Banila an ancient Kaiju released by the The Emerald Brace in Ultraman Zach Episode 23: The Demons Once More... Once More.  He has a twin brother named Aboras
210px-Banila Powered II

Powered Banila


Aboras and Banila are two ancient Kaiju that were sealed away in a capsule until the original Ultraman's time, where they were released, but we're sealed up again until 2028. They were discovered by a group of construction workers in Mexico, when the Emerald Brace came in, killed all the workers and took the capsule. The Emerald Brace's scientists studied the capsule and came to the conclusion that Aboras and Banila could be released if the capsule was electrocuted. They released the twin Kaiju, where the EDF fought them. MechaGodzilla was in repair and Zach was having panic attacks, so the EDF realized that they were screwed. Out of nowhere Zach came down and fought the two Kaiju, killing them with his Eye Slugger.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fire Breath: Banila can shoot flames from his mouth.


  • The picture above is of Banila in the Ultraman Powered series.

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