  • Protectors: Belial has protectors similar to Zero's.
  • Zero Sluggers: Dark version of the Zero Sluggers.



Belial's Original Form before his corruption by Alien Rayblood. Being considered as Geed's clone, Belial powers in this form is the same as the Original Form of Geed with the exception of the Geed Claw. TBA

Reiyonx Form
  • Possession: As a Reiyonx Ultra, Belial is capable of possessing others but unlike his original counterpart, he could do it even he is alive and not existing as a spirit. Used to possess Zena and making him his host, used on Zero to fuse with him into Zero Darkness.
    • Form Change: Via his Dark Ultra Brace, Belial can take on his other forms of Zero. This can be done without fusing with Zero through his willpower.
  • Reiyonx Curse: Unknown how this is used but Belial is able to perform this curse to an Ultra he defeats and making them and their host lose their memories. He bestowed this on Hell-Death.
  • Minus Energies/Reiyonx Powers: Thanks to his Reiyonx nature and his own Ultra powers, Belial can change them into minus energies or Reiyonx powers.
    • Darklops/Template Creation: Using them, Belial can infused the two energies together to create countless Darklops freely and created One Darkness.
    • Absorption: Belial can absorb minus or negative energies from other sources and enpowering himself through it. He could even convert light energy to dark energy as well.
    • Curium Water Resistant: Belial's armour appear to be resistant to the Curium Water utilized by Ultraman Cure.
    • Spirit Escape: After being eroded away by the energies of Kaiser and Lightning Spark, he could quickly make a swift escape as a spirit and casting himself into the monster graveyard but would have to allow someone to revive him to regain back his physical manifestation into the reality.
    • Sphere of Darkness: Belial travel sphere as dark colour.
    • Healing: Belial can heal or enpower his allies with a dark pink beam from one of his hands.
    • Size Change: Belial can change his size from human sized to giant sized.
  • Technology: Like the Ultras whom developed the Plasma Spark with their great mind, Belial is shown to be an expert in the field of technology as well, being able to create a dark version of the Plasma Spark and allowing it to take in minus energies, creating the Land of Darkness as opposition to the Land of Light. He did this all by himself.
  • Dimensional Travel: Belial can travel across universes or dimensions.
  • Spirit State: After his death, Belial can continue to exist as a spirit before bringing himself back to life.
Special Moves
  • Deathcium Ray: Belial charges his claws with dark energy and placing it in '+' style. A beam of blue and crimson red energies is released with resemble to the Zettcium Ray. There is an enpowered version.
  • Deathcium Blast:A large sized energy blast fire from one hand. Belial can fire it in rapid sucession, it has a horning effect.
  • Deathcium Magic: Belial creates a ball of darkness and using his telekinesis, Belial can fire multiple Deathcium Shots to various areas. He can use this to take down foes.
  • Deathcium Galaxy: Belial's final attack, Belial creates a spiral galaxy and fires a dark ray from his whole body, it is similar to One Rainbow Light. Belial does this by infusing the energy of Alien Reiblood and his own.
  • Deathcium Shield:Belial's shield.
  • Deathcium Drain: Belial can drain the light energies of his foes and converts it into darkness.
  • Deathcium Slash: A buzzsaw energy slash that is red in colour, similar to Zetticum Slash.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws:His main weapon, he can change his hands into deadly Kaiser Belial Claws.
    • Belial Virus: By injecting his claws into foes, Belial can corrupt them and turn them into his servant. This has the same power as Virus's Voiderium and Bezelb's Kugutsu.
    • Red Shockwaves: Belial can create red shockwaves in his claws to make it more deadly.
    • Reiyonx Field: Belial creates a thunder lightning using his claws and teleport himself and foes to a dimensional field of dark vines. This is similar to One Darkness, weakening giants of light.
    • Monsload: Belial injects his claws to the ground and revive and fuse monsters at his will. Used to revive Spider Zetton Robotic, Hell-Death and Ex-Tanothor.
  • Kaiser Spark: A spark device, he no longer retain this device. When he utilizes Zero's Dark Form, he could use it as well.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Not the real Giga Battle Nizer but at least a copy of if, Belial can summon it at will. In Ultraman Geed Reboot, he reclaimed the real device after killing Reibatos.
    • Monster Summoning: Belial can store "souls" of monsters inside the weapon by tapping into the Monster Graveyard, and summoning them to aid him in combat. This is his "Monsload" ability with the said weapon.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial can fire a gigantic scythe of energy which is yellow coloured, can take down multiple Ultras at once.
    • Belial Fireball: A powerful purple fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer to burn foes.
    • Belial Gene Thunder: Belial can fire a powerful lightning beam from the weapon. Belial can fire multiple thunderbolts at the same time.
    • Belial Inhalation: Belial inhales matter into the said weapon to charge it before firing a beam of darkness from the device.
    • Belial Striker: Belial can directly strike the opponent with the said weapon by dashing towards them.
  • Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb: Belial's own creation, which Belial uses in conjunction with the Giga Battle Nizer, and triggering Crisis Impact.
  • Riser: Belial's Riser device which is use to transform into Belial Fusion Monsters or his Demonic Rise Forms through the use of telekinesis, which is stolen from the Land of Light.
  • Ultra Capsules: Belial possess the Ultra Capsules, but modified them to "Kaiju Capsules" in order to store the essence of Kaiju & Seijin.
  • Strum Organ: After killing Kei and tearing out his Strum Organ, Belial is currently in possession of it.
    • Strengthen: When transforming into his Fusion Rise Forms (BFB & Demonic Rise), he can strengthen the Strum Organ after getting hit by an enemy attack.
    • Revival: Used to revive himself after his death as Chimeraberos.

