Ele barabas
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Gender: Male
Height: 85m
Weight: 92,000t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster
Affiliation Yapool

Element Killer

Created by Ultramanminecraft
Barabas was a Super Monster that was sent along with Element Killer in the series Ultraman Element. He appeared in episode 8

Subtitle: Killer Super Beast


Height: 85m

Weight: 92,000t


Mace Arm: Insted of a hand, on his right arm he poses a mace

Sycthe Arm: Insted of a hand, on his left arm he poses a sycthe

Grabbling Hook: On his mace he also has a grappling hook used to attack and grab long distance

Flying Blade: On his head he has a blade that can shot towards an enemy

Energy Blast: With his blade he can also shot a intense amount of energy

Tail: He can uses his tail to hit drag and strangle enemies

Transparency: he can stay transparent if neede at times


A Super Monster sent by Yapool, he attacked planes while he was transperant and eventually killed a pilot who was a young boys brother. Many of them were dismised until perfectly cut planes were found when they crashed. Later on, Barabas attacked while Ultraman Element was trying to save Yoshito from Element Killer. When Element came back to fight Barabas Element Killer followed and the two double teamed the hero a long battle began and soon Element blew them to bits with his Shooting Star Punch.


  • Many diffrences are seen in this Barabas with added spikes sharper looking weapons and many diffrent body and tail designs.