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Gender: Male
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Home world/Origin: Earth
Series: Ultraman Zach
Type: Kaiju
Affiliation None
Created by Tsubaraya/Brian Haughton
Antlar Is an Insectoid kaiju set to appear along with Red King in Ultraman Zach Episode 30.

Pre-Ultraman ZachEdit

An ancient kaiju from the Middle Eastern city of Barraj, Antlar terrorized the city for ages, until on one fateful day, he was stopped by Ultraman Noa. Noa and Antlar fought for 10 minutes, almost triple the average ultra's fight time, until Noa knew he was in a stalemate, banishing Antlar to Monster Island. Legend says Noa's nemesis, Dark Zagi, gave the people of Barraj the Red Stone, which would bring Antlar back to Barraj, and Noa gave the people of Barraj the Blue Stone, which would banish Antlar back to monster Island. The Dov people, who were now being terrorized by Antlar, built the Temple of Antlar, and Noa told them to build a statue in the temple that would give who ever found both the red and blue stones the power of Noa. One night in 1993, some horrible person in Barraj had found the Red Stone, and had heard the legends, so they tried to bring Antlar back, but was stopped ny the SSSP and Ultraman. 10 years later, in 2003, Antlar returned, for revenge against the human race, but luckily enough, during Ultraman Max's time, a fragment of the Blus Stone had been recovered, and Antlar was banished again.

Ultraman ZachEdit

The EDF had picked up a time flux, and went to go and investigate. They discovered Monster Island. They walked for hours, until they made it to the Temple of Antlar, where the energy pulse was located. They investigated the temple, until finding the secret door leading to where the statue that gave the power of Noa to anyone who found both stones, and looked around some more. Charles informed the team all he knew about Barraj and Antlar, until it was discovered that the Red Stone was already in the statue, and the fragment of the Blue Stone was at  EDF base, Jose used his ine time teleporter to get it, and Max put the stone in. in The LightUltraman Zach was given a new form by Noa: Nexus Form. Nexus Form allowed Zach to use all of Ultraman Nexus' powers, but nit his own, as long as he was in Nexus Mode. Once the stones entered the statue, Antlar awoke, and fought Zach. Zach turned to Nexus Form ant killed Antlar once and for all with the Cross Ray Storm.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Magnetic Waves: Antlar can suck things to the ground with magnetic waves.


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