Zero Darkness

Belial's form when in possession of Ultraman Zero, it is considered one of Belial's strongest forms. As the events of Ultraman One Season 4, Belial is able to assume this form without the need to possess Zero and is equally powerful. While Belial is able to channel dark versions of Zero's power, they are revealed to be more powerful since they are augmented by Belial's Reiyonx energy as well.

Special Attacks
  • Deathcium Blast: With the flick of his hand, Zero Darkness can fire a ball of darkness towards his opponent. Used to defeat and tore One Darkness apart.
  • Deathcium Shot:Belial's finisher in his Reiyonx form.
  • Dark Wide Shot: Belial as Zero Darkness can fire a dark version of Zero Wide Shot.
  • Dark Twin Shoot: Dark version of Zero's Zero Twin Shoot.
  • Dark Emerium Slash: Dark version of Zero's Emerium Slash.
  • Dark Spiker: Dark version of Zero's Zero Beam Spike.
  • Dark Zero Sluggers: Belial can use the Zero Sluggers in this form, it glows purple. Belial holds it in a "pinch" manner, which parallels the Kaiser Belial Claws in his Reiyonx Form.
    • Zero Kaiser: A powerful slashing attack with the Dark Zero Sluggers, enough power to cut through Ultra Flesh. This technique allows Zero to slice through his foes quickly with the blink of an eye.
  • Dark Ultra Brace: The corrupted Ultimate Bracelet,
    • Form Change: Belial can use it and take on Zero other forms, Belial can also revert back into his Reiyonx Form.
  • Dark Bang: Dark version of Zero's Zero Big Bang.
  • Dark Kick: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Kick.
  • Dark Punch: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Punch.
  • Dark Driver: Dark version of Zero's Ultra Zero Driver.

Dark Ultimate Zero

Belial can assume the dark version of Zero's Ultimate Form, Belial corrupts Noa's power of Baraji in this form with Reiyonx Energies, equally powerful as Zero's.

Ultimate Zero giant render
  • Dark Ultimate Sword: Belial can use a dark version of Zero Ultimate Sword.
    • Dark Blade: Belial can create a dark energy blade from the sword, which is capable of cutting through anything.
    • Final Darkness Arrow: Belial can launch crimson red energy arrows from the said weapon itself.
  • Final Darkness Zero: By charging the Dark Aegis, Belial can launch a darkness version of Final Ultimate Zero, which is equally as powerful. Belial can use an uncharged version as well.
  • Final Darkness Shield: The Dark Aegis is able to serve as powerful shield to block attacks.
  • Final Darkness Shield: Zero places the Dark Ultimate Sword in a '+' style manner and firing a powerful beam of darkness. Finisher.
  • Dimensional Travel: Belial can cross through dimensions to travel to another universe with the Dark Aegis.

