Human Host: Zena(Formerly)
Gender: Male
Age: Over 150,000years old
Height: 49m
Weight: {{{Weight}}}
Home world: Land of Darkness
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Reiblood,Dark Ultra
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Family {{{Family}}}
Affiliation One Darkness(formerly)
Alien Reiblood(master)
Dark Baron
Dark Hazel
Ultraman Virus
Ultraman Emperor
Reiyonx Army
Ultraman Geed(Son)
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Belial is the main villain of Ultraman One(Series).


He has a very cold and very cruel personality that he only will do whatever it takes to rule the universe. He powerful and manipulative as his pride and greed for more power lets him to become evil. He is also very brutal and aggressive as he dont care the physical condition of them and wounding them without thinking.

History Edit

Before Ultraman One
Before Ultraman One was born, Belial was sent the past by Ultraman Zero's Shining Star Drive. However, Belial return back from the past and created the Land of Darkness and resided there to continue his plans to revenge against Ultraman Zero.
The SetUp
After witnessing One's growth, Belial feared that his rivals son may become strong enough to beat him. When One, Giga and Xena were playing on a nearby moon, Belial opened a blackhole, resulting in Giga being sucked into it. Belial was happy as One was taken in for negiotiations and sent to the dungeons in King Temple as punishment, safely thinking his rival son is gone.
Climatic Battle! Ultraman One and Ultraman Reuz vs Faust!
Sometime, Belial form an allience with Reuz's soul, Faust. Belial fought Zero, One and his friends and even Reuz with Faust. Belial and Faust fused into Dark Baron but was eventually defeated by Ultraman Uzone.
Ultraman One(Series)
Evil Clone

After his first monster and alien invasion failed. Belial was shocked and enraged that Giga managed to return and One managed to overcome his trials. Belial sent One Darkness to battle against One. After One Darkness failed mission, Belial fuse the spirit of eight monsters and sent them with his Darkclops to destroy the Earth. Though suceeding in the first place, One managed to end the threat along with other Ultras. Belial then proceed with the second plan.

Humanity Game

Belial sent the revived One Darkness to defeat One. One Darkness then entact Belial's plan of letting One place in Earth to be gone. Eventually, One returned and purified One Darkness from the cluctches of Belial. Belial failed, enraged he destroyed the entire Land of Darkness and made his way to Earth with his remaining darkclops and sent them to invade the Land of Light.

Final Battle

Landing on Earth, he possess Zena from SACD and taking him as human host. Belial as Zena stormed the SACD by using Zena to transform into Ultraman Belial. However, Zero came and fought Belial, Belial was seemingly killed in a explosion but Belial uses his reiyonx powers and possess Zero, fusing into Zero Darkness. As Zero Darkness, Belial easily shrugged off the efforts of Xena, Giga, One and One Darkness by calling upon various forms of Zero and revert them to their human forms while tossing Zero aside as a stone statue. Belial then placed his Kaiser Spark to turn the Earth into Darkness. Later, Belial motivated a weaken Kato to battle him which Kato did. Belial defeat One Darkness the second time after a short assault and plunging the wounded One Darkness into a river. Knowing the location of SACD's hidden base, Belial stormed the place but Zero manged to excorise Xena from Belial and sepearating them. Belial was enraged and fired his Deathcium Shot at the Ultras human forms but Zero as Ran used the Lightning Spark and converted his dark energies to light energies. With their transformation devices, the Ultras transform and fought Belial. Belial managed to summon clones of Xena and Giga, leaving Zero and One to fight him alone. However, Zero had to return to the Land of Light to help the Ultras there. Belial summoned his Kaiser Spark into a sword and engaged in a sword fight with One's Lightning Spakr across the solar system. However, Belial was defeated and sealed by the Lightning Spark. Belial was trapped in the dungeons of King's Temple for next thousands of years.

Ultraman One The Final Showdown

He body eroded away due to being exposed to the energies of the Lightning and Kaiser Sparks, his souls managed to flee to the monster graveyard and residing as a spirit. Ultraman Virus came and revived him alongside Ultraman Emperor to rule the universe. Using Belial's reiyonx powers, Virus and Emperor find a way back to Scorpio Nova Galaxy to destroy it. Belial later fought against Ultraman Cure. He disappeared.


Belial later revealed as the father of Ultraman Geed and orchestrated the Crisis Impact. Belial is also the main component of Belail Fusion Beasts but he disappeared again in action. Belial also appears as an Ultra Fusion Card where Juggler uses it summon Maga-Orochi, Gai to transforms to Thunder Breaster and against Magata No Orochi in the fianle of Orb.



  • Time Limit: 30 minutes(Earth like planets), Unlimited(Space)
  • Age: 150000 years and over
  • Weight: 66000 tonnes
  • Height: 54m
  • HomeWorld: Land of Light(Formerly), Land of Darkness(formerly), Scorpio Nova Galaxy fourth planet.
  • Status: Defeated by Cure, disappared.

