Ele aquarius
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Gender: Female
Height: 56m
Weight: 45,000 t
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Series: Ultraman Element
Type: Super Monster


Affiliation Yapool
Created by Ultramanminecraft
Aquarius is a super monster that was sent by Yapool in the series Ultraman Element. She appeared in episode 10.

Subtitle: Aquarius Super Beast


Height: 56m

Weight: 45,000t


Bo Staf: When need she can use a giant bo staf to attack foes

Explosive: Being created by a star if she is killed by an explosive force she'll exploded with the forse of a star

Electric Bolts: she can fire electricity from her horns or electricute if her horns are grab

Energy Bolts: She can fire energy bolts from the threepoints on her right arm

Glass Shards: She can fling pieces of glass/pottery parts to attack foes.


A Super Monster created by Yapool, was created from a star and to make her more hidden, diguises her as a pottery women in a small town. At night she would attack people and that got the attention of EVT. She was soon found after attacking another person and turned into her true self. While attacking, Forrest and Juliana turned into Ultraman Element to fight the monster. Things got worse when she started to throw glass pieces at him and used a bo staf to blungen him. Even worse when he tried to fire a earth orb yapool told him that if the beast would explode it would with the force of a star. So with that in mind he took the staf, threw her into space and then used the water orb, focusing it into the bow staf and soon the staf was powered and threw it back at the monster and blew up.


  • Aquarius has the most diffrence of any other monster in the series. Given three new powers, a weapon, her head looks more like a star than a bird, pottery parts on her body and is given a purple color.
  • Unlike the original, Univerlages is not with her.

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