Dark Strong Corona

Belial can take on the dark version of Zero's Strong Corona mode, which grants Belial an increased strength as well as excelling in the use of brutal attacks.

Zero StrongCorona
  • Dark Flame Punch
  • Dark Flame Kick
  • Dark XX Slugger Punch
  • Enhanced Strength
Special Moves
  • Dark Garnet Buster: Darkness version of Zero's Garnet Buster. It rivals Xena Crossium Shot. Used to defeat Xena.

Dark Luna Miracle
Zero LunaMiracle

Belial's can take on the dark version of Zero's Luna Miracle Mode, which grants Belial an increased speed and excelling in the use of sly but continuous attacks.

  • Dark Revolium Smash:Dark version of Revolium Smash.
  • Dark Aggresion Ray: Dark version of Luna Calming Wave, where it lets the monsters become more aggressive and more brutal.

Fusion RiseEdit

Chimeraberos (BFB)Edit

Powers and Weapons
  • Absorption: Belial is able to absorb his foes as Chimeraberos via his color timer, and trapping them in his body. Belial is able to absorb outside matter as well.
    • Intergration: After a while, Belial can completely fuses with his absorbed victims to increase his power while causing the victim to cease into existence.
    • Illusions Cast: Belial can cast illusions to his absorbed victims, and causing them to give in to Belial's ideals. However, one who has enough willpower can break free from it and escaping his body.
    • Tentacles: Belial possess numerous tentacles inside his body, which is used to entangle his trapped foes.
  • Deathcium Flare: Belial's finisher in this mode, fired as a '+' style beam.
  • Beros Inferno: A deadly fire stream from his mouth.
  • Dark Energy Wave: Belial can fire a wave of energy in a similar manner to Zogu's signature attack. Can be launched successive times.
  • Beros Deathcium: Belial charges his mouth with energy before releasing a darkness energy stream, and destroying anything in its path (straight line).
  • Winged Flight
  • Beros Phobia: When weakened, Belial can cast illusion of his foes' greatest phobia as a "demon soul" to channel out negative emotions from them and converting it to minus energy and empowering himself.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: Belial retains the use of his Kaiser Belial Claws as Chimeraberos.
    • Beros Destruct: Charges the claws with minus energy before delivering a powerful slashing attack towards his foes.
    • Beros Shield: Belial can erect a shield with his claws to block attacks.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Belial can summon the Giga Battle Nizer in this form as well.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial can fire a gigantic scythe of energy which is yellow coloured, can take down multiple Ultras at once.
    • Belial Fireball: A powerful purple fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer to burn foes.
    • Belial Gene Thunder: Belial can fire a powerful lightning beam from the weapon. Belial can fire multiple thunderbolts at the same time.
    • Belial Inhalation: Belial inhales matter into the said weapon to charge it before firing a beam of darkness from the device.

Demonic RiseEdit

Belial's Ultra Fusion Rise Forms are known as Demonic Rise, with the components being the past antagonist of the Ultra Series.


Ultraman Belial Atrocious

Belial Atrocious is Belial's second most powerful Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Dark Lugiel and Alien Empera in union with Kei's Sturm Organ. Unlike the original, this form is equally powerful as Geed's Royal Mega Master Form. This form parallels Geed's Primitive Form but more powerful.

