Human Host/Form: Zena Wakura(Temporary Possession)
Arie Ishikari(Ultraman Geed, possession)
Gender: Male
Age: Over 150,000 years old
Height: 49m
Weight: 66,000 tonnes
Home world: Land of Light(Origin, Formerly)
Land of Darkness, Magium World(Operation Base, Formerly)
Series: Ultraman One
Type: Reiblood(Half), Ultra(half)
Fighter Type: Physical Fighter
Fighter Sub-type: ???
Family Ultraman Geed(Son)
Alien Reiblood(Master)
Affiliation Ultraman Kato/One Darkness
Darkness Five
Belial Galactic Empire
Virus Army
Ultraman Zero(Template, Rival)
Dark Baron(Fusion with Faust)
Dark Hazel
Kei Fukuide
Ultraman Virus
Ultraman Emperor
Created by Zhu Huong Ng

Belial is the main villain of Ultraman One(Series), Season 1 to 3. He is the secondary villain in season 4.


He has a very cold and very cruel personality that he only will do whatever it takes to rule the universe. He powerful and manipulative as his pride and greed for more power lets him to become evil. He is also very brutal and aggressive as he dont care the physical condition of them and wounding them without thinking.

History Edit

  • Note: Only parts of his history that involves Ultraman One series and movies will be written as it is the same as the offical Belial, writing it here will be redundant.

Climatic Battle! Ultraman One vs FaustEdit


Ultraman One Season 1 to 4Edit



Belial had survived the battle with Zero. For more of this part, please refer to Ultraman Geed(Series).



  • Time Limit: 30 minutes(Earth like planets), Unlimited(Space)
  • Age: 150000 years and over
  • Weight: 66000 tonnes
  • Height: 54m
  • HomeWorld:
    • Land of Light(Formerly)
    • Land of Darkness(Formerly, he destroyed it himself)
  • Status: Killed in Action

Body FeaturesEdit

Reiyonx Form
  • Color Timer: Belial possess a color timer like the original Ultraman's.
  • Ultra Armour: Belial has an Ultra Armour, but it is more durable and resistant to attacks. But, it is vulnerable to the cold.
  • Belial Scar: Belial has two scars in his face where it burns after the battle with One. This faded away after he is revived by Virus.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws: See below for more information.
Zero Dark Forms
  • Beam Lamp: Belial as Zero Darkness has a beam lamp that glows purple.
  • Protectors: Belial has protectors similar to Zero's.
  • Zero Sluggers: Dark version of the Zero Sluggers.


Reiyonx Form
  • Possession: As a Reiyonx Ultra, Belial is capable of possessing others but unlike his original counterpart, he could do it even he is alive and not existing as a spirit. Used to possess Zena and making him his host, used on Zero to fuse with him into Zero Darkness.
    • Form Change: Via his Dark Ultra Brace, Belial can take on his other forms of Zero. This can be done without fusing with Zero through his willpower.
  • Reiyonx Curse: Unknown how this is used but Belial is able to perform this curse to an Ultra he defeats and making them and their host lose their memories. He bestowed this on Hell-Death.
  • Minus Energies/Reiyonx Powers: Thanks to his Reiyonx nature and his own Ultra powers, Belial can change them into minus energies or Reiyonx powers.
    • Darklops/Template Creation: Using them, Belial can infused the two energies together to create countless Darklops freely and created One Darkness.
    • Absorption: Belial can absorb minus or negative energies from other sources and enpowering himself through it. It is unknown whether he could convert light energy to dark energy as well.
    • Curium Water Resistant: Belial armour appear to be resistant to the Curium Water utilized by Ultraman Cure.
    • Spirit Escape: After being eroded away by the energies of Kaiser and Lightning Spark, he could quickly make a swift escape as a spirit and casting himself into the monster graveyard but would have to allow someone to revive him to regain back his physical manifestation into the reality.
    • Sphere of Darkness: Belial travel sphere as dark colour.
    • Healing: Belial can heal or enpower his allies with a dark pink beam from one of his hands.
    • Size Change: Belial can change his size from human sized to giant sized.
  • Technology: Like the Ultras whom developed the Plasma Spark with their great mind, Belial is shown to be an expert in the field of technology as well, being able to create a dark version of the Plasma Spark and allowing it to take in minus energies, creating the Land of Darkness as opposition to the Land of Light. He did this all by himself.
  • Dimensional Travel: Belial can travel across universes or dimensions.
Special Moves
  • Deathcium Ray: Belial charges his claws with dark energy and placing it in '+' style. A beam of blue and crimson red energies is released with resemble to the Zettcium Ray. There is an enpowered version.
  • Deathcium Blast:A large sized energy blast fire from one hand. Belial can fire it in rapid sucession, it has a horning effect.
  • Deathcium Magic: Belial creates a ball of darkness and using his telekinesis, Belial can fire multiple Deathcium Shots to various areas. He can use this to take down foes.
  • Deathcium Galaxy: Belial's final attack, Belial creates a spiral galaxy and fires a dark ray from his whole body, it is similar to One Rainbow Light. Belial does this by infusing the energy of Alien Reiblood and his own.
  • Deathcium Shield:Belial's shield.
  • Deathcium Slash: A buzzsaw energy slash that is red in colour, similar to Zetticum Slash.
  • Kaiser Belial Claws:His main weapon, he can change his hands into deadly Kaiser Belial Claws.
    • Belial Virus: By injecting his claws into foes, Belial can corrupt them and turn them into his servant. This has the same power as Virus's Voiderium and Bezelb's Kugutsu.
    • Red Shockwaves: Belial can create red shockwaves in his claws to make it more deadly.
    • Reiyonx Field: Belial creates a thunder lightning using his claws and teleport himself and foes to a dimensional field of dark vines. This is similar to One Darkness, weakening giants and light. It appears to be weaker than Cure's.
    • Monsload: Belial injects his claws to the ground and revive and fuse monsters at his will. Used to revive Spider Zetton Robotic, Hell-Death and Ex-Tanothor.
  • Kaiser Spark: A spark device, he no longer retain this device.
  • Giga Battle Nizer: Not the real Giga Battle Nizer but at least a copy of if, Belial can summon it at will.
    • Belial Deathscythe: A scythe of yellow energy, can take down foes easily.

