The Armor of Stephos is the centre point and source for the power of the Ultimate Power. It is the Iminate of the Stephos Keystone, and enables the powers of all the other parts of the Ultimate except the Lunaram Bracer. 


  • Durability: The Armor grants immunity to most attacks, as it itself cannot be  damaged in any way. It cancels out beams of any kind, stops ranged attack and recoils if punched or kicked with excessive strength. 
  • Light of Stephos: The armor naturally shines with a light which can clear away illusions, doubles, make the invisible seen, and kill natural kaijin. The Armour grants power over all light in the omniverse, from instinct to reason and everthing in between. It can cause day to be eternal, or likewise with night. It has the ability to make the entire universe full of light. 
  • Sacred Fate: The Armour grants power over time; it can manipulate its flow or cause it to stop entirely. Likewise, its existence, while not able to modify one's actions, can prevent anything from changing time at will. 

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