Bactarius was a giant mutant bacteria that was incinerated by Ultraman Gamma.


Bactarius resemles a large green ball with long tentacles. He has bue lines surrounding his body where he fires his enerrgy blasts. His body has several spikes on his body among the tentacles.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Virus: Bactarius can infect humans with a unknown disease. If an ultra host or human form is infected, they will be unable to transform.
  • Energy Blasts: Bactarius can launch blue energy bolts from the blue lines that surround his body.


Bactarius is very vulnerable to heat and powerful energy beams, such as the Aurora Beam.


A giant bacteria created by a scientist, Bactarius was originally microscopic but was enlarged with a growth gas. Soon human-sized, Bactarius was exposed to even more gasses, making him begin to grow kaiju-sized. He killed the scientist with an energy blast and escaped. Now massive, Bactarius began to infect multiple humans with his disease. SMART soon arrived on scene but they were overcome by the fast-acting spores. Hikari Yamato tried to transform into Ultraman Gamma but could not because of Bactarius' virus! SMART Beta rushed to get a cure for everyone else all while Bactarius was on a rampage. Eventually SMART Beta found a cure and gave it to SMART Alpha. Hikari tried to transform into Ultraman Gamma, and this time he was successful. Ultraman Gamma quickly began to attack the bacteria but was beaten back by Bactarius' energy blasts. With his Color Timer beginning to blink, Ultraman Gamma quickly fired the Aurora Beam, incinerating the monster.


  • Bactarius is a monster that does not appear in the series but is from the Ultraman Gamma Continuity.

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