Kazuto Kato had just returned from school.

Kazuto: Mom! I'm home!

Kazuto's Mom: ok honey! Feed your tortoise!

Kazuto has a tortoise named Bobo, who he loves with all his heart.

Kazuto walked to the upstairs and into his room, and smiled right when he saw Bobo looking at him.

Kazuto: Hey Bobo, are you hungry?

Kazuto held a piece of lettuce above Bobo.

Bobo is a Russian Tortoise that Kazuto had found about a month ago, wandering on the sidewalk, and ever since, Kazuto has been attached to Bobo like nothing ever before.

Bobo looked up at Kazuto, and bit the piece of lettuce out of his hand.

Kazuto: aww, your so cute!

Kazuto lives with his mom and dad in a Kobe, Japan.

Kazuto walked back downstairs

Kazuto: Mom, can I call Ai and Seito?

Ai and Seito are Kazuto's best friends.

Kazuto's Mom: sure, but I'm going to start cooking dinner in a little while!

Kazuto: Thanks Mom!

Soon, Ai and Seito arrived at Kazuto's house

Kazuto: Hey guys, what's new?

Ai: nothing really, my mom got a new job at the university, but that's all.

Kazuto: tell her I say congrats.

Ai: I will.

Seito: can we go see your tortoise?

Kazuto: sure!

The trio walked upstairs and into Kazuto's room.

Ai: Bobo is larger than I remember.

Seito: yeah, weird.

Kazuto: he's not an adult yet.

Ai: no, he's like double his size.

Kazuto: hmph, your right!

So: I was over here only last week, so he's growing quickly!

Kazuto: Bobo, stop growing up so fast!

Bobo just looked at Kazuto.



the Gamera series will be coming out less often than the Ultraman Zach series, and will not have the best quality until the Zach series has it's fiinale.

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