Zero Darkness
Zero Darkness

Belial's fusion of Zero and himself.It is considered his strongest form.In this form, Belial's is extremely powerful able to defeat One, One Darkness, Giga and Xena without effort.

Special Attacks
  • Deathcium Blast: With the flick of his hand,Zero Darkness can fire a ball of darkness towards his opponent. Used to defeat and tore One Darkness apart.
  • Deathcium Shot:Belial's finisher in his Reiyonx form.
  • Dark Wide Shot: Belial as Zero Darkness can fire a dark version of Zero Wide Shot.
  • Darkness Slash: Belial as Zero Darkness can conjure a crescent shaped energy ball and hurl towards his foes.
  • Dark Twin Shoot:Dark version of Zero's Zero Twin Shoot.
  • Claws: Belial can change his hands into claws.
  • Dark Zero Sluggers: Belial can use the Zero Sluggers in this form. It glowed purple.
    • Kaiser Ripper:Belial can charge the sluggers with dark shockwave and create powerful slashes and glowed when using it.He can use it and tear through Ultra Flesh.
  • Dark Ultra Brace: The corrupted Ultra Zero Brace.
    • Form Change: Belial can use it and take on Zero other forms, Belial can revert back into his Reiyonx Form.

Dark Ultimate Zero

Dark version of Zero's Ultimate form.

Ultimate Zero giant render
  • Dark Ultimate Sword:Belial can use a dark version of Zero Ultimate Sword.
  • Final Darkness Zero:By charging the Dark Aegis, Belial can launch a darkness version of Final Ultimate Zero. Used to defeat Giga. However, it is weaker than the original version of it is not enpowered by light energies.
  • Dimensional Travel: Due to having a copy of Zero's Ultimate Aegis, Belial can travel through dimensions to other universe.

Dark Corana Strong

Dark version of Strong Corona Zero.

Zero StrongCorona
Special Moves
  • Dark Garnet Buster: Darkness version of Zero's Garnet Buster. It rivals Xena Crossium Shot.Used to defeat Xena.

Dark Luna Miracle
Zero LunaMiracle

Dark version of Luna Miracle Zero.

  • Flight:He can fly at very fast speeds.
  • Dark Revolium Smash:Dark version of Revolium Smash.
  • Dark Aggresion Ray: Dark version of Luna Calming Wave, where it lets the monsters become more aggressive and more brutal.


  • Belial history is the same as his orginal counterpart with the addition of Ultraman One Series and movies into it, his past is the same as the original counterpart. This is also the same Belial that appears in Ultraman Geed. He also has other forms that his original counterpart has but it is not written here as it will be redundant to put it here.
    • However, unlike his original counterpart, he could utilize Zero forms in dark version without even merging with Zero himself. Even though he could utilize Zero Dark Forms, it is still less powerful than the real Zero as it is not fusion of both Zero and himself. But, during his debut, he fused with Zero enabling him to defeat Ultraman Kato, One, Xena and Giga with ease.
  • During the final battle with One, Belial is supposed to use a new form, his Reiyonx Form and Zero Dark Forms against One and having One overcoming each of them. But, it is scrapped, the reason being, Belial is too obeesed in beating One and Zero and angry with them and his friends foiling his final plan and leads to him forgotten he had the ability to utilize Zero Dark Forms and another reason is that it is too tedious to write it and just keeping it simple will do.
    • Another reason is stated but is disapproved, is that Belial lose the ability to do it himself after the events of Climatic Battle! Ultraman One vs Ultraman Reuz. But it is disproven as Belial could transforms into Dark Ultimate Zero and teleported him and the Virus Army to Scorpio Nova Galaxy and during his battle with Zero he is seen doing that.