While originally existing to counter Bio-Terrorism, the organization was redirected to help solve the issue of the Kaiju.


Note these are simply the members who work with the military.

  • Kenjo: While not officially a leader, Kenjo is called in to help analyze the findings of the team and seeks to understand the nature of the mist.
  • Saku: The rookie of the group, seeks to understand the mystery of the beast's nature.
  • MOVI: A robot assistant of Saku
  • Sara: The head scientist of the group, seeks to end what she sees as the monsters' (Ultraman included) rampages on Earth.


The main goal of  BCST is to find a way to counter the Kaiju threat. With the appearance of Ultraman they also seek to find a way of countering his power. They are also in charge of detecting their presence.


  • Scanner: The BCST have scanners that search for the unique EM phenomenon associated with the mist.
  • Psycho Beacon: A device made to lure Kaiju can control their movements.
  • AKP Pistol: A gun that fires specially tipped poison dart, created to counter act the Kaiju's unique bio-chemistry. Has no effect on Ultraman. Is poisonous to normal life forms, however the poison is not easy to make.

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