Body FeaturesEdit

Reiyonx Form
  • Color Timer: Belial possess a color timer like the original Ultraman's.
  • Ultra Armour: Belial has an Ultra Armour, but it is more durable and resistant to attacks. But, it is vulnerable to the cold.
  • Belial Scar: Belial has two scars in his face where it burns after the battle with One.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: See below for more information.
Zero Darkness
  • Beam Lamp: Belial as Zero Darkness has a beam lamp that glows purple.
  • Protectors: Belial has protectors similar to Zero's.
  • Zero Sluggers: Dark version of the Zero Sluggers.


Reiyonx Form

Special Moves

  • Deathcium Ray: Belial charges his claws with dark energy and placing it in '+' style. A beam of blue and crimson red energies is released with resemble to the Zettcium Ray. There is an enpowered version.
  • Deathcium Blast:A large sized energy blast fire from one hand. Belial can fire it in rapid sucession, it has a horning effect.
  • Deathcium Magic: Belial creates a ball of darkness and using his telekinesis, Belial can fire multiple Deathcium Shots to various areas. He can use this to take down foes.
  • Deathcium Galaxy: Belial's final attack, Belial creates a spiral galaxy and fires a dark ray from his whole body, it is similar to One Rainbow Light. Belial does this by infusing the energy of Alien Reiblood and his own.
  • Deathcium Shield:Belial's shield.
  • Deathcium Slash: A buzzsaw energy slash that is red in colour, similar to Zetticum Slash.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws:His main weapon, he can change his hands into deadly Kaiser Belial Claws.
    • Belial Virus: By injecting his claws into foes, Belial can corrupt them and turn them into his servant.
    • Red Shockwaves: Belial can create red shockwaves in his claws to make it more deadly.
    • Reiyonx Field: Belial creates a thunder lightning using his claws and teleport himself and foes to a dimensional field of dark vines. This is similar to One Darkness, weakening giants and light. It appears to be weaker than Cure's.
    • Monsload: Belial injects his claws to the ground and revive and fuse monsters at his will.
  • Kaiser Spark
  • Possession: Belial is able to possess others freely without being a spirit first after his first death.
  • Healing Wave: An energy pulse that Belial can use to heal other allies.
  • Form Revert: A ray of light that can revert other Ultras to their human forms.
  • Minus Energies: Belial is capable of utilizing and erecting minus energies when needed.
    • Form Change: Using Zero's data, Belial can clone Zero forms and powers.
    • Darkclops Creation: Belial can create his army of darkclops and other evil clones of Ultras based on their data.
    • Enpowerment: Belial can enpower others with minus energy.
  • Belial Kick: Belial flys high and engulf himself with minus energies, kicking the opponent with huge force.
  • DeathVirus:

Zero Darkness
Zero Darkness

Belial's fusion of Zero and himself.It is considered his strongest form.In this form, Belial's is extremely powerful able to defeat One, One Darkness, Giga and Xena without effort.

Special Attacks
  • Deathcium Blast: With the flick of his hand,Zero Darkness can fire a ball of darkness towards his opponent. Used to defeat and tore One Darkness apart.
  • Deathcium Shot:Belial's finisher in his Reiyonx form.
  • Dark Wide Shot: Belial as Zero Darkness can fire a dark version of Zero Wide Shot.
  • Darkness Slash: Belial as Zero Darkness can conjure a crescent shaped energy ball and hurl towards his foes.
  • Dark Twin Shoot:Dark version of Zero's Zero Twin Shoot.
  • Claws: Belial can change his hands into claws.
  • Dark Zero Sluggers: Belial can use the Zero Sluggers in this form. It glowed purple.
    • Kaiser Ripper:Belial can charge the sluggers with dark shockwave and create powerful slashes and glowed when using it.He can use it and tear through Ultra Flesh.
  • Dark Ultra Brace: The corrupted Ultra Zero Brace.
    • Form Change: Belial can use it and take on Zero other forms, Belial can revert back into his Reiyonx Form.

Dark Ultimate Zero

Dark version of Zero's Ultimate form.

Ultimate Zero giant render
  • Dark Ultimate Sword:Belial can use a dark version of Zero Ultimate Sword.
  • Final Darkness Zero:By charging the Dark Aegis, Belial can launch a darkness version of Final Ultimate Zero. Used to defeat Giga. However, it is weaker than the original version of it is not enpowered by light energies.

Dark Corana Strong

Dark version of Strong Corona Zero.

Zero StrongCorona
Special Moves
  • Dark Garnet Buster: Darkness version of Zero's Garnet Buster. It rivals Xena Crossium Shot.Used to defeat Xena.

Dark Luna Miracle
Zero LunaMiracle

Dark version of Luna Miracle Zero.

  • Flight:He can fly at very fast speeds.
  • Dark Revolium Smash:Dark version of Revolium Smash.
  • Dark Aggresion Ray: Dark version of Luna Calming Wave, where it lets the monsters become more aggressive and more brutal.


  • Belial is same as the original version, that part of history is not written as it is eactly the same. The focus is after Ultra Zero Fight where he was sent into the past and his involvement in One's character development and story. In timeline order, Ultraman One series takes place after Ultraman Mebius before Ultraman Orb or Ultraman Geed. Belial is not involved in the events of Ginga, X and Victory universes.
  • Similar to Ultraman Virus, Belial survived an attack that is capable of killing them permanently.
  • It is unknown how Belial managed to free himself with the help of Virus.
  • After the events, Belial disappeared, nowhere to be seen again.

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