  • Astral Projection: Belial can project an image of himself whenever he wishes to give anyone his message or rather warning.
  • Sturm Organ: Belial has Kei's Sturm Organ behind his back. This is based Ultraman Virus' Voider Organ.
    • Carallen Element: As the Sturm Organ contains the Carallen Element, it allows Belial to absorb Ultraman King's Childhood Radiation from space to empower himself.
    • Energy Transmution: Belial can transmute the energy absorb into his body into something that Belial's can use to empower himself. He used this to turn King's Childhood Radiation into malicious energy, converting Specium to Deathcium, energy to minus energy.
    • Fusion Beast Summon: As a last resort to win, Belial utilizes all the power of the Sturm Organ to summon and create all the In-Series Belial Fusion Beast to combat Geed, except for Chimeraberos and Zaizoa.
Special Moves
  • Atros Burst: Belial Atrocious' beam finisher, Atrocious fires a powerful dark pink ray with his arms thrusts in + style. More powerful than the Deathcium Ray.
  • Atros Ripper: Dark purple energy arcs from his both hands, can be fired in rapid sucession. Possess the power to push back beams.
  • Atros Ball: Belial Atrocious can fire a ball of dark pink color that is boosted with the power of dark energy, often use as a alternative finisher.
  • Atros Fire:Belial Atrocious launches a stream of dark fire at his foes, capable of burning his foes painfully.
  • Atros Roar: A roaring sound wave attack from his mouth.
  • Atros Light Ring: Belial Atrocious can fire dark red light rings at his foes. A gigantic version can be formed. More powerful than the Atros Ripper.
  • Atros Shockwave: A telekinesis ability, Belial Atrocious launches invisble shockwaves at his foes, knocking them backwards and keeping them at bay. The unseen shockwaves makes use of the power of sonar waves and kinetic energy. Belial's most powerful attack as Belial Atroioucs. Geed as Royal Mega Master was able to resist this wave.
  • Atros Shield: An energy shield, it represents a wall of purple energies.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Belial is still armed with this weapon, thanks to the Sturm Organ, Belial can empower it with King's Childhood Radiation to increase the damage of his blows. Dark energy slash is constantly released upon contact with foes with Belial utilizing the said weapon in a club like offensive ability.
    • Dark Fireball: A powerful dark fireball launched from the Giga Battle Nizer.
    • Belial Deathscythe: Belial retains the use of the Belial Deathcythe. However, it is twice as large when compared to himself Reiyonx Form.
    • Belial Whip: A energy whip launches from the said weapon to tie form and shocking them painfully.
    • Belial Geno Thunder A lightning ray from the said weapon.
  • Atros Hell Claws: Belial can summon a set of talons from sheer will through his fingers, an evolution of his Kaiser Belial Claws.
    • Deathcium Destruct: A powerful slash attack with the claws, can pierce an Ultra's Armor. Belial can even slash his foes multiple times if he wants to. Involves Belial extending his claws.
    • Deathcium Spark: Belial can launch energy sparks from his claws, never used.
    • Atros Jamming: Belial's version of the Cockscrew Jamming.
  • Atros Punch: A powerful punch.
  • Atros Kick: A powerful kick.
  • Strength: Atrocious is a very strong fighter, he specialises on brutal and violent combat.


This is an ice and fire elemental Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Alien Groza and Alien Deathre. It makes its debut in Episode 18. This form parallels Geed's Fire Leader form.



This form is Belial's Ultimate Trinity Demonic Rise Form that uses the assets of Demon King Jackal, Dark Zagi and Juda. This form only appears in Riku's dreams when he was trapped in Prisdeus body but will make its physically appearance in the upcoming movie.

  • Demon Destruction Lightning: This form's finisher attack, powerful enough to kill a normal Ultra, even one on par with any of the Ultra Brothers, in a single shot.
  • Shapeshifting
  • Lighting Demon Calibre: This form's sword
  • Dark Field G
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Space Distortion
  • Self Revival: Through sheer force of will, Belial can revive hismelf in this form
  • Space Beast/Monster Creation: This form can create armies of Space Beasts and even enhanced versions of normal Kaiju
  • Dark Ultra Creation: This form can summon multiple Dark Faust's and Mephistos, equal in strength to the originals, as Belial's personal body guards.
  • Possession: This form can posses other beings.
  • Monster Fusion: This form can fuse other Kaiju into Grand King/Izmeal-esc superweapons.


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